Weekly Energy Update - Numerology, Astrology and Tarot for 22 - 28 March 2021

21 March 2021
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As we enter a 6 energy week, within an 8 energy month, in a 5 universal year, I suggest you hold onto your hearts. Not in a way that is overly protective or has walls up, but holding your heart out for it to be your guide through the entire week. 

The 6 energy is one where we can’t bypass vulnerability and taking a look at what is closest to our heart. It calls for us to see how we are tending our own garden and how much everyone around us is expecting of us, which takes away from our personal growth or happiness. There will be a week of this, while the 8 month has had us looking at where we feel empowered and what is making us feel disempowered, and the 5 universal year is calling for us to see where different choices need to be made and to have the bravery to allow change through conscious choice. In a nutshell, this could be an emotional week.

Here are the links for you, if you have not watched or read up about the 8 energy of the month of March. 

We begin on Monday in a 3 day, with communication, layers of ways you express yourself into the world and feeling what it means to be either optimistic or pessimistic. As it is a 6 week, it will be in connection with your sense of responsibility. Situations could throw your energy, making it a struggle to focus and doubting that you are moving in the right direction. If this happens, take your time to recentre and go back to the energy of the day, which is calling for you to express yourself in a fun-loving way into the world.

Tuesday is a 4 day, with foundation and stability at the core of the energy. If there are any people or relationships that feel as though they disrupt your order and make you feel out of control in any way, this may impact your day. Watch for being too stubborn in your ways and not seeing the opportunity for growth in relationships, as both the 6 and the 4 have a tendency to be stubborn and think their way is the only way. 

The 5 energy of Wednesday is filled with the opportunity to do something different when common situations arise. If you use the universal energy of the 5 year on this day and take the opportunity to feel personal freedom in the way you relate, it has the potential to end with you having braved an expansive conversation or action. Don’t allow discontent to have a feeling of being without choice, as we always have options. Also, don’t be too hasty in your actions, as the balance in a 5 is to think quick, but rationally at the same time.

Your double 6 day is Thursday, where you could be feeling a strong sense of responsibility. If there is a day to witness your alignment between power, freedom and responsibility, this is going to be it. Don’t always think that the mirror is being held for you to see other relationships. You may very well have the opportunity for you to see how you work from ego if you allow yourself to see the truth through your shadows. If you have not done shadow consciousness work and feel now is the time to explore how it brings about transforation, here is more information about my Transformation Coaching.

Friday is the 7 energy and where you need to watch for retreating too much into your head in avoidance of the intensity of the 6 energy from the week. Although, if you use this day right, you are filled with potential to use the practicality of the energy to weigh up facts and balance out the control that can hold back the 6. Watch for being argumentative and getting overly upset. This will come out in a response from your life path number. (If you don’t know your life path number, then add your day together (e.g. 2+4=6) then your month and then your year. Add those three together once you have narrowed them down to one number each, to accurately find your life path. If it is an 11, 22 or 33, do not narrow those down, as they are master numbers.)

The weekend brings in a double 8 energy on Saturday, with our final stretch of the 8 for the month and then for the day. It will shine a spotlight on power, empowerment and disempowerment and will be connected to your heart, home or responsibilities. No matter what happens on this day, the outcome should be a feeling of empowerment, without disempowering anyone around you or feeling disempowered yourself. This is because both the 8 and the 6 call for balance in their own way. 

Sunday has the potential to be deeply conscious, with the 9 energy. The combination of the selflessness and humanitarian sides of both the 6 and 9 could have you feeling that you want to do something which touches others in some way. It’s Sunday, so don’t get lost in obligations (which will be linked to your life path number) and allow the energy of the 9 to flow into the 6, which could make all of the events of the week worth the energy and effort.

Our astrological focus for the week will be the super full moon in Libra on the 28th. If you have not diarised the moon cycles as yet, here is the calendar to guide you.

The intensity of the moon and how close it is to the earth, with the energy of Libra, is deeply aligned with the 6 energy of the week. The spotlight is going to be on asking ourselves whether we are meeting our own needs and the needs of others. Balance is the key to a healthy and happy answer. Libra is about relationships and so is the 6, so the health of all relationships will be important, and the healing tool will be communication. This also happens in the last few days of the empowering 8 energy of the month, so don’t let the opportunity to brave conversations pass you by. The part of the spotlight that we may not want to see are the truths within relationships where communication, respect, being heard or bravely delving into emotions is lacking. It is vital for this truth to be addressed, before we step into the energy of the 9 month in April, which is going to call for depths of truth about what is working and what is not working for you to feel happy and fulfilled.

If you are using the moon phases to create the life you want, then take a look at your new moon list you created. At this halfway point, see where you are not getting things done. The illumination will be on your relationship with the very items on your list and how important they are now, from when you first created your list. 

If you have not started working with moon phases as a tool for manifestation and are curious about how it works, my FREE eBook is here for you to download. 

Your tarot card for the week is, The Tower. It is not surprising for this Major Arcana card to have come up for this week as we keep quiet far too often for fear of falling apart if we tell ourselves the truth about what we do deserve to make our hearts and our homes happy. The Tower is the card most aligned with the overall energy of 2021, because the universal 5 wants us to get to the end of the year and see transformation in our lives from where we were at the beginning of the year. My biggest message with this card is that relationships don’t have to end and the whole world does not have to fall apart around you for things to change. The energy of The Tower is often so much more about the dread of the ego-perceived outcome than any prediction of the outcome at all. This is, however, a powerful message, asking for you to brave any outcome with the combination of the 6 week and deserving what happiness and joy means to your heart, the 8 month energy and standing in your own power for the life you want, and the 5 universal year energy that is giving you the opportunity to express yourself in a visionary way that will set you free from all that is not allowing you to live within the truth and joy of who you are.

If you would like to explore having either a Tarot or Numerology with me, or begin your conscious journey of transformation, please feel free to explore my services

You can connect with me on Instagram or join Lifeology’s Facebook Group to stay in touch. Otherwise let’s get chatting in Clubhouse in my Conscious Transformation club. The times and days are in the description. 

Save the date for the April 2021 Live Energy Update on Monday 29 March at 18:00 UTC. Follow me on Facebook for the link.

Wishing you a brave, expressive and heart-centred week 

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