Weekly Energy Update - Numerology, Astrology & Tarot - 3 to 9 May 2021

2 May 2021

We are in the first full week of the new monthly energy cycle. A 1 energy month is all about new beginnings, perspectives and found confidence; and you should be feeling an extra kick of confidence already.

The overall energy of the week is a 40. It does get narrowed down to a 4, but I didn’t want to skip over the impact a 0 does have in numerology. We are used to the energy of the 4 because this is what we experienced through all of 2020. It tests our beliefs by shaking up the foundation that we rely on. This is a tremor, in comparison to the testing of our core belief in ourselves and our universe last year. It makes the most sense that during this 1 energy month, this 4 week is asking us to witness the beliefs we are stepping in with and how secure the foundation of our beliefs is.

A Zero (0) doesn’t mean nothing in numerology. If anything, it calls for a deeper level of consciousness about the number that accompanies it and makes that number more impactful. The 0 heightens the consciousness and awareness within the 4 energy and also symbolises that the work done within this time will not be undone. If you have done the ‘work’ within braving the changes and not repeating the patterns that ego keeps us safe within, then this 40 week could have you feeling forever transformed. 

The 4 energy of the week kicks off our Monday too. It has the potential to show you where the cracks in your confidence are, but if you allow yourself to be practical and focused you could have great clarity through the day. This is ideal for your admin, get organised kind of day. 

Tuesday is the 5 energy that aligns with the universal year and loves being aligned with the 1 energy of the month. Expansiveness and ideas is the energy of the day. Don’t waste it because aligned with the 4 energy of the week, you could put structure to those ideas, which is not a strong point for the 5 energy when it stands alone. 

Your 6 Wednesday is a taste of the new energy of balance and responsibility that you have transformed from the months before. In this 4 week, watch how caught up you get in everyone else’s detail and how you are ensuring other’s foundations are secure before you stabilise your own. 

Thursday is a 7 energy, which when combined with the 4 could be loaded with overthinking and getting caught in the detail. Make sure that if you are feeling mental blocks on this day, they are not coming from old thought patterns from the energy that you should have left behind. This is the ideal day to force some shadow and ego work onto yourself. A gentle form of ‘tough love’ with a sturdy chat to the ego-mind. This day has the potential to be beneficial if you allow it to be meditative and find your way to stay in the present moment as much as possible.   

The 8 energy of Friday will show you where your work has been done in the past months when your empowerment is tested on some level. Standing up for yourself and what you believe in will be aligned with the courage of the 1 month and the breaking of limitations of the 4 week. It will be good to remember that with each day of this year, we are striving from what freedom means to us and so often it will be caught up in the sense of personal bravery that we only feel during an 8.

Saturday’s 9 is a great day to feel the new level of consciousness and the way we intuitively navigate what being generous and humanitarian means to each of us. Each life path number has a unique way of giving back and bringing kindness to their world and this day will instil a desire to do that and add it to the new way of being. 

The week ends with a 1 energy, which is aligned to that of the new monthly cycle. This number, at its most intense, can be in the full swing of ego-mind. If you aren’t conscious of the power that your ego has to keep you dwelling in the shadow of your personality then you could feel stuck, unproductive, and potentially unkind to those around you. On the other hand, when you are in soul, you will have a double dose of confidence and will be on fire, waiting for the next week to follow. 

The astrology gets very intense as we head deeper into May, but for this week we are still in the last of letting go of the old energy, with the final Last Quarter Moon and Balsamic/Dark Moon of this cycle. 

Monday’s Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius on the 3rd has an additional splash of optimism as we prepare to head into the Dark Moon on the 7th. With this being in Aries, we have the remainder of the week to look inwards and build the energy, bravery, and excitement that will fuel the months to come. 

The tarot message for this week is the Queen of Wands. She asks you to trust the courage and confidence you have to take the action you need for transformation to happen. She does not lack determination and neither do you. It is the ideal time for her to show up and remind you that we are in a new energetic monthly cycle and we have the power to do anything different if we brave putting our happiness and joy above anything else. You can see in the card that she still has a gentle nature, despite the position she holds in life. This is for us to know that we can forge our own path while doing it in a confident, but determined way. 

For a tarot reading with me, either for a particular question or for a moment in time (birthday, energy of the year, etc) book a reading.

Every week, I sit quietly and ask for an intuitive message from money. 

When you have many zeros, your worth is high. When you have a small number and no zeros you feel as though you have zero worth. It is no coincidence that the zero has such power over consciousness. It can mean, much or it can mean nothing. If you want more zeros then you must be confident with the conscious lesson that the energy of 0 is looking to teach you when you do not have. In numerology, the zero should not be ignored, as it adds the message of remembering how complete your gift to yourself is when you brave consciousness. 

For support with your relationship with money, I have an eBook and Money and Me Online Course. We can also use numerology and Tarot to understand your relationship with money more clearly and use the Transformation Coaching as time to go into your shadow work and find why money is not aligning to your vision of your desired relationship with it.  

If you would like a personal, intuitive message from money then please feel free to pop into my Clubhouse Room in our Conscious Transformation Club on a Friday at 16:15 UTC (17:15 SA) 

If you would like to catch this energy update when I go live, join our Transform and Transcend with Lifeology Group to watch live or look out for the recording on YouTube or my Podcast. Ask to join my WhatsApp broadcast list +27827817570 for notification of all energy updates I do. 

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2 comments on “Weekly Energy Update - Numerology, Astrology & Tarot - 3 to 9 May 2021”

  1. Gosh the Queen of Wands came up in my tarot spread this morning! On the unconscious level. Perfect confirmation.

    1. Good! She's showing up for us to brave connecting with the part of ourselves that she knows is ready to shine! I'm thrilled that she confirmed it for you ... and for me!

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