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3 March 2014

I began planning a lavish event, with venue, drinks, guests and maybe a touch of press coverage. Instead I'm sitting, humbly, in a hotel room with a cup of tea and overlooking the Cape Town Table Mountain.

A thousand posts!!!!

I remember the day it began on the 1st of January 2010. The only thing that's the same is the tea. Everything else in my life has transformed & shifted into an extraordinary story that has morphed my life with every passing Project Me post.

It's amazing. The Oscars are on right now, while I try not break out into dramatic lists of gratitude to everyone who has made this all possible (oh crap, it's starting already) ...

I had a vision, which I still have today. I also had a crazy idea, which I still have today. All I wanted was to be noticed enough to get my books published (not published yet) and this idea to blog, daily, for 365 days or until someone noticed me.
I share the most special business, Lifeology, with my incredible business partner, Greg Arthur, and we have plans within the people development and change management space that is thrilling. We both went on our different paths, to get our brand noticed and have both done just that. Mine ... Project Me!

A blog about living with courage, consciousness & a sense of humour. A life story that tries to show that it's possible?to live totally goalless but absolutely purposefully.

I've been on top of the world, come crashing down. I've succeeded?& failed. Loved and lost. My career, weight, relationships, visions, hang-up, let downs, shining moments, are all amidst these 1000 posts.

Okay, I can't get through this without one massive thanks!
As the days drew towards January 2010, I sat on he edge of my best friend &?business partner's couch, while he worked at his laptop. "I'm going to blog daily, for a year," I told him.
It took a long time for us to establish an understanding of how we operate in the world and at that stage my Greggie wasn't super well adjusted to me coming up with an idea that had no beginning, middle or end. It just had a hazy idea of what it could bring me or what I wanted to achieve. I think that will always be one of my greatest qualities and the fact that Greg trusts enough to let me run with them will be one of his.

So I did ... and I don't know how to thank him enough for the support, through every post, but also through every project me moment of my life!!!

Beyond my story, this blog has been read by the most special people. Some are still around from post one and others have met up with me somewhere along the way. I've made friends from all corners of the world and had support from the least expected humans. I've also slowly discovered that there are so many who have quietly followed my story and have been told over a dinner or in the isle of supermarket, when people put a name to my project me journey.

Hundreds of posts have taken me to places I could only have dreamed of, from travel destinations, movie premiers, awards ceremonies and given me an array of opportunities I would not have been afforded.

Some of it is?tongue in cheek when I say that all I want is to feel like a princess, and write! Some of it's very real!!
So while I sit, feeling exactly like a princess (the happy, Disney kind) in a lavish suite at the Tsogo Sun, Southern Sun Cullinan Hotel, doing what I love best, writing, I can't begin to express my happiness, pride, gratitude and love that has me living my story in real life.

Special thanks goes to the brands who have?so graciously?supported me in my?project me journey and have made both this?perfectly timed trip to?Cape Town and this special post, be so possible:
Microsoft SA for providing me with a smart?Twist Lenovo?ThinkPad, powered by Windows?8

#ProjectMe kept going by @MicrosoftSA #Windows8

#ProjectMe kept going by @MicrosoftSA #Windows8

My?bright pink travel partner Sammy, my Samsonite?suitcase

Taking me places, my @Samsonite_SA suitcase

Taking me places, my @Samsonite_SA suitcase traveling #SamsTravel style

Peugeot South Africa for my 208 GTi ride through the gorgeous Cape

Driven with #FeelPeugeot motion & emotion thanks to @PeugeotZA

Driven with #FeelPeugeot motion & emotion thanks to @PeugeotZA

Tsogo Sun, Southern Sun Cullinan Hotel for my home while on holiday & for hosting my get together of all my Cape Town peeps while I'm in town.

Always my home away from home. This time @TsogoSun #SSCullinan

Always my home away from home. This time @TsogoSun #SSCullinan


5 comments on “I have walked a thousand posts - project me post 1000”

  1. What a wonderful journey and brilliant achievement, congratulations Jodene! May you continue to ride your unique wave with courage, consciousness and a sense of humour 🙂

  2. I am so glad that you started this journey because it allowed me to find you -- you've inspired me; you've become my friend! There is greatness in your journey!

    1. Thank you so much for always being a part of my story and it's so special to be a part of yours. Of all the gifts that blogging has given me, meeting you has been one of the most special 🙂

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