Weekly Energy Update - Numerology, Astrology, Tarot: 17 to 23 May 2021

16 May 2021
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We have another week with an additional layer of consciousness to add to it. The overall numerology is a 30, with the 0 always bringing about the call for greater consciousness. It is the number that is forgotten in numerology all too often but plays an important role is telling the story of the number it sits next to. This week's 3 has the added impact of the intensity and longevity of the changes you will be brave enough to make in this week. There is limitless possibility when the 0 presents itself and when it is driving the 3 energy, then there is no stopping you from expressing your authentic self into the world. This week will have you loaded with inspiration, especially while the 1 energy of the month is still pushing for us to feel our way through all we want to create for ourselves. The old is long-gone and the newness we feel now wants to start to have some shape and form. The personal expression of who we are is either burst out this week, aligned to the universal 5 energy of the year, which is calling for freedom and change; or the level of frustration in not finding your authentic voice or feeling your way to happiness is the overall energy. 

Monday doesn’t start small, with the 9 energy of the day putting you in opportune positions to use the wisdom you have within you to impact those around you. Whether you are brave enough to express it or not will be the additional conscious work that the 9 will be calling for. The 1 is asserting you to know you are wiser than you give yourself credit for and the 5 is giving you the push to do or say something that will give you a deeper sense of your power to choose – be that words or actions. 

Tuesday’s 1 energy will give you a boost of confidence and self-determination to continue the streak of self-expression. 3 can get lost in the scattered energy of too many options, so the 1 also helps to anchor you down and keep you focused on what the most important tasks are. On a day like this, getting off-topic or starting important conversations that end up dragging up the past or going down a wayward path is very possible. Be more conscious in the dialogue, to keep it on track. 

The 11/2 of Wednesday has a balance of the intuitive 11, leadership in the 1’s, and compassion in the 2. With this, your consciousness of expression both into the world and to yourself could be what you have been waiting to see yourself express for a long time. A gentle reminder that these moments don’t always come packaged up in easy and flowy situations. 

Our double 3 for the day and the week is on Thursday. Putting the 3’s together, you have an extremely compassionate, honest, and courageous day. This is always the potential of the day and each of these energies has a shadow, which we must be aware of. If the days don’t play out in our highest esteem and most conscious way then a good word for it could be, messy. 

The 4 on Friday gives the energetic opportunity to either build on the strength of the day before or put some of the pieces back together. This no-nonsense energy will want you to pull yourself together or get you to express your confidence in ensuring that others pull themselves together. Watch that the argumentative energy of the 4 and overly passionate energy of the 3 don’t have you tangled up in trying to do things with good intentions but it not working out so well. If the conscious work has been done, then this day will have you feeling the solid foundation for you to continue to build your creative plans or confident conversations. 

Saturday is your 5 energy, which adds depths of adventure to explore what the expansion of your expression into the world is. It could come in the form of you wanting to be deeply creative on this day or have conversations that expand you in very unique ways. Knowing your life path number is very helpful on a day like this, as the expansion of expression will be lying within your path. With the influence of the 1 month and 5 year, it can’t be a ‘same old’ with a new ribbon kind of feeling. Think bigger than that! 

The 6 of Sunday is going to call for harmony and ways of finding peace within your way of expressing yourself. Before looking out into the world, go inwards and take time to witness how harmonious and peaceful your internal dialogue is. Mercury is at its starting phase of being in the shadow, so a day like this gives you the opportunity to witness your own ability to keep your heart happy. 

If you feel it is time for you to brave meeting your shadow, I guide you through the process during transformation coaching sessions with me. My transformation coaching is designed to take the guesswork out of meeting your authentic self, by using the perfect timing of your birth as the key to transformation. Within your numerology and aspects of astrology (sun, moon & rising signs), we identify the traits that are within you and waiting to be acknowledged and brought into the light. These parts of self that are not used in a conscious way are known as your shadow.

