Weekly Energy Update for 13 - 19 September 2021: Numerology, Astrology, Tarot & Money Message

12 September 2021
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We are in our second full week of the 9/5 energy of September. If you have missed the full report for the month, check out the blog, vlog, or podcasts on either Apple or Spotify to understand more of the 9 for September and the 5 for the universal month.

Monday creates a double 9 energy for the week and month, calling for you to focus where you want your interests and passion to be. It may feel as though there is a lot on your plate and feeling your way through obligations and fulfilment will be a theme.

The 1 energy of Tuesday will give you the opportunity to step into confidence, either in your actions or your words. Don’t look too far outside of yourself for what changes and freedom could come about from braving this day.

Wednesday’s 2 energy will show you more of what you need to find balance in. Serving others and giving to you is important for fair cocreation. Watch out for the unsaid places where someone may need more equal cooperation from you.

On Thursday, the 3 energy should give lightness to the day. Find ways to be social and expressive in creative ways. Sometimes a change in energy is all you need for great transformation to begin.

The 4 energy on Friday may shift dramatically from the day before and show you the limitations and your struggle against them. This isn’t because life or others are picking on you and seeing where you have relinquished your power to choose could make for a brave day with your ego.

On Saturday it is the double 5 energy of the week and universal month. Actually, it is a triple energy, with the universal year energy too. Freedom, choice and what you need to change, all for the expansion into your authenticity is going to show up in some way.

The week ends with the responsible energy of 6 on Sunday and it will be in places that are home and heart centred. This month is all about what needs to end for you to be more authentic with all those around you, and where better to start than at home.

The astrology for the week
First Quarter Moon on Monday is in Sagittarius. Combined with the numerology of the day, it may have you feeling restless. The 5 of the month and year’s energy also governs restlessness. When you are not in the truth of who you are, feeling that life isn’t happening according to your ego timing may be the triggered feeling as this energy will help you spot it.

I am consciously using the current planetary retrogrades to do shadow work on a brave and deep level. Not only to gift my clients, but I am working on myself like never before. I have an incredible coach, a best friend who holds the mirror for me to see my authentic self and a growing cycle of energetically aligned souls who help me catch my ego when I’m triggered by uncertainty. This is my call for you to check in with yourself and ask if you are doing the deeply conscious work. We cannot do it alone, as we need to distinguish between the mind and the ego is tricky in allowing your own discernment.

If you don’t know where to begin, book a 30-minute complimentary session with me and let’s get some of the questions answered that may be holding you back.

This week’s tarot card is The Chariot and depicts a man riding a chariot, with a sphinx on each side. If you look closely, the wheels are cement, which shows that willpower and determination are what is truly moving him forward. We underestimate the power of our will and if we don’t grab hold of it, then the ego is always in control. Use this week to watch the promises you make to yourself or where you let yourself get out of control when willpower could have held you firm. It is important to be gentle with yourself, especially if you are procrastinating or struggling to commit to a promise you make to yourself. This is a sign that the ego is holding onto memories that you can’t understand with your rational mind.

This is the very need for shadow work – to get into those places where the light is needed to activate your desires and carry them through with ease of will. I am here to guide and support you, through Transformation Coaching. For the remainder of September, there is a 15% discount on a coaching session with me.

Intuitive Message from Money
Your guiding energies and unseen friends have never experienced money and don’t know things. They know love, abundance, joy, happiness, fulfilment, freedom and so on. They have also never experienced words and only know the feelings that you desire. Imagine them waiting for you to call upon you, tuned into one frequency, while you are signalling another – one of images in your mind of things and calling for a currency and not the feeling of what the currency will bring to you.

We are excited to have our first course on Udemy and it’s your guide to a healthier and more conscious relationship with money. Please take a look at the Money and Me course there, to also spike the interest that Udemy will see the course is getting. That would be an amazing energy exchange with me.

My birthday month gift to you is my first novel, Ephineah at less than $10 in paperback and $5 on Kindle, through Amazon for September.

Stay brave!!

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