Weekly Energy Update for 8 - 14 November 2021: Numerology, Astrology, Tarot & Money Message

7 November 2021
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This week will take us to mid-November and the 7/2 energy we are now engulfed in. You can catch up in greater detail about the overall energy of the month in the blog post, YouTubeApple or Spotify Podcasts.

Monday starts the week with 6 and if there is something you need to make a decision on, it could be more confusing than usual. Head, heart and intuition are supposed to be aligned, not fighting against each other.

The 7 energy on Tuesday is doubled up with the month and hidden motives may surface. Don’t look too far outside yourself to understand your ‘why’ for the day.

On Wednesday, the assertive 8 energy will be ideal to sit yourself down and focus on the sound reasoning you do know is within you.

Thursday’s 9 energy brings a lighter feeling to the week, with the energetic support for you to take a breath and brave doing something intuitively different. If this doesn’t come easy, then it is a message that you don’t have to figure all of life out on your own. If you need guidance on building your self-worth and trusting your intuition but don’t know where to start then book a FREE 30-minute exploratory session with me, to see how I can support you.

Friday is a 1, which holds the energy for us to see things in a new light and brave doing one thing differently. Once again, it will come from a whisper of intuition and if you overthink, the moment may pass.

The 11/2 energy on Saturday heightens November’s energy will give you a boost of confidence to not shy away from what you usually may. This will be different for everyone, depending on your life path number. If you don’t know your personal life path number, reach out to me to help you calculate it. Drop me a message at jodene@lifeology.biz or WhatsApp me: +27 82 781 7570.

We end the week with the fun-loving energy of the 3 on Sunday. Find something to do to step away from all the energy you have had to put into the week and get creative. Anything from gardening to pottering around in the kitchen or simply socialising and thinking differently will be refreshing and appreciated by your body, mind and soul.  

This week in astrology is a simple one, with First Quarter Moon in Aquarius, on Thursday. This gives you the opportunity to check in with yourself and test how boldly you have dared to be you, no matter what people may think of your actions.

7 of swords tarot

The tarot card for the week is perfectly aligned to the 7 energy of the month and the intensity that you may feel through the week. The 7 of Swords depicts a man carrying 5 swords, with 2 in the ground and he is looking backwards. I call this the ‘out of integrity’ card. However, it is with great empathy that this card is the messenger of the week. It is asking us to look for the places where we are not intentionally out of integrity with ourselves, but where it is fearful or daunting to dare dig deeper for the truth. We all have a place in our lives where it is easier to turn a blind eye, but as we head closer to the end of 2021, these truths must be revealed so that you can end strong, by braving living within your own highest integrity.  

If you have not had a tarot reading with me, I do either a reading for a Current Timeline, or we go into the Akash and find significant lifetimes that the soul wants you to see has impacted your soul contract in this one, through a Past Lives Reading.  

This week’s message from money:
Rather let a life lesson be financially costly over emotionally costly because you have value in the mind and not the heart.

Money and Me Course on Udemy
The keyword in this course is ‘relationship’, as it is not designed to teach you how to budget or reduce debt. It teaches the step before the practicality of changing your financial situation, which is to energetically transform your relationship with money first.

This 5 session course is designed to dynamically change your relationship with money and is on Udemy at a great offer.

November Special
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Stay brave! 

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