vulnerable me - project me day 253

12 September 2010

Here's a short one off the Blackberry because I'm officially unable to move. It's so bad that mom had to call a nurse to give me a voltaren injection and I had to use my dad's walker.
I'm sure he's looking down on me and chuckling ... I always used to call him old man when he used it.

Today 'project me' seems almost impossible to live, but I can't even get into it now. Tomorrow is a new day and all I'm holding out for is that I can at least move tomorrow!

8 comments on “vulnerable me - project me day 253”

    1. Thanks Kimmie ... the awesome book you gave me is the only thing I have been able to do ... I'm loving it and it's keeping me sane that I will be ready for Sexpo through all of this.
      Miss you my friend!!!

    1. Thank you my friend. I'm sorry that I haven't even been able to reply to your email or catch up on your blog. I hope all is well and you are eating ice cream at every chance you can get.
      Loads of love to you!

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