Weekly Energy Update for 3 – 9 January 2022: Numerology, Astrology, Tarot & Money Message

2 January 2022
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We are into the first full week of 2022!

If you missed the 2022 Energy Update here is the BlogYouTubeApple or Spotify Podcasts or the overview of what January 2022 energy holds for us, catch up on the Blog, YouTube, Apple or Spotify Podcasts.

Starting the week with a 1 energy on Monday, which doubles with the 1 of the month and will have a driven energy that should have you feel the potential of the year ahead. It is the ideal day to plot and plan in whatever that means to you.

Tuesday’s 2 energy will bring it home to the sensitivity of others. The first real taste of who is keeping the peace may enter the theme of the year. If you have braved your work through 2021, then you will know that being true to yourself is your greatest asset.

On Wednesday, the 3 energy will bring a new level of communication into your close circles. It doesn’t always have to be overly emotional to brave conversations, so look for the insight you get into yourself and those around you.

Thursday is the grounded 4 energy of the week and is ideal for admin that brings things that needs to be done and what you want to make time for into focus. Play around with the usual structure of your to-do list and see if there is a balance between work and play.

This is the ideal time to remind you that there is guidance for you to work with Moon Phases to Manifest the Life You Want with the FREE eBook.

We have a whole new 5 energy on Friday, now that it is no longer the focus as it was last year. Your mind will be active on this day and figuring new ways to do things should easily present itself.

Our first double 6 aligned with the Universal year energy is on Saturday. Feeling into your responsibilities to make sure they serve you and those around you in the most balanced way will give you some interesting insight into what work you could have to focus on through the year.

Don’t end the week overthinking on Sunday, with the 7. Keep reminding yourself that Rome wasn’t built in a day and the realisations you have had as you stepped into the new year don’t all have to be resolved immediately. Stop your mind through the power of your choice to do something light and distracting.  

The astrology for the week has our First Quarter Moon in Aries on Sunday and will keep the enthusiasm and passion high. If you aren’t feeling like you are on fire at the start of the year then look to your numerology to see what the 6 Universal Energy might be calling for you to see, early in the game.

If you haven’t yet added the Moon Phases and retrogrades into your 2022 diary, the Moon Phases and Retrogrades for 2022 are here.

The tarot card for the week

9 of Wands Tarot

January Special

I know many people weren’t ready to look into 2022 last year, so the Numerology and Tarot for this year continues as a special. Book your 2022 Numerology and receive your tarot for FREE. NOTE: You will only book the Numerology and I will have my cards ready to include your tarot on the day of your reading.

All readings include a recording of our time together, your personalised numerology reading, and a picture of your tarot spread.

Intuitive Message from Money

Each week I dedicate time to connect with the energy of money and hear a message that impacts the relationship of all of us.

Money Message

Dear past clients, by now you should have received correspondence from us with your special voucher code for you 2022 10% discount on ALL services through the year.

Message me in the way we stay in touch or email info@lifeology.biz to make sure you get the code for the year. 

Find me on all social networks: FacebookInstagramTwitterClubhouseYouTube and your fave place to listen to Podcast – I am @JodeneShaer everywhere! 

Join me in Clubhouse, in our Conscious Transformation Club through the year, for all things conscious, transformative and guiding in any way you call for.

Stay brave! 

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