Weekly Energy Update: Numerology, Astrology & Tarot - 31 May to 6 June 2021

30 May 2021
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Welcome to the week where we swap energies for the month. This year feels as though it is moving so much faster than last year, which makes sense for the pace of the universal 5 energy. This number waits for no one in its energetic movement towards freedom and change. As the months go by the numerology shifts, but the theme is always braving the freedom to change and make to the conscious choices that get us unstuck from situations and lives that do not serve our greater fulfilment and joy. The thing with the 5 is that it isn’t a haphazard number that thinks freedom could be fun. This number is driven by the very co-creation of our souls with our universe and if we aren’t aligned to our deepest and most authentic truth, we will feel it. It’s going to show up differently for all of us, but it won’t feel like enough happiness and feeling of being fulfilled, no matter how we try to convince ourselves that it is enough to keep us from changing. 

On Monday we leave the 1 energy of the month behind, and then we step into June, which is an 11/2. 
Catch up, if you missed the May energy update and join me LIVE tomorrow, 31 May 2021 for the June energy update or look out for the Blog, YouTube, Apple Podcast or Spotify Podcast

The overall energy of this week is going to give us a taste of what June will be with, as it is an 11/2, which is the same for the month. When this numerological energy is opening the frequency for us to co-create with it, the theme has a shift in pace so that things slow down and we witness our lives at a pace where the scenes are more detailed. There is heightened consciousness and a closer connection to our soul when the 11 is activated. This does mean more inner conflict with ego if you are denying the calling for you to brave moving towards your freedom and joy. The 11 of the week will ask you to brave quietening the ego, but the trick is that if you try to quiet the ego in the wrong way, it only gets more defensive and shuts out the rational voice move. 

This is always a good time for me to remind you that my transformation coaching is the very work to help you meet the traits within you that have the neutral possibility to either be navigated by ego or soul. If you don’t know the natural-born traits you have, you struggle to use the only navigation system that you have. Shadow work helps you meet those traits and define which are in the light of self-worth and which need to be brought into the light and out of wavering low self-esteem. Here are more details on the Transformation Coaching and I have extended last month’s special of the 10% discount of the coaching bundle for the month of June. 

The 2 energy of the week asks you to look at who you choose to partner with, in this part of your journey. It is not about community, but about those with who you deeply align and form the balanced and harmonious connection so that when you do step into the community, you are a united front. The whole month is going to bring the magnifying glass to who your partners in life are. If you don’t have the partners you want, in love, friendship or career then work on your partnership with yourself and what isn’t ready within you for them to show up. This is the same energy of the week and the slower pace will give each of us the opportunity to truly dissect every partnership we have. Remember that the numbers are neutral and there is an opportunity to see the light and the shadow of each partnership or lack of one. What the numbers won’t tolerate, is the ego trying to keep you from seeing the truth. You will feel when this happens, as the 11 has heightened feeling within the energy system of who we are, signalling through the heart and gut while the ego takes over the mind. 

Monday is the final day of the 1 month that has built up our bravery to stand as the individual before we step into the partnerships that consciously count. It is a 5 day and the call for freedom to make the choices to bring about changes will have its final push. 

Tuesday kicks off the 11/2 month with a 3 day. Immediately you are going to see the way you express yourself with those who form the partnerships in your life. Self-expression is the theme of the day and with the slower pace of the week and new month, give yourself the opportunity to do what creativity and expression of self means to you. Even if we don’t have artistic traits, we all have a way of expressing ourselves – what is yours?

The 4 energy of Wednesday may flip a switch and show you the cracks in partnerships. Remember that the 2 also shows where you are not doing the personal work to have the partnerships you desire. Watch with the 11 of the week that you don’t miss the messages from the universe and then use this 4 day to be deeply truthful about what each partnership looks like to you. You aren’t hunting for the negative and those relationships where there is a solid foundation will show up on this day to anchor even deeper. 

Thursday’s 5 energy may create a tug of war in the pace of the day. The 5 energy will want you to ramp up your bravery, while the 11/2 wants you to take it slow and witness how you are going to show up brave. It takes bravery to change, after all. To use the energy of this day well, feel your way through the day, and be honest with yourself about what you have the energy for and what you don’t feel you can give much more energy to. 

On Friday, the 6 combined with the 11/2 is going to get straight to the heart of your partnerships. Harmony and equality are the benchmarks for what true partnership means. It will be calling for you to feel it in your heart and your home. If you don’t have this within your partnerships, whether it’s messy as it is or you haven’t created it yet, this is going to be the bravest day of the week because no one can deny their heart’s deepest desires. 

Saturday is the 7 day that can be used in two ways. This number always wants us to go deeper into the meaning of things, which the ego doesn’t like at all. From what you have witnessed about your partnerships through the week, only you can decide if you will use this day to act from your soul/intuitive self or from your ego/overthinking self. This is not a small choice!

