Weekly Energy Update – Numerology, Astrology, and Tarot for 29 March to 4 April 2021

28 March 2021
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This week has an interesting twist to it, as it's the week where the energy of the month shifts from an 8 to a 9 universal energy, in the middle of the week. Despite being a 1 energy for the whole week, the monthly energy will be calling for you to prepare to end what no longer serves you. Therefore, although the 1 is about new beginnings and innovation, it’s best to focus on the supportive energy in this number to prepare for endings. With this in mind, the 1 is not afraid to jump into action and be the initiator of action. It is also a number that drives courage and determination. Watch for stubbornness and impulsive responses throughout the week. It is also important to do your best to witness ego responses through the week, as the one’s shadow response is to blindly allow the ego to navigate life. 

If you have not caught up on the energy updates so far, it is a good idea to understand the March 2021 universal energy of 8.

Monday starts the week as a 1 and is a confident welcome to the week. It is also the last few days of the 8 month and on this day, watch for places where you react inappropriately if you feel disempowered. There is potential for this to be a great start to the week, with the pioneering energy. Your work will be to keep the energy going through the rest of the week. 

The 11 (2) day on Tuesday is calling for you to tap into your intuition and allow the universe to speak to the action you need to take a step into the courageous energy of the 1. This will support the ending of the 8 energy for the question of the 2 in the day, asking where you are not seen as an equal or treated fairly in partnership. 

Wednesday is a 3 energy and the last day of the 8 energy for the month. Within the 1 week, it is going to test the way you express yourself in your world. The power of your words and the use of your gifts and talents will be called for on this day. There might be a moment where you have a last-minute realisation about what happiness means to you, before the April energy of the 9 kicks in. 

Thursday has the 4 energy which will be a stable step into the new energy of the 9 in April. The combination of the 1 week and the 4 day has a strong sense of order and practicality, so no matter what comes your way, know that you are supported. Make sure to take a breath, focus on the details and step consciously into action. 

The 5 energy of Friday in this 1 week could have you bursting with ideas or wanting to get out into the world. This is very dependent on your life path number and how it will be fuelled by this combination. Either way, this energy is expansive and could be pointing you to look at what is making you feel stifled in any place in your life. 

Saturday is a 6 energy and if there is a day with conflicting energy it will be this one. The 6 will call for you to find the balance in your life in a 1 week that is driven by action. If you are deeply conscious on this day, you will feel the calling in the 9 energy of the month and have a feeling of how out of balance you are. Be cautious to steer clear of being stubborn on this day.

7 is the final energy of this 1 week and spending time meditating, reading a book or maybe studying something of interest will shine a light on how you enjoy downtime. If Sunday is not a weekend day for you in the world, then on the work-front, use the energy to make sure you have all the facts. It is a day for you to assertively feel where you hold the knowledge.

On Thursday the energy of the month shifts into the 9, which is the end of the cycle. This month’s energy calls for endings and letting go. It won’t be a jarring shift in energy as the month before has had you looking at where you feel empowered and disempowered, so this week will start the consciousness of feeling what or who you need to do something different with in order to get your power back. Read the full energy update for April 2021.

Eight of Cups

This week’s tarot card is the 8 of cups, an ideal message for the 1 week that shifts from the 8 month energy into the 9. The message is to brave walking away from that which does not emotionally support or serve you. On the other side, it is also asking you to be as conscious and honest with yourself as possible, to make sure you are not turning your back on those things or people who could be reaching out to you and guiding you to your deepest desires. We are more controlled by our ego-mind than we have the concept to rationalise and sometimes we have no clue what is best for ourselves. This week’s 1 energy will give you the insight and confidence to step up your self-awareness, which is vital for you to make the conscious changes so that the universe doesn’t (lovingly) need to step in. You are always being guided to your happiness, fulfilment and joy. You have the bravery to be conscious and tell yourself the truth, which silences the ego. Honouring your emotions is the overall calling at this time. 

As this week is the start of the new monthly energy for April, don’t miss either my Live in our Facebook Group at 19:00 UTC on 29 March or follow my Vlog for the recording or the Blog or Podcast for the update.

Join me in Clubhouse every Sunday for the energy update for the week and join the Conscious Transformation club to not miss out on the other rooms, filled with tarot, numerology, astrology and transformation guidance and support.

Through the month of April, I am running a 20% discount special on the tarot and numerology combo session, as this will be the best overall guidance you could gift yourself or someone else with during the 9 energy of the month. We will look at your numerology for the next astrological cycle, as Aries brings in a taste of what the new beginnings can bring, and the tarot reading will guide you into your soul guidance for what closure is needed before a whole new 9 cycle begins. 

Whether it’s our monthly energy update, Clubhouse room tarot readings and astrology updates, or sharing the numerology for the day across the social networks, we ❤️ freely sharing our messages from tarot, numerology and astrology with you and would be so grateful for some ❤️ in return with a tip in BuyMeACoffee.

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