We are all just finding our feet - project me day 465

10 April 2011

I can't believe where the day has gone. I sat down to blog this morning and before I knew it the whirlwind of ?activity began.
I can't believe how much there is to still unpack but I have to be patient here. It's not our house and to wait on other people toorganise builders, handymen, contractors and cleaners is a great test for the lack of patience I already have.

We organised or own handyman for today in order to get a degree of structure, but he didn't pitch either. So it was yet another day or moving boxes around because they can't go in their right place.

On an awesome note, Saphirah and Eragon are getting on much better than any textbook would have guessed. She is still a little bitch at times, but from the pic you can see that they are at least hanging out in the same spot of the house together. They both slept on the bed, despite Saphirah hissing every time he tried to get up close. I've decided that they are gonna be boyfriend and girlfriend. None of this brother/sister nonsense. Wait, I'll prove it to you in a few days or weeks when there's a cozy pic to post.

It seems that no only are cats trying to find their footing with their new relationship, but so are myself and the Organic O girls down in Cape Town. We have also all been thrown together in an instant and now we have to make something work almost immediately. It's no wonder that my day was filled with frustration and confusion on all of our parts. I haven't spoken to Greg yet, but this morning I realised that I'm sitting with one of the best change management consultants around and I haven't even asked him to help me with the situation. I suppose some of it is because Greg and I are trying to find out feet at the same time.
There has been a lot going on for us between the financial stress, the move, the new Lifeology venture of Organic O and our general everyday lives that we are each trying to deal with. Because we are so open with our communication, at least we have both had our say and vented at each other.

Amongst all of the chaos and change that is going on around me, I can't shake the feeling that I'm not putting myself first in any of this. When I do get 'project me' very right, I don't take my eye off the food and exercise ball (excuse the pun) when there is a lot to deal with. Part of my Slimlab sponsorship involves weighing and measuring myself, going to gym and eating healthy without dieting. Well, I haven't managed to do any of that I have given myself enough time to deal with the move and everything that is going on around me.

I have to be reasonable with myself though and remember that Greg and I are sharing a car, I am waiting for a little cash to stock up on the groceries I love to eat and my home is not yet settled enough for me to have any routine. Yes, these things all play a vital role in how put myself first and live 'project me'.

Deep breath, one day at a time and no hissing at each other ... and we should all be just fine!

2 comments on “We are all just finding our feet - project me day 465”

  1. Good luck with the kitties. Between my 3 the two younger ones Jasper and Indie, they just don't get along at all. Jasper has just been mean to poor Indie from day one and don't see that changing even a year later. Even when they curl up on the bed I'll end up with one on either side. One could have expected them to get along being about a year apart in age and male/female match... but hey that's cats for you 😉

    Then again, perhaps the being mean bit is just typically female? :p

    Then again Abby the poor dog pretty much gets it from everyone and yet she still just loves every anyway. Tis a dogs life I tell you... would much rather have a cats life. 🙂
    My recent post A Spaceman Came Travelling

    1. You say typical female a lot ... I hope you are only referring to the feline kind 😉
      They seem to be getting on a little better now and are hanging out in the same space but it's at bed time that Saphirah gets all nasty or spiteful, depending on her mood. She either hisses so he goes to lie at the very end of the bed or she huffs off and goes to lie on the cold window ledge. I just think she is playing hard to get.

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