Weekly Energy Update for 25 - 31 October 2021: Numerology, Astrology, Tarot & Money Message

24 October 2021
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We are in the final week of October and this 6/1 energy, If you missed the full October energy update then check out the blogvlog and Apple or Spotify Podcast. Then save the date for Thursday 28th October to look out for the November energy update on, all on the social network you follow to keep up to date with me.

Let’s get into this week in Numerology, with Monday’s 4 energy giving us the final opportunity to feel the stability of balance between our inner peace and life surrounding us. The entire week has October’s energy of courage and wisdom to balance responsibility, but if you are afraid of what cracks you may see, it could be holding you back.

The 5 energy on Tuesday is a braver day of the week and will allow you to witness your choices and dare to change. We don’t have to make huge changes. The tiniest thing that you consciously do differently could be what starts to set you free to be more your authentic self.

Wednesday is the final double 6 of the month and will draw your attention to home and what fulfils your heart. Watch yourself in thinking you need to show assertiveness into places where you have got their stuff and need to figure themselves out without you as the safety net. On the other hand, is it time for you to feel that inner confidence and know you are ready to leap and don’t need as much safety from others as your ego thinks?

The 7 energy on Thursday will take some emotion out of the mix and allow you to find your way through the day from the wisdom you have collected along the way. As you have braved bonding with yourself and your universe, you will have opened to your intuition, which could be tried and tested today.

On Friday, the 8 energy gives and assertiveness within the home or your heart’s desires. Watch for your ability to distinguish and balance the assertiveness and power it takes for you to get what you want.

Saturday is a 9 energy and could be a day where your mood is misunderstood by you and those within your home. This could be coming from not taking enough time to feel your way through your emotions during the week and some simple distractions from your obligations could change your mood and make for a light-hearted rest of the day.

The final day of this week and the month is a 1, on Sunday. Use the consciousness that comes with this number to set some intentions for yourself into the final stretch of the year. It is a great day to put a few new, daring things on your to-do list to stretch yourself into bravery a little further.

This week in astrology is a quiet one after all the planetary shifts. We have the Last Quarter Moon in Leo on Thursday, which is a confident energy to take time and praise yourself as you reflect on October. With the end of the 6 energy of the month, make sure to feel into your heart and see all you have dared this month, instead of focusing on how far you still have to go.

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the emperor tarot

The tarot card for the week is The Emperor. A strong and confident energy that has the message has a special connection to the 6/1 energy. Being the head of a home and having the confidence to teach or guide people with wisdom, this messenger asks you to explore your self-esteem and recognise your wisdom and strength through the week. Look into your home, your circles and your community to see what you offer, as you focus on the impact you make and anchor your belief in yourself. Seeing your own value is what will strengthen your ability to show up for yourself and have enough to give to others.

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This week’s message from money:
What seems like an insignificant amount to you, may be a goldmine to another. Watch your ways of giving, by lowering your expectations on yourself and seeing the simple needs of your fellow human.  

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Stay brave! 

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