Website Marketing sponsors project me - project me day 251

9 September 2010

It's official! Today is the second warm welcome to an amazing 'project me' sponsor. This one is long overdue for all the support that has been going on behind the scenes for months on end.

Before 'project me' was even an idea in the world of Jodene, there was this guy that answered every one of my phone calls and desperate cries for website help. Then there was the idea and he jumped right in to help me bring 'project me' to life.
He is best known to all my followers as My Knight and today I'm so excited to introduce the world to Bruce Young.

In the true style of our amazing friendship, he's arrived all unshaven and I look like hell with the combo of a little too much drown-my-sorrows wine last night and the fact that I had my eyes re-tattooed yesterday ... so we decided to skip the intro pic. We then opted to sift through our social events and find one to put in ... but those too are all a little trashy!

Bruce saves me on a daily basis and spends his hours calming me down about both the dramas of the web and those of my life. No wonder he's My Knight.
As of this moment on he's officially the 'go to' guy for all my 'project me' needs. I'm taking this blog places thanks to the support and ever growing following. With that in mind, there are a few products that this incredible supports me with. takes care of this blog and is the brainchild behind the entire concept and design of 'Jodene'.
Website Marketing is Bruce's blog about marketing your website with useful tips and view that have helped me grow this blog with much gusto.
Webnews (where I've been a guest blogger ... woo hoo) is filled with info about what's going on in the world of the web with the focus on products to help you start a web business and what other SA peeps are doing on the web. This was the self esteem boost of note!
Email marketing is just damn smart and I'm getting excited about how I can you it to grow the whole of Lifeology ... but baby steps 😉

I'm loving my manifestation. It's amazing ... it looks like in a short while Bruce will also be helping me launch my first advert. I've battled with the fact that using Google Ads doesn't let me stay within my integrity, yet I have decided that I do have the power to make my living from my passion. I know I can do it through my writing and my blogging as long as I always stay within the essence of 'project me'!

On a project me day 251 note I'm thrilled that I had the distraction of this big announcement because today has been seriously annoying for me. Today I decided to sit Greggie down and demand that he tell me exactly what to do to 'fix' my relating issues! Damn him ... what was his answer? "There's nothing to fix!"
Guess what my response was? Yep ... you guessed it ... "I know!"

I know my awesomeness and no matter how the esteem might take a knock it's too?ingrained?in me to be anything less than ME and to know how special ME is.
He did remind me how hard I am on myself though and that I can say needs a little more 'project me' attention. That's ok there are still many more 'project me' days ahead ... baby steps!

13 comments on “Website Marketing sponsors project me - project me day 251”

  1. Yay, congrats on your latest sponsor 🙂 I will make sure to go read up some tips and tricks.

    Talking about sponsorship we need to pick your next item, I have something in mind 😛 that should definitely help cheer you up!

    1. Oh boy do I need a cheer me up gift 😉
      I think we need a little get together in line with the sexpo talk ... that one orgasm at a time you can heal anything! What do you say coz this back of mine is so getting me down!! ;-(

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