Weekly Energy Update for 30 August - 5 September 2021: Numerology, Astrology, Tarot & Money Message

29 August 2021
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This week we transition into a new energy of the month and have the final days to complete what the 8/4 energy of August has to gift us with. As we enter September we connect with the 9/5 energy, coming from the 9th month and the combination of the month with the Universal energy of 2021, being a 5. Adding 9 and 5 together makes this a very powerful month, as we have both the 5 for the year and the month. If you missed the 5 Universal energy update then you can catch up on YouTube.

Keep an eye out at 19:00UTC/20:00SAST for the September energy update, which will expand on the 5 energy of the month. Find it on the blog, YouTube, Apple or Spotify.

Monday is a 7 and will want you to see where you or others may be inflexible, which inhibits your ability to feel stable and confident in your current situation.

The 8 energy on Tuesday is the final day of the August support for you to feel where you have created places of foundation. There may be places where you are putting in too much work for things to feel stable. Watch for your expectation or sincere need for others to meet you at your level of putting effort in, without forgetting that others may need for you to show up more for them.

Stepping into September energy on Wednesday is with the quick awakening of 6 energy day that will want us to feel whether freedom or being rooted is calling you. If it is a bit of both, then it will boil down to how confidently you can find the balance.

Thursday is a repeated 7 for the week but will feel different with the 9 asking what needs to end for you to feel the flexibility needed and the 5 will want for you to take some kind of action to get one step closer to living your truth. You may need a comfort snack or to curl up on the couch if you are as brave as you should be today.

The 8 energy on Friday is a repeat of Tuesday, but with an extra kick for you to do something assertive about the lack of foundation you felt earlier in the week.

Saturday is the 9 energy that will give you the double dose from the month. It will be all about monitoring your mood and those around you. Moods are the result of addressed or denied deeper emotions, which may call for calm and compassionate conversations. A genuine, “how are you feeling?” could work wonders.

The week ends with a confident 1 on Sunday and will give you a burst of bravery to share ideals in how you want things to evolve around you. Everyone is sitting with unspoken dreams and desires, waiting for the brave person to spark the conversation. This is also dependent on your life path number and knowing this will hint at where you will find the bravery to speak up.

The September energy update will also have the full roundup of the Astrology for the month.

If you haven’t taken the retrogrades seriously enough and dug into them and how they impact you personally, then don’t miss September’s special, at the end of this update. To catch up on the retrogrades, I talk about them in the August energy update on either my blogYouTubeSpotify or Apple Podcast. 

We have a busy moon week, with the Last Quarter Moon in Gemini on Sunday/Monday depending on your location which will give the last push for you to express what you need to before you the moon calls for you to ponder all things unsaid.

Balsamic Moon starts on Friday and gives us the remainder of the week to utilise the Cancer energy. Feeling into your emotions and looking for the root of feeling secure could take a full 72 hours. Any false sense of security could surface for you.

With this, I am extending last month’s special on Transformation Coaching session with me. My coaching is designed for you to understand shadow work and be guided through the healing journey you need to brave the changes you most desire or may not even be aware will serve you best.

death card tarot

The messages from the tarot cards never cease to amazing me, at how aligned they are with the week. As we transition between the monthly energy and step into the 9th month of endings, the Death card appears. This powerful messenger asks us to brave looking at what no longer serves us comes with a promise that nothing truly ends. This is a reminder that your desires for anything new to begin, something must end. It does not mean the ending will be painful or heart-breaking. Death wants us to explore how endings can be filled with release and the mending of the wounded heart.

Much of the unconscious that we cannot see about the healing needed can be uncovered in either a tarot reading or past lives tarot reading. I have worked with my cards for over 17 years and we are finely attuned to guiding you either through a current transit in your life or giving you insight as to what your ego sees when it looks into your subconscious and the memories of past lives, that could hold the key to the mystery of unresolved issues today.  

This week’s intuitive message from money:
Every way you spend and receive money is a reflection of who you believe you are.

My birthday month gift to you!
I wrote my first novel, Ephineah in the midst of my first Saturn Return and am amazed that I’m two short years away from my Chiron return. Yep, two years to the big Five-Ohhhh! While I’m slowly writing my next novel, with a whole new layer of life lessons weaved in, I’m gifting you with my first novel at less than $10 in paperback and $5 on Kindle, through Amazon for September.
I’m proudly self-published, but my dream is for Ephineah to land in the hands of someone who see the value in publishing it and my bigger dream is that it becomes a movie. You’ll see why it could be up there with Under the Tuscan Sun and Eat, Pray, Love (yes, I’m that confident) when you read it, and I bet you’ll think that Jane Fonda would make an amazing Ida. So, please do let me know if you read it and if you would, a review on Amazon, Goodreads or your social networks would be an amazing gift to me!
Look out for extracts from the book and reviews, as well as other ways I’m going to celebrate Ephineah through September. In the meantime, here is a very special review!

If this blog post or the live sessions or recordings of my guidance through the energy of the months helps you and you feel moved to do so, I have a simple tipping gesture for those who wish to share energy exchange. You can send me some ❤️  with a tip in BuyMeACoffee or please pass any of my content onto someone who may need it, as that warms my heart most of all! 

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Stay safe!

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