Weekly Energy Update - Numerology, Astrology & Tarot: 10 to 16 May 2021

9 May 2021
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Within each number are many aspects that have the potential to be tapped into and used to expand ourselves into fulfilment and joy. With this being an 8 week, one of the great potentials of this number is the call to find what our cause is and work towards it. Many people think outwardly and link it to what their great purpose in life should be. However, you could take this week and make yourself your own personal cause. 

This 8 week will be supportive of the 1 energy month we are into now. There is the call to step into our uniqueness and find our individual way of navigating through the world, in a 1 energy. If you consciously brave making this week about you and hold your own mirror up for yourself, you may see all the places where you have made life and things about others. With the combination of these numbers, it’s either going to be refreshing to be witness to yourself standing up for your empowered happiness and joy or you will see the places where you have given in to other people or things. A lack of independence and not being able to step out of where you find yourself, due to not empowering yourself may be the witnessing for many. Go easy on yourself if you see any of this, as, within the 5 universal year, there is absolute support for you to change anything and feel your worth step into the light. 

We begin the week with Monday being a 2 day. Co-dependence sits in the energy of the 2 and with the things we are called to see this week, it will be important for you to be brave and see where you cooperate or adapt to avoid conflict. Witness where you don’t speak up so that you energetically prepare yourself for the energy of Tuesday. 

The 3 energy of Tuesday will want you to find your personal cause in seeing where you honestly express yourself or hold yourself back. It is also the ideal day to feel out whether any of the impacts you wish to make on the world is anchored more in the power of your voice or creative expression than you have given yourself credit for. 

Wednesday is a 4 energy, that wants us to find the cause and anchor our beliefs into them. Remember that the cause is personal. Even if you are in partnerships on any level, it is still about what you do only for yourself. How you show up to make sure you are always your own anchor and support, be it within the emotional or material world. A wobble in your self-esteem could be the trigger for realisation today because that very wobble is always the clash of confidence between your ego and your soul. 

The 5 energy of Thursday will be the brave day for you to ask yourself what it would take to think out the box and tap into how resourceful you truly are. A flower that needs sunlight to blossom only doesn’t grow into its full potential if it is placed in a shady spot. With the bold combination of all the numbers on this day, grab hold of any courageous thought you have. I would suggest writing them down, even if they last a split second, because there may be brave messages that you might not be ready to act on, but you don’t want to let them slip back into the shadow.

Friday’s 6 energy focuses on the very word, ‘self’. Figure your way through feeling selfish or selfless. Both of these have the potential to be in depths of shadow and of light. The ability for you to see the truth of what ‘self’ means for your personal life path number will take work, because, in the shadow, 6 has the ability to only think of self and be blinded by ego. Gift yourself with the bravery to be conscious on this day and ask yourself how you are presenting the very time and energy of who you are into the world. Do you have some for you? Does someone or something have all of you? Does someone or something need more of you? 

The 7 energy for Saturday would be best used to weigh up what your personal cause for yourself means in both the spiritual and the material world. We have the tendency to focus on only one aspect of our lives and this imbalance could be felt within the energy that constantly has us weighing up whether we should listen to our head or heart; focus on the spiritual or the material. It is commonly known that many people don’t believe there can be a balance between both. Why can’t the wealthy be deeply spiritual and why can’t the spiritual be immensely wealthy? 

Our week ends with the 8 energy on Sunday. For the double 8 to end the week, you may have gathered moments on every other day of the week and are now sitting with so much to witness and process about where your energy goes and how much you value yourself. In the light, the 8 energy allows for the boldest of truths to be heard. In the shadow, it can be blindsided by emotion and rationalise everything away. The key to this day is to know that you have the power to manage your mind and your thoughts. 

If you missed it, I posted a message out this week. It said, “The only way you change, is by changing your mind first. Not your thoughts, but the very way you use your mind. You have to first choose to change from using your unconscious mind to using your conscious mind. This is shadow work!”
If you feel it is time for you to brave meeting your shadow, I guide you through the process during transformation coaching sessions with me. My transformation coaching is designed to take the guesswork out of meeting your authentic self, by using the perfect timing of your birth as the key to transformation. Within your numerology and aspects of astrology (sun, moon & rising signs), we identify the traits that are within you and waiting to be acknowledged and brought into the light. These parts of self that are not used in a conscious way are known as your shadow.

To fully benefit from the work, a minimum of 4 session is required. To support your journey, we have a coaching bundle (which saves you 15%) to allow me to guide you into the awareness needed to anchor your self-worth before digging deep into the shadow consciousness work. 
For the month of May, there is an additional special offer a further 10% discount on the coaching bundle. Use the VOUCHER CODE, ‘shadow’ when paying.

The astrology for the week is all about the New Moon on Tuesday. The exact time is 17:59 UTC. With the New Moon in Taurus, it adds a dimension to the 8 energy, which is very focused on success, material, and relating that to worth. There is far more to worth than that and Taurus wants us to feel what other identity we have for ourselves beyond that. On this day, add to your personal cause aspects of joy, serenity, and calm that we all deserve more of. 
Did you missed the full May 2021 energy update, with more information about the overall energy of the month and how it aligns to the moon phases? Are you working with Moon Phases to Manifest the Life you Want? 

The message from Tarot for the week is (of course) the 8th Major Arcana of the deck – Strength! 
I only pull the tarot card once I have finished the energy update in order to see how the universal message is aligned. While writing about each day and processing the bravery it would take for the week, I had a wobble and wondered how much braver I needed to be. That is something I know many of us feel. It’s much more blissful being naive, but this reminder of our inner strength is here to tell us that there is so much more bravery within us. The thing about strength is that no matter how we think others are making us strong and brave or if we think we are weak and broken because of someone else – neither of those are true. Only we have the ability to harness or deplete our own inner strength. This card is asking each of us to make our inner strength our own personal cause for this week and all of those to come. 

For a tarot reading with me, either for a particular question or for a moment in time (birthday, energy of the year, etc) book a reading.

This week’s intuitive message from money:
Wealth does not only flow when you are practical with your use of money. There are few examples of money flowing while the mind is distracted into creative things because you don’t allow that to happen often enough. Money does not only manifest through the practicality of how you intend to create it. If you give yourself the permission to step out of that mind and into the playful energy of creating for nothing else but the joy of it, you will be amazed at the creative way that money will match that energy and appear for you. 

For support with your relationship with money, I have an eBook and Money and Me Online Course. We can also use numerology and Tarot to understand your relationship with money more clearly and use the Transformation Coaching as time to go into your shadow work and find why money is not aligning to your vision of your desired relationship with it.  

If you would like a personal, intuitive message from money then please feel free to pop into my Clubhouse Room in our Conscious Transformation Club on a Friday at 16:15 UTC (17:15 SA) 

Chiron Day 
I have committed the 12th May to explain Chiron to my world. It may seem strange to put so much time and effort into one of thousands of comets in the sky, but this is a very powerful one. Known as the Wounded Healer, Chiron has a fascinating orbit and when you know where it was at your birth it is deeply insightful as to where your deepest wounds lie. I am also explaining where Chiron is now, how long it will be staying in that sign and what it means for all of us. Join me in any of the following places: 

Look out for the blog post on the day and then join me for interactive chats through the day: 

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