Weekly Energy Update for 6 - 12 September 2021: Numerology, Astrology, Tarot & Money Message

5 September 2021
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We are in our first full week of the 9 month energy and 5 universal month energy of September. We should all be feeling some change in the air, as the season prepare to transition around us. If you missed the full update on what September has in store for us, here is the blog, vlog and podcasts on Apple and Spotify.

We begin the week with an 11/2 energy on Monday. This is a do anything you put your mind to kind of day, but you do have to make the choices to step up and do it. If procrastination is a theme, then be compassionate with yourself instead of frustrated, as this is a sign that the ego is in distress.

Transformation Coaching guides you through understanding your ego and why you procrastinate. In one session we can figure so much out and for this month I have a 15% discount on a coaching session.

Tuesday’s 3 energy could grab hold of your imagination. Make sure you use it for good and don’t create things that are not there. Communication is key to ensure you don’t unnecessary end things or change things that are not broken.

The 4 energy of Wednesday could show you the work you have done to bring about order and establish stronger values. Where the foundation is good, celebrate it.

Thursday is the triple 5 energy of the day, month and universal year. All this energy will accumulate to give you the opportunity to feel expansive. What you do with it is all about the bravery you have to do something different.

The 6 on Friday could be a family and/or friends’ day where you get to witness what nurturing means to everyone. Who needs it, gives it and lacks it? Don’t brush over it, as this could be clues for you to see your ego at play.

Saturday’s 7 energy would be best used if you found the balance between finding some peace for yourself and giving the gift of peace to others. You don’t have to do this in solitude, especially when this energy could tempt you into overthinking.

The week ends with the rational energy of 8 on Sunday. If you reflect on the week and see the places where you could do things differently, take some time on this day to dare yourself to do the next week with more consciousness and bravery.

The astrology of the week is focused on the New Moon in Virgo on Monday/Tuesday depending on where you are. Take a look at the Moon Calendar for the exact time. This is always a great time to get practical and focus on the details that could bring about the changes you want to see.

If you haven’t tried to work with Moon Phases to Manifest the Life You Want, then this is a great moon to create your first moon list. Download the FREE eBook to guide you.

When people get hold of me and ask me what’s happening with the energy, I tell them to pay attention to the retrogrades. Each one is calling for us to do shadow work and go inward to find the truth of who we are. If we don’t what needs to change, then things can feel turbulent.

3 of wands tarot

The tarot card for the week is the 3 of Wands and depicts a man standing with the vastness of land before him, and he can see all the way to the ocean. This messenger is letting us know that there is far more to explore in our lives than the limitations of our ego-mind. Braving stepping into the unknown and trusting that life is more expansive than we imagine could bring the end needed to think you are powerful in manifestation when it is actually being fearful of not knowing how magnificently the universe co-creates with our soul.

This week’s message from money:
Money and happiness have nothing in common!

We are excited to have our first course on Udemy and it’s your guide to a healthier and more conscious relationship with money. Please take a look at the Money and Me course there, to also spike the interest that Udemy will see the course is getting. That would be an amazing energy exchange with me.

My birthday month gift to you is my first novel, Ephineah at less than $10 in paperback and $5 on Kindle, through Amazon for September.

“Jodene's novel  Ephineah is thought-provoking and profound as readers travel through the journey of Shavon’s discovery of herself at different levels, being a soul who needs to explore the meaning of her life after a nasty crisis. I found myself travelling with her and starting my own journey of self-discovery and I was so caught up that I couldn't put the book down.” – Hillary

Stay brave!

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