Weekly Energy Update for 6 - 12 December 2021: Numerology, Astrology, Tarot & Money Message

5 December 2021
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With the way time flies, this month is going to be over in a flash and if you didn’t catch the December Energy Update, here it is to give you numerological and astrological insights:  BlogYouTubeApple and Spotify Podcasts

With the 3/8 energy (that you will read about in the December update) in full swing, this week is focused on creativity, expression and empowerment.

Monday’s 5 energy is one of the last opportunities to align with the 5 universal energy of 2021 and will ask you to test your ability to stay within the boundaries of the realisations you have had about yourself this year. Watch for thinking you do not have a choice or feeling limited by the potential of change.

The 6 energy on Tuesday will have a family or close friends theme where you are either the meddler or it’s time to change the dynamics of how much everyone is in each other's business.

On Wednesday, the 7 energy is going to ask for flexibility that comes from bravely asking for what you need. Listen closely to others and what they are calling for too, which can only be done if you are present in conversations and aware of your environment.

The double 8 for the week is on Thursday and the theme for the day is patience. Watch for the short fuse and tap into the universal energy of the day that will help with sound judgement and rational responses.

On Friday, the 9 energy could bring out the creativity, depending on what creative expression means to you. We all have it and if you need something to help you get some focus, it’s in whatever sparks the creative part of your mind.

The 1 energy on Saturday makes for the most assertive and confident day of the week. Watch for having a ‘my way or the highway’ attitude and allow for those you care about to have equal opportunity to show their confidence too.

We end the week with a 2 energy on Sunday. Allow a special kind of expression to come through where being sensitive to the needs of someone is the focus of our care and attention. This could also call for self-care if you know you are not doing enough of that.

I gave tips in the month’s newsletter on the Remedy for December fatigue. If you would like a copy of that and to be added to the mailing list, pop me an email and I will send it your way: info@lifeology.biz

The astrology for the week is less intense, with the First Quarter Moon in Pisces on Saturday. This continues the dreamy energy for the powerful Sagittarius New Moon. Continue to make time to think big and to truly combine it with the numerology of the month – talk about it!  

For your 2022 diary planning, Moon Phases and Retrogrades for 2022 are out.

The Emperor Tarot

The tarot card for the week is the powerfully confident messenger of The Emperor. The confidence and courage that exudes through The Emperor is aligned with the 8 energy of this month and reminds us that we all have an inner strength, calm and diplomatic way of expressing all we need to, which ties in with the 3 energy of December. No matter what you have to do to create the last changes in 2021, you have the choice to do it with conscious respect for all involved.

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Intuitive Message from Money
Each week I dedicate time to connect with the energy of money and hear a message that impacts the relationship of all of us. There is this week:
Don’t count your blessing the way you do your money, where you are grateful for the big numbers and brush over the small change you think won’t get you much.

Price Increase:
Prices on services will increase next year for all new clients. Past clients, you will receive a voucher code to use through the year for a discount on the increase.
Book before December 2021 to become a new client and you will have the advantage of the discounted price through next year.

A reminder that I am working through December for either the special on Tarot and Numerology or for your Astrology Natal Chart and Personal Transformation Coaching. If you have not connected with me want to spend some one on one time with me then book the 30-minute exploratory consult to ask me anything about our potential journey together.

Find me on all social networks: FacebookInstagramTwitterClubhouseYouTube and your fave place to listen to Podcast – I am @JodeneShaer everywhere! 

If you are not aware, every week on a Sunday at 17:00 SAST I do the weekly energy update live on Clubhouse, in our Conscious Transformation Club. Join me there where I take time to personalise the week’s message for you.

Stay brave! 

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