8 is the energy of Sunday and on this day you get to step into the assertiveness this number brings. You want to give yourself the self-respect to look at your partnerships from a place of assertiveness where responsibility is the golden word of the day. When you take the emotion out of it, what do your partnerships look like? The 8 will metaphorically sit you down and ask you, “Is this serving you or not?” It is a perfectly aligned question as we step into the astrology of the week, with the Dark/Balsamic Moon in Taurus that starts on this day. Hold that thought … 

Each week I will remind you that both Mercury and Saturn are now retrograde. This adds a layer of intensity to every aspect of numerology and astrology. Retrogrades are always calling for deeper reflection, reassessment, and taking responsibility for our actions. We don’t have to do the bold things to bring about the changes we witness during the retrograde time, but we do have to be honest with what we see. 

Mercury Retrograde asks for you to be honest about all aspects of communication. With yourself and your world around you. Of course, this week’s focus will be within partnerships and that partnership includes your Spirit world. 
Saturn is calling for you to honour yourself. This is the karmic planet that gives us the retrograde opportunity to reflect on what lessons we are honouring to bring about growth and transformation and what we are ignoring. It’s going to sit within your one on one relationships this week and give you a taste of what will come up for the remainder of the month. 

On Wednesday we are in the last phase of the moon, in Pisces at 07:45 (UTC). This is always about clearing out what you need to before we head into the Dark/Balsamic Phase of the moon. Pisces is always about coming more intuitive and more aware. The more aware you become the more you will see the signs from the universe. Everything that you do to build your universe helps you build your relationship with the signs and symbols that are sent through to you. The universe does not speak directly to you. There are no words that are going to come to you that is not interpretation. Even when you say that you heard a voice, you still need to interpret it. Pisces is going to ask you where you feel it within your body. Is your body are your mind aligned and are you in your authentic self. 

Sunday is the Balsamic/Dark Moon in Taurus. With the retrogrades and the super blood lunar full eclipse moon from last week, we must be listening to when our bodies when it tells us to slow down, regroup and be honest about how we truly feel. Taurus always wants us to know that life should be flowing and easy. Don’t misunderstand what flow and easy means. Flow needs to be, that your heart and your heart and mind and everyone’s hearts and minds around you are aligned. It has nothing to do with ignoring what is going on around you. If it feels uneasy within your system then you need to be honest with yourself about the flow. Ease is not about ignoring situations or walking away from someone without having the difficult conversation. It is about having an honest conversation and feeling aligned with that. 

The tarot card that I pull for the week, is the 2 of Wands, of course. It is perfectly aligned with the 11/2 of the week and the month. When you look at the card, the two wands look like an 11, and then when you add them together you get the 2. There is a man holding the world in his hands between the two pillars. He shows that there is endless possibility. The message of the card is that even though there is all this possibility, nothing happens unless we take the next step. The message is to make sure that we do know we can bring our dreams and plans to life, but we have to move to do that. The meaning of the 2 wands is also the reminder and we do not have to go it alone. Partnership is the anchor we need to brave the next step. In the world, there is the opportunity for many partners and in order to value your journey to fulfilment and joy, you must ensure that you have the right people around you. The wands look like an 11, which is a vital reminder that while we have the Pisces and Taurus moon phases that before we go further down the path we need to feel into our hearts and our bodies and ensure that our partnerships bring us ease and joy. 

I have used the same tarot deck for over 17 years and have also connected with the Akash to offer supportive messages from the soul. Reach out to me for a tarot reading to understand a current situation or for messages about a cycle of time such as birthdays or the beginnings/endings of life events. I also guide you through past lives tarot readings with your soul guidance into the impact they have this lifetime. 

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Every week I sit quietly and I ask for the intuitive message from money for the week was and it flowed so easily, and this is the response from money: When you affirm to money or your universe, I am worthy of abundance and financial freedom, or money flows to me effortlessly. Money has one question for you, does your self-esteem align with the abundance and flow you are calling for. 
My online course, Money and Me guides you through your intimate relationship with money and helps you see why it is not showing up for you, aligned to your current feeling of empowerment and esteem.  When you purchase the Online Money and Me Course during June, I will be in touch with you to book a COMPLIMENTARY 1 HOUR transformation coaching session.  
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Save the date for Saturn Day  
My next monthly deep dive into the universal forces that consciously or unconsciously impact us is the planetary lessons Saturn has on our lives. I will guide you through the influence it has according to where it was at your time of birth, as well as the current effect it is having on us as it retrogrades until 11th October 2021. To catch me live on 23 June, save these dates and follow me where you best like to tune in:  
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Stay safe!

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