Warm heart for snug blankets - project me day 835

16 April 2012
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I can literally hear a buzzing in my head.

It's because of the whirlwind afternoon that I had. The morning was busy enough and I was consuming tea, in my usual fashion, to hold all the excitement together. Then the messages started flowing in ... emails and Tweets, all at the same time, all for the same reason, all very exciting.

I can't believe it's time for the Twitter Blanket Drive #TBDZA again and I have a feeling that this year's collection is going to be un-freaking-believable!!
I'm beyond honoured to announce that I will be managing the Twitter account for this year's #TBDZA. Gulp, I get the feeling it's going to be a good month and a bit with loads of tea to keep the excitment in check.

So my head is buzzing because of the?phenomenal response that people have shown me towards my idea to collect blankets though #FollowSA, for the #TBDZA!! Okay, let me just clear up that it's only one of the things on my event list for the next few months. You see, there's the first #FollowSA event in Durban and then there's the singathon to raise money for Nkosi's Haven. Oh, then there's the Nationwide (and international) social media day event at the end of June. *Faints*

Then all of these amazing individuals appear and all they want to do is something for the great good. All they want is to tap into who they know, what they love and make some kind of difference. They email a million idea and have #FollowSA and #TBDZA spattered all over them ... and nothing warms my heart more.

A dear blogging friend of mine from the States told me that during my tough times I should do for others. Angel, you are so right!! It's been amazing to watch the shift in my energy and outlook on life all because of the kindness that have tucked away as our birthright! It's in the receiving that I'm so ready to give!

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