Weekly Energy Update – 5 to 11 July 2021: Numerology, Astrology, Tarot and Money Message

4 July 2021
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This is our first full week in the July energy of the 3 month, launching us into a cycle where our personal expression into the world becomes the energetic focus. If it’s not conscious for you to monitor your voice of truth and bravery into the world then life may send you places in which you will have no choice but to take a look at yourself. It is always my wish that you experience the lightest side of the numerology and with a 3 energy, it is about joyous and creative expression. It is all about the community you have around you and how you feel you can be as true to yourself as possible while the world is watching. In a nutshell, it’s telling you to dance while the whole world is watching. 

This week adds an important dimension, as it is a 5 energy in the 5 universal year. This is the middle of the road in numerology and reminds us how powerful every choice is that we make. It doesn’t necessarily make it an easy year or week, but the more you pay attention to the freedom your choices give you, the braver you will become to live within the authenticity of who you are. What is this authenticity that I speak of? It is the uncensored, true expression of who you are from depth of your heart and your soul. Unfortunately, from the youngest age, we have had people try to mould us into what they think is either best for us or for them. This is not the blame game, but it is the game non the less. Your next move is vital in this 3 month, which is all about the game of life. Through the 5 energy of the week, look for all the places where you are not within your freedom to choose or be authentically you. Find the places where you are and celebrate them.

Monday kicks off with an 8 energy which is going to make the 3 and 5 combinations filled with a day where you either feel empowered or disempowered. It will be linked to your feeling of worthiness of aspects in your life and could very well highlight the places where you aren’t telling yourself the truth about what is holding you back. Money could be a messenger, as it is a universal contract that it cannot flow to you in low esteem when you are out of integrity with yourself. 

The 9 energy of Tuesday should have you contemplating what happened yesterday and asking you what you need to leave behind that no longer serves. You don’t have to take big and scary action immediately, but some truth on this powerfully energetic end of the numerological cycle could have the whole of the universe turn some cogs to guide you to the freedom and joy you are worthy of. You’ll know if you have done the brave work on a day like this. 

Wednesday is the 1 energy, with a feeling of a stronger self. You may have a burst of enthusiasm that is either creative or expressive. It could have long term impact if you brave doing something different with the way you feel about yourself and your world around you today. 

Thursday’s 2 energy wants you to slow down and make sure that your energy isn’t scattered into too many places in your life. How much time do you allocate to all those who need you and what reserve of energy is left for you to bring to life that which is an expression of who you uniquely are in the world? 

The 3 energy on Friday may be loaded with enthusiasm to be within a community or express yourself in the world. If you have the opportunity to show the world who you are, the projects you are working on or even create something fun to share online, it could be a great release and feeling of freedom of expression. 

On Saturday, the 4 energy always brings up the places where more foundation and structure needs to be established. This will be in conjunction with the double 5 energy of the week and the month and your power to choose will be highlighted. Conscious choice is not easy, so brave up for this day. 

We end the week with our triple 5 energy of the year, week and day. Remember that all this energy is pointing in the direction of the 3 energy of the month. Sunday will scream freedom of expression!

Your weekly reminder of the astrological retrogrades that kicked off in April this year: Pluto Retrograde from April, Saturn Retrograde  from May,  Jupiter and Neptune from June. Later this month I will be sharing July’s retrograde too, but you can already catch up on the energy update for all of July.

Dark/Balsamic Moon on Tuesday is in Gemini, which is the essence of the number 3 month. We have 72 hours, until the empowering 8 day on Thursday to reflect with the Gemini energy into what expression, creativity and our social world means to us. The weekly 5 energy will add a deepness of reflection into the year that has passed so far, so take some time to see how far you have come and honestly ask yourself if the life you want to live is a reflection of where you find yourself right now. 

New Moon on Friday in Cancer calls for you to look into your heart and truthfully feel if you are living true to yourself. It gives you the opportunity to decide on the smallest steps to take, to bring that fulfilled life to reality. 

If you haven’t downloaded the free eBook on Working the Moon Phases to Manifest the Life you Want, then give it a try and see how small cycles of 28 energetically aligned days of the month move you from faraway goals, into intention and drives you to take action. 

8 of cups tarot

This week’s tarot card is the 8 of cups. This is an emotional card that is asking for each of us to walk away from anything that no longer serves us. It is the image of a man walking away from 8 cups, with the moon in the sky and heading towards a mountain. There is opportunity and possibility we cannot begin to imagine if we brave letting go of living within the limitations our ego shackles us into. 

It is always important to remember that the ego is not this cruel and malicious part of ourselves that we must destroy and banish from our lives. It is the complete opposite and will do anything in its power to be the louder voice in your head and do what it thinks to keep you safe from past memory. That is the catch though, it is all in the past and all from your perception of the memory. It is the ideal time to brave shadow work and understand how your ego is controlling your mindset. I am here to support you through it with the Transformation Coaching to meet your shadow self.  

July’s special offer is linked to the tarot with 15% off a tarot reading or past lives tarot reading until the 28th of July. I have  worked with my cards for over 17 years and we are finely attuned to guiding you either through a current transit in your life or giving you insight as to what your ego sees when it looks into your subconscious and the memories of past lives, that could hold the key to the mystery of unresolved issues today.  
“If you have questions about where you are in life and what you need to face to make a change, a tarot reading with Jodene is what you need.” – Udi  

Intuitive message from money
If money isn’t showing up or bringing you joy and you could imagine it holding your heart in it’s hands, only when you allow the flow and bravely to tell yourself the deepest truth about what makes you happy - what would you do to brave your heart’s truth? 

If you would like to experience a personal message from money to you, then join me every Friday in Clubhouse for my room in our Conscious Transformation Club at 16:15 UTC/17:15 5AST or book a 1 hour Transformation Coaching Session with me to talk about your relationship with money and you will receive the Money & Me online course for FREE. 

Last month I spoke about all things Saturn Explained - Transformation Through Astrology
How Saturn, its Retrograde and Your Saturn Return Impacts Your Life
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Stay brave!


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