Weekly Energy Update for 11 - 17 October 2021: Numerology, Astrology, Tarot & Money Message

10 October 2021
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We are in the midst of October and this 6/1 energy. If you missed the full October energy update then check out the blogvlog and Apple or Spotify Podcast.

Monday is a confident 8 energy and will test whether your decisions are in an esteem that benefits you and supports those around you. There is the disillusion that all parties can’t be happy all the time and 2022’s 6 energy, which is the same as this month, wants to show us differently.

The 9 energy on Tuesday will show where you are feeling obligated. It might not be a strong enough energy to do something about it, but this is a day to dare to see the truth.

Wednesday’s 1 energy could give you the voice you were lacking the day before. If situations didn’t carry over, the energy gives you the courage to remind yourself of what you realised about those obligations.

On Thursday, we have an 11/2 energy that holds a sincerity and compassion we all should be grateful to ease into. Allow the softness of the day to bring about forgiveness of yourself and others.

Friday’s 3 energy is going to encourage the expression of truth about the places where life feels out of balance. You may not need to tell the whole world, so maybe some journaling and hearing yourself talk some truth could be helpful.

The 4 energy of Saturday may show the cracks. This isn’t a bad thing, because as 2021 draws to a close, the energy wants us to see where we are not being authentic to ourselves.

On Sunday, the 5 energy aligns well with the 1 of October and you won’t see the cracks with feeling limited by choice. This is the ideal day to muster the courage to try to do something differently, whether it is in your words or actions.

This week in astrology, we have First Quarter Moon on Wednesday in Capricorn. This has the perfect energy to assess how far you have come from the New Moon energy of last week and give yourself some structure to what needs to be done.

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On Monday, we have another big planet going direct from a long retrograde through the year. Saturn in Aquarius has given us since May to look at the limitations of our beliefs and the rules that we live by. It’s now time to live the truth of our belief system. If you are not on track then Saturn will surely show you where your conscious navigation to the truth of what you live by still needs attention.

sun tarot

The tarot card for the week is The Sun. This is a beautiful messenger with a young boy riding a horse and the sun as a focal point in the card.  We pay so much attention to what needs to still be worked on, that we don’t stop and celebrate how far we have come. The Sun is telling us to take some time with a week to reflect and truly celebrate all we have braved. This is powerfully aligned with how close we are to the 5 universal energy of 2021. It is the year to step more bravely into our authenticity and a good dose of reflection of what we can celebrate might show us all that we have done far more than our ego may be allowing us to see.

This week’s message from money:
Money does not come between you and another. The fear of vulnerability about money does.

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Stay brave! 

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