Weekly Energy Update for 27 September - 3 October 2021: Numerology, Astrology, Tarot & Money Message

26 September 2021
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We are back into a crossover week in numerology again, where we say goodbye to the 9/5 energy of September and prepare for October’s first days. Energetically, this is the potential to be a big month and I will do a lot more unpacking of the 1/6 energy in the October energy update on the 29th of September. Save the date and look out for it on my blogYouTubeApple or Spotify.

We also go back and forth with energy between Wednesday and Saturday, when the months swap, which could create a feeling of a push and pull week. Brace yourself for feeling the impact of numbers in action.

Monday is the last triple 5 of the year and the day could be so well used by acknowledging that this year is coming to an end soon, then asking ourselves how expansive we have dared to be.

The 6 energy on Tuesday may draw attention to your heart, to feel your way through how balanced your commitment is to yourself and those around you. An open heart takes wisdom to be used as a true compass of balanced love and support.

On Wednesday, we have the first 7 energy of the week. As it aligns to the 9/5, it is going to call for a consciousness of what will set you free. Don’t get stuck in your head, because your ego isn’t as brave as it may be, to tell yourself the truths you need to hear.

The first 8 energy of the week is on Thursday and the 9/5 wants brave truths to be felt about what no longer serves you in the vision you currently have for your confident place in the world. This is one of those days where you won’t have to look far to see what the universe is offering as a navigation sign, but you do have to know your self-worth to truly see it.

On Friday, we feel the different way that a 7 energy supports us, as we step into the 1/6 energy of October. This energy is loaded with determination to forge forward and follow your heart to whatever feels like home. Use the 7 energy to be contemplative and aware of your surroundings. Breathwork or meditation could guide you, as you want to work yourself into the balance of some thought processing and some energic navigation. It will be very tempting to over-think and call it focused determination.

The repeated 8 on Saturday will most definitely feel different to Thursday, as the 1 and 8 are both powerfully confident numbers and the 6 leads with the heart. Watch for thinking you have it all under control and you don’t need others as much as you do. No man is an island – which is a big lesson to us all through all of 2022. Embrace the taste of it today.

The week ends on Sunday with the 9 energy. Wanting recognition from others or seeing the places where you cannot feel your way through innovative ideas or brave initial steps, or being the opposite and not calling on others to share your vision, needs something to shift in that.

In the astrology for the week, I have drummed retrogrades into you and the importance of the work that is supported by the particular planets. This is an example of thinking we have time and then before you know it, the time has gone. This is our final week with the full intensity of all 6 planets in retrograde, as through October a handful of them go direct.

Cancer Last Quarter Moon is on Wednesday and gives you time to feel into what you have realised is closest to your heart and what you have managed to brave saying or doing to bring about change since the start of September.

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We have the start of the last Mercury Retrograde of the year, starting on Monday. This time it is in Libra. Forget all the things you have heard about not signing contracts and technology going on the blinker and focus on what is important until 18 October – Communication in Relationships!!!

9 of wands tarot
9 of wands tarot

The tarot card for the week is the 9 of wands and depicts a man standing with 9 wands behind him and one is his hand. It looks battered and bruised, yet there is a sense of sturdiness to him. When this card appears in a reading for me, I always think of perception, because you are either feeling the determination and steadfastness of all you have put in to date or you are feeling exhausted and don’t feel you can give that final push. With the crossover from the 9 of September into the new numerology cycle of the 1 in October, this is the ideal card for the week. If you spend the first part of the week in acknowledgement of how tough, but worth it, all your conscious work has been, then use the second half of the week with a burst of resilience, the sky is the limit. It is an important messenger in saying that although the end of the year may feel like it is time to wind down because it certainly hasn’t been easy, we are not done yet. In any way, you can find that second wind that will carry you through October and to the end of the year.

This week’s message from money:
When you budget, dare to set aside an amount for the unexpected and don’t always think it will be used for a rainy day.

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Look out for the announcement of the October special in the October Energy Update.

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Stay brave! 

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