Weekly Energy Update: 19 to 25 July 2021 - Numerology, Astrology, Tarot & Money Message

18 July 2021
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We haven’t had a 4 energy come around in a while and it’s no coincidence when so much of the world feels additionally unstable. The 4 energy stems for a 40, where the 0 also adds another dimension, making this week a big one when it comes to reassessing faith and the foundation of stability. We are being asked if we have it within us to remain calm in the storm. It may be personal or collective, but ‘foundation’ is the word for the week. The 0 is a messenger that what you brave doing different during this week could have a lasting impact. It’s another step closer to what transformation looks like to you, which is the call for the overall energy of the 5 universal year. 

The combination of the 3 energy for the month, will ask for us to find the foundation of expression into the world. Each day will be an opportunity to watch the faith and confidence as well as stability that you create around you, by the way you show up and behave within your communities and circles. 

Monday kicks off the double 4 of the week, which could make the day feel tedious with structure that needs to be in place. This is a great day for admin or to set a much-needed foundation in the areas you feel are lacking.

The 5 energy of Tuesday doesn’t align with much ease to the pace of the week, so watch for frustration and lack of patience in others. A vital part of expression currently is tolerance, so watch where it feels lacking either within yourself or in the world around you. 

Wednesday is a 6 energy that will highlight the places where your faith is out of balance. Look for the cracks in the foundation of how much you give to others and keep for yourself. This may highlight domestic imbalance or in places where your heart is at the core of how much you give. 

The 7 energy of Thursday has the potential to be mentally exhausting if you don’t have the tools to stay present. Remaining in the rational mind and not over-thinking is only possible when you can keep your mind from leaping into the past or the future.

This is a great time to let you know that in one transformation coaching session, I can give you a tool that establishes the foundation of F.A.I.T.H as I guide you with the techniques needed to keep your mindset positive and in the present moment. Book a Coaching Session with me. 

Friday's 8 energy will be the most apparent day of the week when witnessing how steadfast you are in the situations you have set up for yourself. In some way, this may be the day where you witness if you are the calm in the storm or if the storm is disempowering you. As it is a 3 month, find where you are not feeling enough faith in yourself or the situation to speak up. 

If you believe in the entourage of unseen friends who surround and protect you, or dialogue with your universe, this could be the day where you hear much-needed messages. With the intuitive 9 on Saturday and the imagination of the 3 week, something wonderful could support your foundation of faith. 

We end the week with a burst of confidence in the 1 energy of Sunday. Realising that no one is going to create a feeling of safety and foundation for you, watch yourself have a surge of inspiration in the way those around you need to see you or hear you. 

We are now in the full swing of 5 planets in retrograde. It is the ideal opportunity to consciously look inward and see where the foundation of healing is necessary. The thing with retrogrades is that it brings up the shadow of each planet, whether we are conscious of it or not; and it’s much more empowering when we work with them. The planets know we are ready to do the shadow work as individuals and the collective. It is for us to get brave and conscious and transform. 

Each retrograde has a particular reflective energy that we should go inward with: 
Pluto – RElease and REbirth 
Saturn – REstriction and REsponsibility 
Jupiter – REthink and REconnect 
Neptune - REimgagine and REemerge
Chiron – REassess and RElease 

The Full Moon on Saturday in Aquarius will have a humanitarian feel and a call for you to see the world as it is and ask yourself what you can do to make it a better place. With the foundation of faith at the core of the week and the power of voice at the core of the month, Aquarius will want to see the uprising of the rebel with a cause. 

I don’t usually do the aspects and faster-moving transits, but it is important to note that the 1 energy of Sunday mustn’t be confused with the opposition of Mercury in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn. This is a particularly tense aspect that has the potential for you to use words as a weapon with an energy that could end things too quickly. The 1 has the power to be diplomatic, so lean into it. 

tower tarot

The Tarot card for the week is once again the perfect message, aligned to the energy. The Tower card depicts a building in flames, with people jumping out and signifies the fears that have of what is crumbling around us. From where I’m sitting at the moment of sharing this, I see much crumbling, but I also see rebuilding immediately after. We are far more resilient than we give ourselves credit for and each one of us does have it within us to find our footing and re-establish a foundation of faith. This week, we are called to find our faith and when that energy cumulates through the world, we have the power to not only rebuild for ourselves but all those around us. It’s not a small project to restore the human race, but it’s worth believing we can. 

My special for the month is aligned to the tarot: 15% off a tarot reading or past lives tarot reading until the 28th of July. I have worked with my cards for over 17 years and we are finely attuned to guiding you either through a current transit in your life or giving you insight as to what your ego sees when it looks into your subconscious and the memories of past lives, that could hold the key to the mystery of unresolved issues today.  

This week’s message from money: 
If money could describe how you spend it to feed and nurture your body, what value and worth would your healthy relationship with money be? 

My online course, Money and Me guides you through your intimate relationship with money and helps you see why it is not showing up for you, aligned to your current feeling of empowerment and esteem.  When you purchase the Online Money and Me Course during July, I will be in touch with you to book a COMPLIMENTARY 1 HOUR transformation coaching session.  

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Stay brave! 

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