Weekly Energy Update - Numerology, Astrology & Tarot: 24 to 30 May 2021

23 May 2021
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I usually start the energy update with the numerology of the week, from each Monday. This week is different, for a very important reason. I’m diving straight into the astrology of Sunday 23rd because Saturn has gone Retrograde today. If I had spoken about it last week, it would not be in the consciousness of this week, where we need our awareness to stay until 11 October 2021. 

My role as a transformation guide is to do what Saturn always asks us to do. Witness our actions with maturity, honesty, and responsibility. Known as the Karmic planet, Saturn returns to your natal chart placement every thirty years for the very reason that only with a new level of maturity are we able to find the honesty and then do something different to take responsibility. However, within each year, Saturn Rx gives us the opportunity to pace the consciousness of this vital transformation within our lives. As this is the planet of time, it will also show the places where you feel restricted in life, as well as where you need to work on your boundaries, responsibilities, and commitments. Some of us have taken on too many commitments and others haven’t stepped into taking on what we need to. Either way, Saturn Retrograde will ensure that our actions lead us to witness what Saturn rules. Saturn doesn’t make things easy because every action comes from choice and Saturn needs us to feel how impactful our choice and actions are. No matter what life has thrown at you, Saturn wants you to witness what you are doing in return. 

The 7 overarching energy of the week aligns directly into this retrograde as this number is a natural seeker of knowledge. The advantage to connecting with the 7 is that allowing meditative time can bring us to the internal knowledge we need to help us understand what Saturn is trying to get us to see. This could feel like a very different week to the 3 energy we have just stepped out, which is expressive. The 7 is the opposite in the call for us to find solitude to hear ourselves think. Take time to reflect on the week that passed and process what you did and didn’t express into the world, in order to make the most of this week. We are starting to prepare for the June energy of a 11/2 month with the theme of elevated consciousness about balance within all forms of relationships. We need to witness ourselves as our personal cause and uncover hidden motives of the ego before we can work on eternal relationships. 

Monday is the double 7 of the week and we step immediately into the solitude that is needed to hear ourselves think. This does not mean we need physical solitude as much as we need reflection and to take a breath as we witness others express themselves to us in the moment. The knowledge is then waiting to be intuitively felt before you respond or react. Watch for the shadow of these double 7’s, which is in over-thinking, which is keeping you stuck and misaligned with your soul messaging to yourself. 

The 8 energy of Tuesday has the assertiveness to allow you to use this day to consciously quiet the mind and lean into feeling your way through what comes up in the day. So often we look outside of ourselves and point at how disempowers us, but we do the greatest damage by believing them. Use this day to assert yourself into witnessing your ability to trust your brave, intuitive self. 

On Wednesday the 9 energy gives you such a gentle, compassionate, and giving gift to yourself. Be careful not to slip into the shadow and give this energy to everyone around you, or to a situation. Make sure to remember that this week is your gift to you, as witness to how much you trust your intuition or shy away from it. Always use a 9 to see what you are getting ready to let go of and on this day it will be aligned if it is deeply personal for you to witness patterns and responses that no longer serve you. 

Thursday’s 1 energy will give you the opportunity to do something different after witnessing the day before. There is the opportunity to go inward and witness the strength that you can rely on to trust your intuitive self. You need to watch for being impulsive and slipping into the depths of ego with the combination of the energies today, so physical solitude and stepping away from people and situations might be needed. Only emerge with words and actions when you know it is aligned with the bravery of who you authentically are. 

Friday is an 11/2 that is going to bring a depth of consciousness to all you have been witnessing about yourself through the week. Unfortunately, awareness of self is not good enough if we do not brave doing something different. We all have an inner voice of the victim where we feel as though life is victimising us or we are in the fearful space that we will be victimised that we victimise ourselves first. If you do the conscious work on this day and use the 7 energy to truly feel your words and actions, you will meet this protective part of yourself. 

The 3 energy of Saturday allows for the expression of what you have witnessed about yourself through the week. The consciousness needed for the day is that scattered messaging and thoughts can take away from the focus of what your truest and most authentic message should be. Witness yourself as the expression of who you want to be and make sure it is aligned with what you put into the world. 

