Waking up in Nashville - Project Me post 1072

13 April 2015

It's day 5 of my dream trip from New York to Dallas. I haven't done so much walking in years, but we literally walked New York. We saw two incredible theatre productions and took in as much as we could. It's an incredible city. 

Last night we arrived in Nashville and I felt my whole world become brighter and stronger. As the plane wheels touched down I felt my heart soar ... I made this happen! It's a whole new level of manifestation for Project Me and last night I kind of walked through the streets of Nashville in a daze. It was so much to take in that we went to bed at around 10:30.

My first blink this morning and I felt a tear roll down my face. I woke up in Nashville. I made a dream come true and it's not even country music time yet. I said thank you to me and to the universe and to me all over again. I'm in awe of the power if manifestation and feel so ready to create so much more. 

I'm struggling to find wifi ... It's far less accessible than I thought it would be, so sorry it's taken this long to touch base. Will definitely post in Dallas ...  


2 comments on “Waking up in Nashville - Project Me post 1072”

  1. Well done Jodene! It's great to share in your wonderful dream manifesting experience. Enjoy it to the MAXXXXXX! Warm hugs and big love!

    1. Thank you so much Raksha, it's been a very memorable experience and I am heading home with new and exciting plans for myself and #ProjectMe

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