Weekly Energy Update for 18 - 24 October 2021: Numerology, Astrology, Tarot & Money Message

17 October 2021
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Welcome to another week of October and this 6/1 energy, with the 6 coming from the 10th month added to 2021 and the 1 coming from the 10th month. If you missed the full October energy update then check out the blogvlog and Apple or Spotify Podcast.

Monday is a 6 energy which will have a double impact from the 6 of the month. It is also a taste of what 2022 will focus on. Feel within you and around to see whether your inner harmony and outer harmony are aligned. Most of us are doing something not aligned to our inner peace to keep the outer peace.

Tuesday’s 7 energy might need for you to step back from the activities of the world and spend time with yourself. What is it you need to reflect and ponder on, where the distractions of the world keep you safely in avoidance?

The 8 energy of Wednesday will bring up heart centred tests to see if you are working for the cause that truly fulfils you. This doesn’t have to be career-focused only, as everything we do should be aligned with our purpose.

On Thursday, the 9 energy will heighten our intuition and bring relationships into a new level of perspective through a different level of observation, if you dare yourself to see more deeply.

We have a 1 energy of Friday, which will be the most confident day of the week and will highlight where your ideas and ways of doing things are waiting to be implemented. Don’t let a lack of confidence hold you back from sharing what’s waiting to be said.  

Saturday is a 2 energy and will be about a different aspect of relationships. Watch where you and another are not in harmony and ask yourself why, instead of turning to unconscious tactics of being discontent.

The week ends with the expressive energy of 3 on Sunday. Reflect on the week and into your relationships and see what you wanted to say but didn’t have the courage to. It is a light and supportive energy to brave saying how you feel.

This week in astrology, we have the big Full Moon in Aries. This is the once a year occurrence where we have the spotlight on the balance between the ME and the WE in our lives. With Libra Sun and Aries Moon, ego and emotion see each other and it is an optimistic and brave time to shed light on the truth of who we are on our own and if we maintain the same nature when we are within our relationships.

Jupiter also goes direct on Monday. In Aquarius, the retrograde gave us the opportunity to detach from things a little and connect more with our truth. Now that this planet of growth is direct, it’s time to do something different to make the future grander than you expected.

We exhale as Mercury turns direct for the last time this year on Monday. It is in the midst of Libran energy, which is enhanced as we are in Libra seasons, so there’s no getting away from important communication within relationships.

Libra season ends and Scorpio season begins. Now that we have had a full cycle around the sun to focus on the relationships that matter, we get to see into the depths of them over this next season.

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ace of cups tarot

The tarot card for the week is Ace of Cups, with a cup overflowing with possibilities. Be it emotional, spiritual, within your creativity or within yourself, this messenger is saying it’s time. The ace comes along when there is something new to be done and a fresh approach to an old story is being called for. Do your best to understand that when things are truly in flow, we feel the fulfilment and joy surrounding us. Being in rocky waters is not the flow that this card is calling for. It takes bravery to truly be in the flow that this card wants you to know is possible.

This week’s message from money:
The greatest risk is to invest in yourself and not sell out when others don’t see you as the asset you are.

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Stay brave! 

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