Weekly Energy Update for 1 - 7 November 2021: Numerology, Astrology, Tarot & Money Message

31 October 2021
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The end of year signs are all over the place. In the shops and the streets, this is it – the second last month of 2021. November is a 7/2 and you can catch up in greater detail about the overall energy of the month in the blog post, YouTubeApple or Spotify Podcasts.

Monday starts the week with an 8 energy and with the attention turning into contemplation and the search for truth, the day may feel where power struggles are. The need will be for you to hold onto what you have authentically discovered about yourselves, while still treading lightly and honest, to be sure ego is not in control.

The 9 energy of Tuesday will need for you to look inside of yourself to anchor your worth and trust the work you have done to date. Watch for feeling insecure or losing focus because you are waiting for outside validation.

Wednesday’s 1 energy will boost your confidence and if you make time to spend away from the distractions of life, fresh and exciting ideas could filter through the usual noise of the mind.

We have the double 11/2 energy for the week on Thursday. Watch for focusing too much on processing through the head or getting lost in the detail that it blocks your inner navigation that is always pointing in the direction of fulfilment and joy.

The 3 energy of Friday is the lightest day of the week and adds a sparkle of creativity or playfulness. It is the ideal time to have a light conversation about things that may be on your mind and you want to get off your chest.

The 4 energy of Saturday will bring you back to a more serious vibe, but you do need to watch for stubbornness or fear of change on a day when the 7 and for 4 come together.

We end the week on Sunday with the 5 energy that aligns with the last few months’ Universal 5 of the year. This November energy will want practicality in thinking when you test if you are being true to your choices or if you are afraid of the changes they will bring when it is aligned with a 5.

This week in astrology has both Balsamic/Dark Moon and the New Moon. We step right into Dark Moon on Monday, in Virgo and have 72 hours to ensure that when we go inward to reflect, it is onto with over criticism. As it also passes through Libra, watches for being overly judgemental on yourself too.

New Moon on Thursday in Scorpio will give you some time to look at your motives and the deeper meaning as to why you do what you do and if what you desire is keeping you in your comfort zone or stretching you to your fullest potential.

death card tarot

The tarot card for the week is The Death card, which is the perfect representation of the beginning and ending of a new month at the start of this week. Death is the representation of what needs to change for new life to begin again and the messenger of this card is asking for us to brave letting go of what no longer serves us from what we emotionally worked through the month before. There is no ending without something new taking its place, but a big part of death is the combination of facing and braving the unknown.

If you have not had a tarot reading with me, I do either a reading for a Current Timeline, or we go into the Akash and find significant lifetimes that the soul wants you to see has impacted your soul contract in this one, through a Past Lives Reading.  

This week’s message from money:
Watch the things you say to appease the ego. It sounds something like, ‘it’s not about the money’.

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The keyword in this course is ‘relationship’, as it is not designed to teach you how to budget or reduce debt. It teaches the step before the practicality of changing your financial situation, which is to energetically transform your relationship with money first.

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Stay brave! 

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