Sunday ends the energy of the week as a 4, which will give you the opportunity to make the most of the 7 awareness and feel the lessons you honoured yourself with. There is always the other side of the energy, with this day pulling you into a feeling of being unsatisfied with areas of your life. That will be the push/pull between ego and soul, with the 4 asking you to witness the opportunity for you to build upon your foundation of belief in yourself and your universe. 

If you haven’t yet listened to the 2021 energy update to understand the universal 5 energy or caught up on the May energy update, both of these may have nuggets of additional insight for you. 

The big moment of the week is on Wednesday with the Super Full Total Eclipse Blood Moon in the free-spirited sign of Sagittarius. The intensity of this day could be off the charts if you don’t use the energy to your advantage. That looks like shining the spotlight on your expansiveness into what it means to be yourself. With all that is happening with the moon at one time, the stimulation of our beliefs will be so intense that if we have not been our authentic selves in owning what we believe, the spotlight will be glaring. A moon is emotional as it is, but the extreme combination of the eclipse and it being a super moon intensifies it tenfold. Added to it, this one has nothing to do with the outside world. It is very internal and hits at the core of what defines us. 

From a numerology aspect, this moon supports the efforts of the 5 universal year which is calling for us to freely be and believe what we choose to. The 1 energy of the month is using this moon to shine the light on where must lead ourselves into the truth of who we are and the 7 week is anchoring it all in the internal exploration to find our intuitive instinct, which will ultimately lead us to our most authentic selves and self-accepted beliefs.

If you are curious about the impact the moon has on you, here are references for you to download the free eBook on Working with Moon Phases to Manifest the Life You Want and record the moon phase dates in your diary. 

temperance tarot

On Monday this past week, I pulled a Tarot card for my Instagram live, as I needed a message for myself for the day. The Major Arcana card, Temperance came up and I felt the much-needed call for us to find balance on so many levels. Within the energy of this 7 week and with the intensity of adapting to being in the shadow of Mercury Retrograde, stepping into Saturn Retrograde and the layers of impact the moon will have, this card is reiterating the importance of balance. In the original tarot deck, there is an angel with one foot on the ground and one on the water, while pouring water between two cups. Water represents emotion in the cards and so the reminder is that your patience, tolerance, and finding balance is not external at all this week. There are many numbers and planets that support us in our relationship with others and the world around us. This week’s combination is not calling for that, so use the opportunity to witness how we keep ourselves in-balance of off-balance ourselves. 

I have used the same tarot deck for over 17 years and have also connected with the Akash to offer supportive messages from the soul. Reach out to me for a tarot reading to understand a current situation or for messages about a cycle of time such as birthdays or the beginnings/endings of life events. I also guide you through past lives tarot readings with your soul guidance into the impact they have this lifetime. 

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Intuitive Message from Money
This week money whispered a message to me as I was pruning my ficus bonsai tree. In my bedroom, directly opposite is another Ficus in a big pot with much more room to grow than my little, well cared for bonsai. Money’s message was this, “For many, there is enough struggle to fill a small cup with coins that when it is finally full it feels like wealth has been achieved. The little tree is deeply satisfied with its capacity to blossom because it does not know what its roots are capable of expanding to. It is not a requirement of the human experience of material wealth to outgrow the small pot but it is the highest soul desire to replant new roots to expand further as one cup of coins is filled. To know this is to begin expanding the vessel plant yourself in. 

For support with your relationship with money, I have an eBook and Money and Me Online Course. We can also use numerology and Tarot to understand your relationship with money more clearly and use Transformation Coaching as the time to go into your shadow work and find why money is not aligning to your vision of your desired relationship with it.  

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chiron key 1

Known as the Wounded Healer, Chiron has a fascinating orbit and when you know where it was at your birth it is deeply insightful as to where your deepest wounds lie. I am also explaining where Chiron is now, how long it will be staying in that sign and what it means for all of us. Join me in any of the following places:
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