To fully benefit from the work, a minimum of 4 sessions is required. To support your journey, we have a coaching bundle (which saves you 15%) to allow me to guide you into the awareness needed to anchor your self-worth before digging deep into the shadow consciousness work. 
For the month of May, there is an additional special offer a further 10% discount on the coaching bundle. Use the VOUCHER CODE, ‘shadow’ when paying.

This week’s moon phase is the 1st quarter moon on Wednesday at 18:12 UTC (19:12 SAST) in Leo. This moon is calling for us to do everything numerology has asked us to do. Go inwards and stay there until we find our inner voice, to belt it into the world. In order to get there, it might be another nudge for you to look at your shadow. Leo holds a great amount of pride and aligned with the 3 energy, if there is a place to watch out for who supports your expression into the world and who tries to stop your shine, will be spotted on this day. Not forgetting that is it the 11/2 energy of the week. Go back and read it now that you know what this expansive phase of the moon is calling for. 

Mercury is creeping into its shadow but doesn’t go into full retrograde until the last week of the month. It doesn’t mean we mustn’t be aware of where we need to slow down and remind ourselves that we only have the power to control our choices. The 3 of the week will be even more important to watch how you consciously express yourself so that your retrograde is a smooth sailing one. 

Hello Gemini Season! On Thursday the sun enters Gemini, which is the 3rd sign of the zodiac on this day of double threes. There is a special message as the we step into the season of self-expression. Both Gemini and 3 are about your consciousness in communication. There is also the aspect of socialising, which some of the world has more freedom to do, during the lingering pandemic. Either way, for the remainder of the week and all the way through Gemini, be sure turn your attention to where your energy is going in order to remain true to yourself and your dreams. Watch for flightiness within your mental space and sticking to tasks from Thursday onwards. 

If you missed out on the May energy update, there is more information about numerology and astrology for the remainder of the month, here.  

tarot pentacles 05
Five of Pentacles

The tarot message for this week is the 5 of pentacles.  The card depicts two poverty-stricken people walking past an elaborate stained-glass window and the message of the card is very much about feeling lack. However, when I connect this card to others' current situation where they are in their lives, I always point out there this is something they are not seeing. This week, do what you can to feel the energy of the 3, which is filled with creative ability and why not let that creativity be a new, fresh set of eyes with which we are seeing our current situation. Everything could change for the two people in the card if they lifted looked at what they were walking past. Lift your eyes, turn your head, shift your thoughts and you can change the whole dynamic of your life. 

For a tarot reading with me, either for a particular question or for a moment in time (birthday, energy of the year, etc) book a reading.

This week’s message from money: 

Express yourself into your worth and do not fall for the misunderstood message that if you do what you love it will not feel like work. There is great reward in working towards that which you realise you have an impact in offering the world. Everyone gains something profoundly developing and emotionally strengthening by seeing the work they put in and the response that it has by those that their time and effort created for others. Work and feel it, by adding all your expression of self into it. The benchmark to overwork is your ability to feel the joy never dimmed by the effort you bring in. If your joy dims, money follows in its inability to align with your lack of authenticity. 

For support with your relationship with money, I have an eBook and Money and Me Online Course. We can also use numerology and Tarot to understand your relationship with money more clearly and use the Transformation Coaching as the time to go into your shadow work and find why money is not aligning to your vision of your desired relationship with it.  

If you would like a personal, intuitive message from money then please feel free to pop into my Clubhouse Room in our Conscious Transformation Club on a Friday at 16:15 UTC (17:15 SA) 

If you would like to catch this energy update when I go live, join our Transform and Transcend with Lifeology Group to watch live or look out for the recording on YouTube or my Podcast. Ask to join my WhatsApp broadcast list +27827817570 for notification of all energy updates I do. 

Whether it’s our monthly energy update, Clubhouse Club room weekly updates, or sharing the numerology for the day across the social networks, we ❤️ freely sharing our messages from tarot, numerology, and astrology with you and would be so grateful for some ❤️ in return with a tip in BuyMeACoffee. Sharing Lifeology with one additional person is a priceless gift to us!

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