Weekly Energy Update for 20 - 26 December 2021: Numerology, Astrology, Tarot & Money Message

19 December 2021
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It’s festive season week and I am wishing you all, the gift of being present, joyful, and united in the collective harmony that we all could do with for a few days.

Before we step into 2022, look out for both the 2022 Energy Update on Wednesday 23rd and the January energy update on Monday the 27th on the blog, YouTube, Apple and Spotify Podcast.

We start the week with the 1 energy on Monday need to be conscious as possible to keep our ego in check. Watch for over independence in your environment to make sure no one feels deprived of being able to be loving and giving.

On Tuesday, the 2 energy will be filled with the opportunity for sincerity to be expressed and could enrich you and those around you.

The 3 energy on Wednesday is a fun day where creativity and playfulness should be top of the to-do list. Don’t worry if your ducks aren’t in a row because that’s for tomorrow.

The organised day of the week is Thursday, so if you are planning festivities and need order and structure, use this 4 energy to do what needs doing. Don’t take the fun out of the day though and watch for those who are too could be the party-poopers.

We have the final double 5 energy for the year on Friday, aligned with the 2021 Universal Energy. Something could very well come up to test all the consciousness you have put into this year, so make sure you honour your authentic self and do whatever you need to break the old patterns for the last time this year.

On Saturday, the 6 energy is all about family, home and heart. It’s ideal for Christmas Day as long as family and friends keep their noses in their own business. Focus on nurturing and loving each other in all the ways you show up and the day has the potential to be loaded with love.

Overthinking on Sunday comes with the territory of the 7 energy. Instead, take some time to step away and recoup all the energy you have put into those around you. Mindless movies and reasons not to get too serious in conversation is the best way to be with those you love but also have some mental isolation.

The astrology for the week is all about the sun, with the Summer or Winter Solstice on Tuesday and the start of Capricorn season Wednesday.

From next year, I will be guiding you through the monthly membership into the deeper meaning of these important calendar days and giving meditations, journal work and ways of honouring these moments as parts of your conscious transformation. Keep an eye out for more details on the signup details for the monthly membership.

If you are working on filling in your 2022 diary, then you may want to add the Moon Phases and Retrogrades for 2022 to it.

the fool tarot

The tarot card for the week The Fool has perfect timing in the final full week of 2021. Don’t spend too much time reflecting on the past, what you didn’t manage to achieve or what you feel you are carrying into the new year. Instead, remind yourself that new beginnings can happen at any time and let your optimism soar through this week. Stepping into the new energy of 2022 needs your conscious innocence to make sure you do something different and bring about the new you that you know you are worthy of becoming.

Intuitive Message from Money
Each week I dedicate time to connect with the energy of money and hear a message that impacts the relationship of all of us:
It’s what money can‘t buy that will be remembered long after the use of the gift has worn off.

New Look Blog Posts
Look out for the change in the blog coming in 2022, where the Tarot card and intuitive money message will be in a downloadable image for you to either save for yourself and share to someone you know may need it.

Price Increase:
Prices on services will increase next year for all new clients. Past clients, you will receive a voucher code to use through the year for a discount on the increase.

Book before December 2021 to become a new client and you will have the advantage of the discounted price through next year.

A reminder that I am working between Christmas and New Year for either the special on Tarot and Numerology or for your Astrology Natal Chart and Personal Transformation Coaching. If you have not connected with me want to spend some one on one time with me then book the 30-minute exploratory consult to ask me anything about our potential journey together.

Find me on all social networks: FacebookInstagramTwitterClubhouseYouTube and your fave place to listen to Podcast – I am @JodeneShaer everywhere! 

If you are not aware, every week on a Sunday at 17:00 SAST I do the weekly energy update live on Clubhouse, in our Conscious Transformation Club. Join me there where I take time to personalise the week’s message for you.

Stay brave! 

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