Weekly Energy Update – Numerology, Astrology, and Tarot for 15 – 21 March 2021

14 March 2021

Let’s start with the overall energy of the week when you add all the days together. It’s a big one, being an 11! This master number energy will impact each day of the week with a call for you to be extra conscious, patient, alert, and deeply aware. Watch to not fall into victim mode or feel overwhelmed by life. This is aligned perfectly for you to feel what it means to choose between living in faith or fear. 

We begin Monday as a 5 day, which is aligned with the 5 universal energy (2+0+2+1), in the mix with the 11 is ideal for you to dig deep into what creativity, freedom, and visionary ideas mean to you. It’s a great day spending time thinking out the box and letting your intuition guide you, but watch for restlessness and making a hasty decision. That will be the conflict, between the intuitive call of the 11 week and the impatience of the 5 day. 

The 6 energy of Tuesday works well in this 11 week and could give you a reason to tap into your humanitarian, nurturing, and giving side. We all have it in some way, which will be aligned to your personal life path number. If you don't know your numerology, book your session with me: Numerology Reading! Watch for being taken advantage of and not using that 11 intuitiveness, when falling into the 6, which can also have you not seeing how manipulative or stubborn you can be when you think you are helping, but actually dominating. 

Wednesday is a 7 and could have you in a fluster, with all the 11 energy that is intensified with the 7 energy constantly trying to figure whether to go with the facts or the intuitive instinct. It is odd to say that you should use your intuition to guide you on where the correct facts lie. Watch for being inflexible, which will be disruptive to how the 5 universal energy and the weekly energy are trying to navigate you. 

The 8 energy of Thursday might be the toughest day of the week, as it doesn’t align well with the calm and humanitarian energy of the 11. This day should be your head down and admin day and not one filled with conversation or creative thinking. If you are a workaholic or overly ambitious, the energy might push against you, so take a break and don’t wait for the universe to force it on you. 

Friday is a 9, which aligns nicely with the 11 week. It might be a little too humanitarian and selfless for some (depending on your life path number), so watch for falling into the trap of giving too much time and energy to everyone else and not getting enough done for yourself. Watch for what comes up with finances on this day, as money is a great messenger of the soul and this double energy that likes to listen to the universe might want to point out what you wouldn’t be prepared to hear on any other day. 

Saturday is a 1 and it’s no coincidence that it’s also the 20th and the celebration of the equinox. A new, fresh start all round and you have the day off to be conscious and honour it, with the 11 energy calling for this level of awareness. Read more in my March Energy Update

Use the 1 energy to feel the pioneering vision you have as you head into the next season. This is not a small day when it comes to consciously navigating your energy. Be sure you understand that the universe doesn’t want you to tell it where you want to be sent when it comes to manifestation, but it wants you to be open and surrender in faith that you are open to listening and seeing the signs to be sent in the right soul direction and not what the mind thinks is best for you. 

Sunday is a 2 day, as well as the Sun’s move into Aries AND First Quarter Moon. The March Energy Update has more on all these astrological moments. What a day to partner with the universe. It’s the energy of cooperation and sensitivity. If you allow it, you will feel and see signs that it’s time to go deeper (or begin) into co-creation with your universe.

Aries moving into the sign of the Sun is the start of a whole new astrological year, (so have a New Year’s celebration) and the 11 week will hold the energy for you to be observant of how you want to do things different from this day forward. You will have the universe’s support if it is for your greater good to step more into allowing an intuitive flow of life. You’re not going to feel the support if you plan to go into ‘old energy’ thinking of telling the universe where you want your life to be headed. (I will do a Clubhouse on this if you want me to.) 

Tarot card for the week - Ace of Cups

This card is calling for us to brave our emotions. Exploring the layers of self-expression will help you align more with the universal 5 energy. What a great way to step into the new astrological year. 

Ace of Cups

It is a call to be conscious of your emotional response to life. Use the consciousness of the 11 to see where you are overly sensitive and let your emotions take over. Especially on your 7 day when you will be too much in the head and your 8 days, where you will want to misuse power to avoid emotion.

If you allow yourself to honour your emotions, this week has the potential to guide you to new levels of consciousness in your response to emotionally showing up in life, which will be perfectly aligned with the overall 11 energy of the week. 

In a nutshell, watch that you are conscious of your emotions and use your intuition to guide you. Sounds easy, peasy, doesn’t it? 

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Find me on Clubhouse every Sunday for the weekly energy update in my club, Conscious Transformation! In the club, you will also see the days to save the standard time and days of my rooms. As we cannot share more than our voice there, please connect with me on Instagram or ask to join my WhatsApp Broadcast list: +27827817570

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