Weekly Energy Update - Numerology, Astrology & Tarot for 12 - 18 April 2021

11 April 2021
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Welcome to another week where I guide you through the numerology and astrology, and pull a Tarot card with a message for you to carry through each day. 

This week’s energy of the 6 leads on well from last week’s 11 numerology week because through the higher consciousness of witnessing, we will be spending this week balancing out all you uncovered. If last week felt extreme, then this week is about finding your centre. Not just any centre, but that of your heart and what it means for you to live, work and be from the centre of your being. The 6 always shines a light on the places where we are out of balance and giving too much of ourselves to anything or anyone. Responsibility is inevitable, but it does not have to come at the cost of your happiness. The week will also call for you to witness how community-driven and humanitarian you want to be, as well as have you witnessing where you may be interfering and doing more harm than good. Aligned with the 9 energy of April, all this witnessing is important, as this whole month is highlighting the places where you need to be letting go. This is not a comfortable process during 6 energy, and the ego traits of stubbornness, bossiness and meddling may be in the spotlight. At the end of the week, you should have a better idea of what happiness within your home and heart means, even if you are saying, “I know I don’t want that.” 

Monday begins the week with a 3 energy, and we could be diving straight into heart-centred conversations. Watch yourself and be sure that you are expressing yourself in the authenticity of what makes you feel at ‘home’ in all aspects of the day. Imagination will play out in the bigger picture of happiness, as this is a very optimistic day. Watch to not be swept up by the lofty energy and not tap into the 6’s call for responsibility. 

The 4 day on Tuesday is far more grounded and aspects of what is important to you will be focused on the practical parts of relationships and life. Don’t get too roped into the combination of the 4, who likes order, and the 6 who likes responsibility, that you feel overwhelmed with that is given to you to manage today. This might not be coming from the outside world and depending on your life path number, you could find this a self-inflicted exhausting day. 

5 on Wednesday will be the day where too much responsibility or being far off from the life you know you want to live will not be possible to ignore. The call for freedom and the soul’s knowing that you have many choices, within the 9 energy month will point out all the places where you feel stuck, trapped, or tied down. Once again, watch for this being your own doing. 

Thursday is the double 6 day of the week and as we head towards the middle of the 9 month, there will be a strong focus on the responsibilities you have or should have. There are always both sides to the number and it’s not always about watching what others do to you, but what you do to yourself. 

The 7 day of Friday wants you to see where you distract yourself by meddling in things that you do not need to or, distract yourself with other’s issues. Take time to focus on where your energy and efforts need to go, in order for you to be conscious of where the 9 month is wanting you to see what must come to an end. 

Saturday’s 8 energy is the ideal energy for you to witness what home means and feels like to you. Matters of the heart and how it impacts your feeling empowered or disempowered will be directly connected to heart and home. Watch for power struggles and impatience. This day will be your opportunity to witness your relationships with others in order to see what you need to understand about yourself.

The 9 energy of Sunday should be a real switch off and unwind into what makes your heart happy, kind of day. There is always a humanitarian and creative element to this day, and it will give you the opportunity to make it about others while feeling the fulfilment and joy of what makes you feel of services to others. 

Depending on where you are in the world, New Moon is either on Sunday or early Monday. Either way, it’s always important to honour the moon phases at the time or immediately after, but not before. Therefore, if this moon phase is at a late or early hour, then Monday is when most of the world will connect with the energy of the moon. It is in Aries and is a very important New Moon, as it is the first one in the new astrological year. Therefore, take some time to reflect on the full 12 month cycle and set some intentions for yourself. It is vital to ensure that you only set an intention for things that you have control over. Hear more about this in the April Energy Update

Ten of Wands
Ten of Wands

The Tarot Card for the week is the 10 of wands. The image of a man carrying 10 sticks shows that there is a burden or load that sits within each of us. This is an important message for the combination of the 5 universal year which is asking us to discover what freedom means to us, the 9 energy of the month which is calling for us to let go of what no longer serves us and the 6 energy of the week wants us to feel the places of responsibility and what could be in the place of that. We are not meant to feel so burned by life and our path should always be paved with happiness. This does not mean we are not met with difficulties throughout our life, but the way we carry them is what this messenger wants us to be conscious of. 

Join me in Clubhouse every Sunday for the energy update for the week and join the Conscious Transformation club to not miss out on the other rooms, filled with tarot, numerology, astrology, and transformation guidance and support. 

Through the month of April, I am running a 20% discount special on the tarot and numerology combo session, as this will be the best overall guidance you could gift yourself or someone else with during the 9 energy of the month. We will look at your numerology for the next astrological cycle, as Aries brings in a taste of what the new beginnings can bring, and the tarot reading will guide you into your soul guidance for what closure is needed before a whole new 9 cycle begins. 

Whether it’s our monthly energy update, Clubhouse room tarot readings, and astrology updates, or sharing the numerology for the day across the social networks, we ❤️ freely sharing our messages from tarot, numerology, and astrology with you and would be so grateful for some ❤️ in return with a tip in BuyMeACoffee.

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