Warning: Woman at work - project me day 393

28 January 2011
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It's as it states. Step aside, don't disturb, make way, don't talk to me, don't breathe near me, I'll make my own tea thank you very much ... I'm working!

It's bad when I contemplate turning down spending time with my very dear friends even when they say all laptops will be present and everyone will be working. My questions is will they be working in silence. That's highly unlikely when My Knight has a rambling of Chuck Norris jokes that he keeps throwing into the silence of my work zone and Greggie burst out laughing from behind his computer, knowing the curiosity is going to gnaw away at me until I know what ?the giggles are for.

I'm Libran, I chat a lot! So you know when I put my blinkers on and Greggie has to ask if I'm ok that I've hit the zone. I like the warning he gave My Knight about The Zone, not that it stopped the Norris jokes.

The focus and determination has a purpose though. Firstly, with going back to gym and taking a herbal?concoction of tablets to help strengthen my body, I'm feeling more alive again. Let's not kid ... I can't sit for too long still and I am overdoing it a little, but I can see the vision of success before me. I can almost touch it and I know what I have to do to get it.

There are changes! In my energy and my direction and my plans. Some of them I still have to work on before I send you in the direction to check them out. Oh, that's the other side of me ... the 'everything must be perfect' side!

There's a lot on my plate, yet somehow I've managed to focus on what's important at the moment and remind myself that I will take care of each thing as it comes along. I won't lie and say they aren't niggling at the back of my mind and maybe all the focus on work is distracting me a little, but let's make hay while the sun shines, right?

My friend Robbie keeps reminding me that the only thing constant is change. There are two kinds of change, those you make happen yourself and those that life throws at you. I've decided to put that working girl helmet on and deal with those that I can make happen myself so that when life's changes come along I know how strong, ready and adaptable I really am.

Tonight is a big business meeting that is going to take some bravery on my part. Today is divided between revamping a website, writing a blog that's been weighing on my creative spirit and not getting myself hysterical that I have to go out with my little sis to sort out her?bouquet?for the wedding.

My workaholic phase comes with a warning and the irony is that I've woken up today with a back that's telling me that if I don't pace myself it will do it for me. So I'm done blogging and I'm actually going to chill before I create chaos for myself. Trust me, that's the toughest thing you can ask of me ... project me is alive and kicking!

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