Weekly Energy Update - Numerology, Astrology & Tarot for 19 - 25 April 2021

18 April 2021
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With a little under two weeks before we end this long-awaited 9 month cycle, this week will be a clear and supportive one, being a 1 energy. The 1 and 9 have great harmony because the 1 allows for clarity and the 9 gives the compassion. It’s all related to the big letting go that is needed for this 5 universal year’s call for you to not only transform but also transcend. 

Overall, this 1 week will guide us to know what letting go is needed, before April ends, can come in the form of new, fresh and confident actions and responses to old patterns. These patterns are personally aligned to your life path number.

Monday starts the 1 week as a 1 day. That’s a lot of energy pointing the spotlight on our ability to be innovative, independent and intuitive, aligned to our personal life path number. The 1 will be supportive in anchoring our self-worth, as we navigate through the second-last week of the 9 energy, which is all about endings and letting go in our highest esteem.

The 2 Tuesday always wants you to focus on capability, partnership, and equality. With the assertiveness of the 1 week, it may very well be that this day has you seeing where you need to step into bolder actions and reactions in order for you to end patterns of inequality. 

Wednesday’s 3 energy is all about finding your confident voice and expressing what you may have witnessed in the first few days of the week. The 1 will align in its own special way with your life path number, to allow empowered expression to have the opportunity to emerge for you. Use the conscious 9 energy of the month, to be honest with yourself about what the empowered expression could feel like. 

4 is your Thursday energy, which will feel either very stable or like the foundation under you is cracking. This is the determining day of the week, to see how far down the line you are in your consciousness of what you need to let go of. Don’t dread the day, as it’s far wiser to be guided by the universe to make the changes you need to, instead of having to be pushed due to layers of denial. 

The 5 energy of Friday will align strongly for each of us to be reminded of what the universal 5 energy of the year is wanting us to experience. As both the 1 and the 9 have courage in common, it will give the opportunity to bravely witness where courage is needed to transform. The 1 will hint at the innovation and boldness needed and the 9 will point to the compassion and self-care needed. 

Saturday is a 6 energy and will have you reflecting on how much of the week was about you and if your energy was equally distributed between yourself and everyone around you. Look out for feelings of frustration and conversations in your head about all the things you wanted to say or do. This is the day that calls for you to find the balance in the ways you can express your truth and find the external balance needed between all partnerships and relationships. 

The 7 energy of Sunday ends the week with processing between the facts you have and the intuition you feel. With the 1 energy coming to an end and heading closer to the end of a 9 monthly cycle, this day could feel tiring, with all that is being processed. Try making the most of the day by finding healthy distractions which pull you into the present moment to give both your mind and body a break. You don’t have to solve all of your problems in a day. 

On Monday, the sun moves into Taurus. This shift from the fire of Aries into the Earth of the bull will be felt in a more grounding month ahead. No matter what your personal zodiac, this energy allows us all to take it a little slower and ask ourselves deeper questions of what we truly want. How ideal, as this energy leads us into the new numerological cycle starting on 1 May. 

Leo First Quarter Moon is on the 20th and it is ideally aligned with the confident and independent 1 energy of the week. It will guide you to feel the bravery you need to make the most of the ending of the 9 month energy. This day and as the moon heads towards being full will ask you to look at where you do and don’t shine in the world, which you will bravely start to desire to act on in the new 1 cycle. The disclaimer is that you must have done the work to make sure you have not repeated old patterns through this full cycle which started in May 2020.

The Emperor

Your tarot card for the week is The Emperor. This was the same message from two weeks back, in the 11 week. The 1’s are very representative of The Emperor, with the assertiveness and empowerment that this number represents. This energy is still calling for us to set away from the emotional responses and call for stability within the trust we have in our power to choose what is best for us. This card is a reminder to each of us, that within our personal numerology, we have what it takes to brave the truths in order to bring about the changes. They may not be comfortable, but like The Emperor, they will be empowering. 

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