Weekly Energy Update for 16 - 22 August 2021: Numerology, Astrology, Tarot & Money Message

15 August 2021
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Welcome to my world of the evolution of teaching when we are open and ready. Humorously, I got this very logical message after I had recorded and completed all the content for this week, but we never argue with Divine Timing. Going forward, I will be guiding you through the energy of the month and the individual days only, because the world could debate what day a week begins and ends. It took me ages to ponder this and then I felt the overthinking of a message that was simple and clear. So let's dive straight in.

August is an 8 energy because it is the 8th month of the year, and it also has the powerful 4 energy when adding it to the year. This entire month is calling for us to feel our way into the foundation of our own empowerment and each week is supporting us through the daily energy.

Monday is 2 energy, that gives you the opportunity to brave witnessing where you are being the mediator within situations. If you are not the one needing to brave speaking up then are you the one who needs to take the mediator out of the equation and step into your truth with a brave conversation?

The 3 energy of Tuesday will point out where you are more capable of asserting your confidence than you are giving yourself credit for.

Wednesday is the 4 energy that is aligning with the month’s energy of feeling out the foundations. On this day, look out for the places where you need external validation to feel good about yourself or the work you are creating. Noticing this will show you the places where you need to anchor more self-worth.

Thursday is the 5 energy of the week and will call for you to feel the places where you can expand into confidence. This may not be easy for you to do, depending on your life path number but the 5 is also the universal energy of 2021, which supports all of us to set ourselves free from our own limitations.

On Friday, the 6 energy of the day will test your boundaries with responsibility. The combination of the 8 month and 6 day will ask you whose cause you are fighting for. Even if you are deeply serving to others or it forms part of your career, it should not take away from your balance for self-care.

Saturday is a 7 energy and could have you feeling the tug between your head and your heart, your intuition and mental processing. With the 8 energy of the week, it is your opportunity to choose where the power goes and settle into a meditative space where you can silence all parts of yourself and trust the aligned message between heart and soul.

Sunday is an 8 day energy and if you are trying to decide on a day to do something that takes bravery and a boost of confidence, then this is it. Even if it’s only to get the wheels in motion. You could find great faith in yourself if you do the thing that scares you.

Full Moon in Aquarius is on Sunday and illuminates parts of life impacted by the energy of the zodiac. At this time, it is going to call for you to look at how much you believe in the uniqueness of who you are, which aligns confidently with the 8 energy that is all about asserting confidence in yourself.

Virgo season begins on Sunday too and will bring about structure, organisation and awareness of how much you serve others over yourself. Watch for where you over-work and over-think!

Don’t forget my consistent reminder of the planets in retrograde, which you can catch up in my August 2021 energy update.

10 of wands tarot
10 of wands tarot

This week I pulled the 10 of wands as the tarot message. It is the image of a man carrying 10 sticks in-front of him and it looks very burdensome to do. When I pull this card, I am always drawn to encourage you to do things another way and this is perfectly aligned with the 4 energy of the month that calls for new foundations to be created. The 8 energy is very assertive, logical and gives you the opportunity to see things with different judgement, which is what the 10 of wands calls for us to do. It’s the story of getting out on the same side of the bed every day and then getting out on the other side, to shift your perspective. Find things to do slightly differently when it seems that there is no other way to do them – there is always another way. That is the very power of choice.

This week’s message from money:
If you are aiming for consistency, then this lifetime isn’t the one for a healthy relationship with money. There is a flatline in consistency and stagnancy is fearing the lack of flow.

Let me guide you into F.A.I.T.H (Focus, Acceptance, Intention, Trust and Happiness) as your mind can’t be in fear and faith or ego and soul or rational mind and irrational mind at the same time. This month's special is a 15% discount on a 1-hour transformation coaching session I guide you through F.A.I.T.H.

If this blog post or the live sessions or recordings of my guidance through the energy of the months helps you and you feel moved to do so, I have a simple tipping gesture for those who wish to share energy exchange. You can send me some ❤️  with a tip in BuyMeACoffee or please pass any of my content onto someone who may need it, as that warms my heart most of all! 

I am excited to share that behind the scenes we are working hard at your Transformation Coaching monthly membership with me. The energy update in its current format will remain. The monthly journey will be consciously and passionately guided and depending on the tier, made personal to you. Keep following for more info as it unfolds and please let me know what you would wish to gain from me. I have had some very special suggestions that we have taken on board and we create this membership program for you.

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Stay brave! 

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