The warm embrace of Tsogo Sun - Project Me post 997

18 February 2014

I'm doing the every thing I said I wouldn't do to myself this year.
While sitting with a dear friend a few days before New Year, we chatted about what we wanted to do differently in 2014 and mine was (is) very simple. I just want to make time for me.

I have one of those addictive personalities and run the risk of falling back into old patterns very quickly. If you've been around here for a while, you'll know that I have workaholic written all over me. Simple things like getting to yoga once a week or actually having time to pack lunch for a day at a client's office is completely necessary but something I just haven't managed to do at all since the beginning of the year. All I really want to do is love me enough to take some time out and just relax.

Okay, so I'm not getting that self loving right, but I've also come to learn that sometimes nurturing from others is the best trigger to help turn your attention back to yourself.

A gentle smile, a cup of tea, a loving embrace ... all the things that body, mind and soul craves the most. Okay, the body craves the occasional glass of bubbles, but that's for later in my story!

Twice this year, I've had that all encompassing reminder of how important it is to just stop, relax and reconnecting. Twice I've had the smiles, the tea and the embrace, because twice I've been a guest with Tsogo Sun this year.


About 15 minutes from home is the hustle and bustle of Sandton City. There's construction and traffic and the reminder that life is intensely fast passed. But then the door is held open, silence falls and the world of the Tsogo Sun, Sandton Sun welcomes you in.
The San Deck, on the roof top of the hotel, has the most spectacular view, with the added bonus of the air filled with quiet.

There is a perfect variety of a full menu and a really trendy bar type one, with a variety of cocktails that are begging to be tried.

tsogo sun san bar lunch

A little of everything at lunch

Because taking a breather isn't complete without a little pampering. I was treated to a pedicure at the gorgeous Sandton Sun Spa and am a firm believer that having your toes pampered is like a spoon full of happy.
I'm not sure how many of you know, but I used to be a spa owner for many years. Before that, I taught beauty therapy and event went as far as eventually opening a recruitment agency for the industry. I was obsessed with refining graduates straight from college and putting them back into the industry. Because of that, I usually work my way through a treatment with a slightly critical eye, but didn't manage to do that at all. The experience was too perfect, from being greeted at the door, having my shoes removed for me and placed into a gorgeous box and having my feet treated to a perfectly heavenly experience, in the lap of luxury.

Happy toes with a foot mask on

Happy toes with a foot mask on

The spa really is amazing, with each room being bathroom en suite and having it's own unique theme. There a little hideaways everywhere, to just relax and unwind. The extra touches don't stop, with even a coffee machine nestled (hahaha ... slight pun there) away in the chill out room. My whole body was grateful for the quiet lazing on the couch while my toes took their time to dry.

A glimpse at the Sandton Sun Spa

A glimpse at the Sandton Sun Spa


I was supposed to have Valentine's plans, but as life goes, plans change. Plan B wasn't looking too fantastic until I received an exciting invitation to be whisked off to Durban thanks to Tsogo Sun with Southern Sun Elangeni & Maharani

Launch of the Sky Venue happened 31 floors up in the Maharani, Southern Sun

Launch of the Sky Venue happened 31 floors up in the Maharani, Southern Sun

Way up on the 31st floor is an old venue brought back to life. After many years the Sky Venue was relaunched and it truly was an honour to be among the best of Durbs in the most exquisite venue. Everything is breathtaking from the decor to the view and Tsogo Sun sure know how to throw a party.

The perfect party at Sky Venue

The perfect party at Sky Venue

Parties end and it's time to go home. That place to rest my head and wake up on Valentine's day was a gorgeous room in the hotel, on the 27th floor. I must interject and say I'm so proud of me for getting over my lift phobia. I have a beautiful love affair with the Tsogo Sun beds and slept safe, waiting to awaken to day that had the potential to be pretty bad as a single girl. Well, that can't happen when pulling opening the blinds and the windows and waking up to this ...

Tsogo Sun SSEM sunrise

I might not have woken up with a valentine, but the warm embrace of hospitality and service made me feel the love.

And wherever I go and enjoy the moments with the Tsogo Sun family, I'm always so grateful to have the most amazing host. Sheena Gates is the awesome @SheBeeGee in the Twitterverse and I can't thank you enough for giving me the most special opportunities to share in the hotel's passion and pride. You make me feel like the luckiest girl under the SUN!

Thank you for your amazing hospitality and perfect hosting, Sheena

Thank you for your amazing hospitality and perfect hosting, Sheena

4 comments on “The warm embrace of Tsogo Sun - Project Me post 997”

  1. A lovely read. I would've been more than happy to be your Valentines Day date with that treat on the cards! Keep doing what you're doing Jodene, living life to the full 🙂

    1. Aaah, if I had only known. I do believe you have a little precious who has stolen your heart now, so I'm glad I stuck to plan A! Thank you my love ... you are always such an incredible support 🙂

  2. Was extremely awesome meeting you Jodene.. !! Wish I didn't have to leave as early as I did especially after we discovered the CAGE OF MACAROONS!!

    P.S. You are not allowed to visit Durbs again without telling me!!
    *stalker alert*

    1. We started the bonding session off at the perfect time hun .. bubbles and macaroons!! Oh please, there's no Durban without you!! xxxx

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