Weekly Energy Update for 27 December ’21 to 2 January 2022: Numerology, Astrology, Tarot & Money Message

26 December 2021
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During the uncertainty of the pandemic in 2020, people were reaching out to me and asking what was happening in the stars, the numbers and if a Tarot message could guide them. Little did I know that the Energy Updates would become such an integral part of people’s lives. As we move into another year this week, I’m taking a special moment to thank each of you who read, watch or listen to this update and entrust in me to keep you conscious on a weekly and monthly basis.

On that note, are you up to date on the 2022 and January energy updates? Catch up on the 2022 Energy Update on the Blog, YouTube, Apple and Spotify Podcasts and the look out for the January 2022 Energy Update on the blogYouTubeApple or Spotify.

This week we have the big crossover from the 5 Universal Energy into the 6 energy of the year, which also brings in the double and 8 and 9 for the week. Let’s see the impact it has on each day.

We close the year on a decisive 8 energy on Monday and making the most of it comes from your checking in that you are your own best cause. This is the day to make mindful choices that will be good for your body, mind and soul.

Tuesday’s 9 energy can be focused into the world again, where you should end the day feeling that you made a difference to others. Focus on what makes you feel good and fulfilled.

On Wednesday, the 1 energy should be loaded with potential when you think about what is waiting for you in the new year. Finding time to make notes of your ideas so you create exciting intentions for yourself, is the best way to spend a part of this day.

The 2 energy on Thursday will highlight partnership and important one on one connections. Don’t shy away from showing your vulnerable side so the depth of sincerity can take any relationship to a new level.

Friday is the final day of 2021 and the 3 energy brings a lightness and fun-loving energy. Enjoy this day to the fullest, without letting any moodiness get in the way. Who cares if the plans don’t go according to what was in your imagination?

Hello, 2022!! Saturday’s 8 energy on the first day of the new year may need for you to have sound judgement when it comes to close friends, family and matters of the year. Do whatever it consciously takes to leave 2021 in the past.

We end the week on Sunday with a 9 energy, where anything unfinished is settled in your heart. It may take some self-reflection before you seek or act, but these first few weeks are really setting the tone for 2022’s year of balance between your inner and outer peace.

The astrology for the week has the last of the last quarter phases in the Libra on Monday. The reflection into relationships with others and within yourself will be the theme and the reason why this is so important to do is that it sets up the theme for the 2022 numerology with the 6 energy of the year.

We start the year in Balsamic /Dark Moon with the opportunity to be introspective and the Sagittarius energy will keep us holding onto the bigger picture and potential we have for ourselves. If you are feeling the end of year blues then take some time during the 72 hours before New Moon to really dig deep and give yourself credit for what parts of your self-worth got you through 2021.

If you have not done the personal transformation coaching with me to discover your self-worth through your perfect moment of time in your birth, then the timing may be perfect. This journey together takes a minimum of 4 sessions and can either be paid for as you book your coaching session or through the special offer on the coaching bundle.

REMEMBER that if you purchase this before 1 January 2022, you will receive your discount code for a lesser increase on all services throughout the year.

We leap into the Moon phases on Sunday with the New Moon in Capricorn. This laser-focused and ambitious energy could be used with your best intentions to plan the first steps you need to take to turn some of your plans and desires into reality.

Watch out for the trap of New Year’s Resolutions and if you missed the January 2022 Newsletter where we share how to create the healthiest and most conscious version of resolutions, then message us on info@lifeology.biz to catch up and be added to the monthly newsletter for more helpful support that you don’t find anywhere else from us. 

There is no greater time to try out working with Moon Phases to Manifest the Life you Want than in Capricorn energy, so download the FREE eBook that guides you through consciously working with the moon. It is also suggested that you book a Transformation Coaching Session that is divided into four 15 minute calls to guide you through a full cycle of the moon in support of integrating moon work into your daily life.

Fill your diary with consciousness by adding the Moon Phases and Retrogrades for 2022 to your planner.  

The Tarot Card for the Week

The Emperor Tarot

January Special

I know many people weren’t ready to look into 2022 last year, so the Numerology and Tarot for this year continues as a special. Book your 2022 Numerology and receive your tarot for FREE.
NOTE: You will only book the Numerology and I will have my cards ready to include your tarot on the day of your reading.

All readings include a recording of our time together, your personalised numerology reading, and a picture of your tarot spread.

Intuitive Message from Money

Every week, I intuitively connect with money and ask for a message that will shift our consciousness with it:

Money Message

A reminder that I am working through December for either the special on Tarot and Numerology or for your Astrology Natal Chart and Personal Transformation Coaching. If you have not connected with me want to spend some one on one time with me then book the 30-minute exploratory consult to ask me anything about our potential journey together.

pop me an email and I will send it your way: info@lifeology.biz

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If you are not aware, every week on a Sunday at 17:00 SAST I do the weekly energy update live on Clubhouse, in our Conscious Transformation Club. Join me there where I take time to personalise the week’s message for you.

Stay brave! 

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