Weekly Energy Update - Numerology, Astrology, and Tarot for 5th to 11th April 2021

4 April 2021
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We have a week of deeper consciousness, being an 11 energy from Monday 5th to Sunday 11th. The energy will call for us to be open, intuitive, and clear in our decisions. The shadow of this week could creep up in feeling overwhelmed or indecisive. 

It’s always important to remember that numerology does not stand in isolation and that we must be aware of the universal energy of the year, being a 5 (2+0+2+1) and the month is a 9 (4+2+0+2+1). The 5 year wants us to find our freedom and deeply value the power of our choices. There is meant to be an expansiveness of this year, where at the end of it we feel the transformation that has come from our conscious choices and brave actions. The 9 month is calling for us to brave the letting go that will align us with the transformation of the year. With that in mind, it shows how important the 11 energy of the week is and how it is loaded with the potential for universal messages, co-creation, and signs, but you must be ready to listen and brave action. 

Monday is a 5 energy and will be a taste of what all of 2021 should feel like. You may need to make some choices and brave stepping out of your comfort zone, but it is always for the greater good. The catch is that you are the one who needs to benefit and if it is feeling like it is about someone, something, or everyone else, then look at how free you truly are in your circumstances. 

The 6 energy of Tuesday is going to bring up your responsibilities and whether you are more responsible for yourself than everyone and everything around you. The 5’s call for freedom and 9’s desire to let go could have you resisting truths on this day and the shadow of the 6, being stubborn, meddling, and determined to hold all the pieces together could kick in. Make sure to rely on the energy of the 11 and find patience so that you can see truths that are for your greater good.

7 is the Wednesday energy and there could be a conflict between the fact seeking 7 and intuitive seeking 11. If there is a day where you need to step back, take breaths and find the balance it is this one. Contemplation and a moment of being by yourself will save you from the potential upsets and arguments that come from the overall energy that an 11 brings in being overly sensitive. It is always important to know your life path number in order to see how your shadow-self will respond in these moments. 

Thursday has the promise of feeling like the most empowered day of the week, being the 8 energy. Combining the intuitive energy of the week with the confidence boost for the day, you have the potential to see where you feel empowered and what life could look like if you braved holding that space of power more often. This does have a shadow aspect of feeling disempowered, but the 11 will support the clarity you need to know what to do to change that. 

The 9 energy of Friday is heightened in consciousness and could feel drained after a day of so much processing. The energy will feel heavy where you are being overly serving to others and not using enough of your energy to creatively bring your own dreams to life. Watch for your ability to slip into ego and seeing the world through rose-coloured glasses, to avoid the messages of change, transformation, and letting go. 

It’s lovely when Saturday is a 1 energy, and you can take the day to reset your mind, body, and soul. The work you will need to do is to make sure that you don’t get lost in overthinking and doing when you have the opportunity for some downtime. 1 teaches us that we can find enlightenment, innovation, and solutions to problems in the moments of stillness, which is perfectly aligned with the 11 energy. 

We end the week with an 11 (2) on Sunday and the double 11 will either have you super aware and determined or feeling completely overwhelmed and want to zone out from all thought and reality. If you do this with consciousness then both sides of the energy have the ability to serve you. Don’t let the intensity of the day go to waste, as there is universal alignment waiting for you to be open to it on a day like this. 

The moon phase of the week is the Dark Moon or Balsamic Moon in Pisces on the 9th. This is the 72 hours before New Moon and will add a layer of contemplation to the 11 week that we should all prepare for. Dark Moon is naturally contemplative, but being in Pisces adds a depth of emotion and intuitiveness. We are heading to the first New Moon of the Astrological New Year next week, so this Dark Moon will have you contemplating the past 12 months. Make sure you allow the 11 of the week to anchor you in confidence that you are always in co-creation with your universe, otherwise it could be a potentially depressive few days. 

It is important to note that both Mercury and Venus are in Aries. These are fast-moving planets and have a beautiful balance of masculine and feminine, beauty and intelligence, expression of love, and expression of communication. In Aries, the universe is perfectly lining everything up for you to feel the fight within you to find all aspects of balance in your life. We are meant to live in happiness and feel the fulfilment and joy of our conscious choices, despite the message that life is hard, and we grow from suffering. This 5 universal year will teach each of us that suffering is a choice. We only have a small window to take advantage of this combined energy and the 11 energy of the week is supporting the consciousness with which you use it. 

The Emperor
The Emperor

The Tarot card of the week is The Emperor. The father figure of the tarot is an important messenger during the 11 energy of the week. No matter how intuitive or enlightened we want to be during this time, this is a reminder that we must still have our feet anchored in reality. Even when relying on feelings and going with the heart, we still need the Emperor’s logic and sense of responsibility. Stability is what is needed to navigate through this week and even in your meditative practices, make sure that you are not focusing on escaping when what you need is grounding and brave focus in the present moment. Consciousness comes from being present and not from the desire to escape; and the Emperor is a reminder to us that focus, structure, and conscious action are vital. 

Join me in Clubhouse every Sunday for the energy update for the week and join the Conscious Transformation club to not miss out on the other rooms, filled with tarot, numerology, astrology, and transformation guidance and support. 

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Whether it’s our monthly energy update, Clubhouse room tarot readings, and astrology updates, or sharing the numerology for the day across the social networks, we ❤️ freely sharing our messages from tarot, numerology, and astrology with you and would be so grateful for some ❤️ in return with a tip in BuyMeACoffee.

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