Weekly Energy Update for 15 - 21 November 2021: Numerology, Astrology, Tarot & Money Message

14 November 2021
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Welcome to another week of November, as this year draws to a close so quickly. We are in the second half of this 7/2 month. The 7 coming from adding 11 (November) to 2021 (5). And the 2 coming from the 11th month of the year. It’s not too late to catch up on the overview of November in the blog post, YouTubeApple or Spotify Podcasts.

The week starts with a 4 energy on Monday. Watch for getting too caught in the detail while not taking note of how much time you are spending in your head and ignoring your intuition.

On Tuesday, the 5 energy will give you the opportunity to brave some out the box thinking you couldn’t muster up yesterday. It is important to be open to new ways of thinking, but not to be too hasty to act.

The 6 energy on Wednesday will call for a balance between your inner world and those who need your attention. Find a way to grab some solitude, even if it’s not far at all from those you care about.

Thursday’s 7 energy double up with the month and gives us the opportunity to see more about ourselves than the focus we may be putting on others. After all, every situation we are in stems from the choices we have made.

The confidence of Friday’s 8 will lead on from the day before and a greater sense of power in taking responsibility for where you find yourself will let you test where you feel empowered to act and where the disempowerment lies.

On Saturday, the giving nature in the air should make for a lighter end to the week than usual. Find ways to feel a sense of making a difference in your world. This is also a good test for you to see what does get you out of your head for a while, which is the energy of November.

We end the week with the 1 energy on Sunday. It’s no time to slow your energy down when this determined and courageous energy is in the air. It may not be something big, so look at where the smallest act of stretching yourself could make even the slightest difference.

As we get closer to the end of 2021, and if the numerology has been supporting you through the weeks, take a look at the current special on your 2022 personalised numerology reading, with a 20% discount until the end of November.

In this week’s astrology, is the Full Moon partial lunar eclipse in Taurus on Saturday. The spotlight will be on self-interest and fulfilling some simply down-to-earth desires. Don’t over-indulge though, which may be tempting with the eclipsed moon over already intense emotions.

Take a look at the numerology and see how perfectly the numbers and the sky align.

On Sunday, the sun moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius and starts the supportive time to learn new things, through the whole of Sag season. Whether it’s expanding your knowledge, learning about those around you or digging deeper into getting to know yourself, use this time to see everything and everyone as a teacher.

moon tarot

This week’s message from Tarot comes from the messenger of The Moon. Of all the details on the card, the long and winding road that starts at the water is the calling for us to bravely explore the depths of our emotions. In this week, when it may be tempting to think our way through life, we are called to feel more. This is not surface feelings but getting into the depths of understanding why we feel the way we do. Therein lies our emotional understanding of ourselves and where the true bravery to heal and transform lies.

This is a great place to update you on the monthly membership plans for 2022. A huge thank you goes to Greg, who silently works in the background to make sure I bring you the tools and support you need. Next year will be a big step up for me in supporting whoever is ready to personalise these weekly updates more. Keep an eye out for more info and if you have any suggestions or wishes for weekly and monthly guidance, please email us: info@lifeology.biz.

Intuitive Message from Money
During a moment of meditation or sometimes when I least expect it, I will hear a message that impacts our relationship with money. There is this week’s:

If your time were to be weighed according to how much you put into your values, would your possessions or your intangible moments weigh more?

Money and Me Course on Udemy
The keyword in this course is ‘relationship’, as it is not designed to teach you how to budget or reduce debt. It teaches the step before the practicality of changing your financial situation, which is to energetically transform your relationship with money first.

This 5 session course is designed to dynamically change your relationship with money and is on Udemy at a great offer.

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If you are not aware, every week on a Sunday at 17:00 SAST I do the weekly energy update live on Clubhouse, in our Conscious Transformation Club. Join me there where I take time to personalise the week’s message for you.

Stay brave! 

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