Weekly Energy Update for 4 -10 October 2021: Numerology, Astrology, Tarot & Money Message

3 October 2021
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Our first full week in the October energy of the 1/6 vibes should have us feeling like we aren’t done with the year yet. Winding down is the new winding up when these numbers get together. If you missed the full October energy update then check it out on the blog, vlog and Apple or Spotify Podcast.

We enthusiastically dive into Monday with the 1 that should mix really well with October’s reboot of innovative thinking and confidence to make things happen.

Tuesday’s 2 will start to test this balance of give and take in time and energy between important relationships. If you are the mediator, you may be called on, otherwise look for places where a neutral party could shine some light.

The 3 energy on Wednesday should have the optimism high and you wanting to express it to those who count. Don’t limit your reach on the impact you can make, because that 5 universal energy of 2021 still wants expansiveness from you.

On Thursday, the 4 energy may hold up the signs that shows where the limitations are. This is the opportunity for you to lean into the 1/6 energy of the month and think outside the box.

Friday is the double 5 energy with the year and aligned to the determination from the 1 energy, it’s either going to be expansive or explosive. Check your boundaries and your boldness to put them in place.

On Saturday, the 6 energy will give you an opportunity to explore even deeper into the balance through your life. Figuring out what selfish and unselfish means to you and those around you could be the theme of the day.

We end the week with the rational and studious 7 energy on Sunday. Don’t get too lost in the detail and give yourself and others the opportunity to put the over-thinking aside. Talk less and be more on this day.  

And so, the planets begin to leave their retrogrades this week.  It all begins on Wednesday, which happens to be the New Moon in Libra too. As Pluto goes direct in Capricorn at the same time as a new moon phase in the sign of relating, watch for anything or anyone that is holding you back from climbing your fulfilling mountain. Don’t look too far outside of yourself because Pluto will want you to see your role to play in all of this and it is waiting in the shadow work.

Don’t forget that Mercury is also in retrograde, in Libra, which could be a double whammy for this moon phase. It is also important to know that you can see all the hard work you have done to date, reflecting in your relationships. It’s not always doom, gloom and hard work. Very often, it is reaping the rewards of the brave work done so far.

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page of swords tarot

The tarot card for the week is the Page of Swords and aligns with this October energy that wants the fresh approaches and a new way of expressing yourself.
This messenger is a reminder of what all the conscious work is for. What’s the point if we don’t brave stepping out and showing the world who we have discovered we truly are. When you find your voice and it sounds new to you, test it on those around you. Speak up and out because you are worth it.

This week’s message from money:
Money can’t buy you love, but it can buy you something that will make you feel your love for yourself.

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Stay brave! 

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