Weekly Energy Update: 12 to 18 July 2021- Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Money Message

11 July 2021
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We enter a 9 energetic week, which calls for us to be more conscious and honest about what we have been witnessing around us. When a 9 comes along, I always imagine a treasure box, which is our lives. Sitting with it and asking what we want to keep and what we can get rid of takes consciousness and bravery, which is both attributes to the 9. In the 3 energy of the month, it will be centred around what holds us back or guides us into the authenticity of our expression in the world. It may seem as though we are only talking about our voice, but it’s so much more than that. Every aspect of who we are is our expression. From the people, we choose to be with, our careers, the way we spend our time, how we see ourselves in the mirror. That makes this week potentially transformative yet again. It’s not surprising that there is so much opportunity to see where we need to grow more into ourselves, considering we are in a 5 universal year, that is solely focused on ensuring we step into the freedom of who we are. The essence of this week will be about letting go of the places where are not authentically expressing ourselves in all aspects of our world. 

Monday is a 6, which dives straight into the home space and how we are giving of our time and effort to those around us. Balance is important and places, where it is no longer serving you, must be expressed to avoid frustration and resentment. Look into how you make your money and if there is frustration or it is not flowing, see where money could be saying that balance at home needs to be found first. 

The 7 energy of Tuesday is going to call for you to be honest about whether you overthink or get overly emotional about situations or things. Letting go isn’t as easy as it seems and a lot of the holding on that you could be doing will be sitting in the way between the head and heart, the logical and illogical, emotional and rational. Ideally, we should be feeling our way through life and then using our rational minds to bring our reality to a place of fulfilment and joy. 

On Wednesday, the 8 energy will want you to see where you are feeling disempowered in your places of trusting your intuitive self because you feel that you are limited by choice. A feeling of entrapment or disempowerment could be a force that comes up and calls for you to ask the tough questions about where you need to claim your power back. This does not have to do with the outside world, so look at the power your fears and ego has over you. Money once again could be screaming for you to let go of some untruths that feel like the safer place to be. 

Thursday is the double 9 of the week and gives you softer energy that may feel the places where others are struggling to express themselves to you. We are all working through our authenticity, and you may have a feeling to reach out to someone, near or far, and show some of your vulnerability so they brave stepping into theirs. 

The Friday energy of 1 should have moments of bursts of new ideas or an outlook that is refreshing if you have braved the energy of the other day of the week. You don’t have to get anything started with the combination of numbers, but this is the ideal day to have your notes App open on your phone to catch those brave ideas as they intuitively flow through you. 

The 2 energy on Saturday will be an interesting combination with the 9, as both of these can be too giving of yourself. Watch for the places where you are not speaking up or being authentically you because keeping the peace feels more important. Not wanting to let go of certain ideals may be brought to awareness. The 3 energy of Sunday will heighten the energy of the month. Creativity and a burst of fun and a calling to be social should end the week on a very light note. Watch for places where you feel torn in different directions or where your energy is scattered because this will be the indication that the 9 wants you to see for you to see how authentically you divide your energy between yourself and your world. 

A reminder that we have retrograde planets through July. Make sure to catch up on  Pluto Retrograde from April,   Saturn Retrograde  from May, and  Jupiter and Neptune  from June, as these planets allow you to reflect, reassess and realign with your conscious self, according to the influencer the planet has and we don’t want to miss out on opportunities for growth like that.  We can sigh a little bit of relief and Mercury is direct until later this year again. 

Saturday is First Quarter Moon in Libra, asking us to pause as we have worked through the first week of the New Moon phase to check our passion and enthusiasm. Libra will show us where we are keeping the peace and align with the 9 energy of seeing what it’s time to let go of. Once again, this could be all about our relationship with ourselves. 

The astrological highlight of the week is on Thursday when Chiron goes retrograde in Aries. This is another confirmation of the right time to be doing shadow work and transformation coaching, as the Wounded Healer allows you to heal your deepest, lifelong wounds. 
If you missed it, I guided you through Chiron in a blog post to find your Chiron placement in your natal chart and have a glimpse into what your wound looks like. Watch on YouTube or listen on Spotify Podcast or Apple Podcast.

two of swords tarot

The tarot card for the week is always pulled after I write the numerology and for all the places I spoke about watching for where you cannot see how your energy is a divide, the 2 of swords is the universe’s confirmation. In this card, a woman is sitting on a chair with her back to the ocean. She is holding a sword in each hand and her arms are crossed over her heart. Most significantly, she has blindfolds on. The moon indicates that it will be an emotional week where you will be called to put down the inner protection and take the blindfolds off, to deeply see the truth of what is going on around you. Linked to the 9 energy, this card is telling you that if you don’t brave seeing the truth then you won’t be able to move forward, which you are so deserving of. If you are not feeling abundance and joy then there is something you are not willing to see. You are brave enough and ready to tell yourself the truth. It’s time. 

Intuitive message from money: 
Money isn’t going anywhere. Neither are the banks for the way that money is operating in its current form. Not in your lifetime anyway. Don’t think you are so powerful that you can rise above the system that still binds the majority of the collective. This is not to say that you don’t have the power to do something different with your relationship with money, but don’t confuse spiritual evolution with the financial constraints that will change much slower than you can imagine. 

The tarot is linked to July’s special of 15% off a tarot reading or past lives tarot reading until the 28th of July. I have worked with my cards for over 17 years and we are finely attuned to guiding you either through a current transit in your life or giving you insight as to what your ego sees when it looks into your subconscious and the memories of past lives, that could hold the key to the mystery of unresolved issues today.  
“If you have questions about where you are in life and what you need to face to make a change, a tarot reading with Jodene is what you need.” – Udi  

If this blog post or the live sessions or recordings of my guidance through the energy of the months helps you and you feel moved to do so, I have a simple tipping gesture for those who wish to share energy exchange. You can send me some ❤️  with a tip on BuyMeACoffee or please pass any of my content onto someone who may need it, as that warms my heart most of all! 

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Stay brave x


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