Weekly Energy Update - Numerology, Astrology & Tarot for 26 April to 2 May 2021

25 April 2021
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The energy is coming around again and in this final week of April and the end of the 9 monthly cycle, the universe has sent a 1 numerology week AGAIN, to follow through on what we felt last week but might not have acted on. 

This week has the potential to be one of the most intense in the year because of the combination of the aspects of the astrology and numerology. It might feel like a ‘man-up' and tell yourself the truth week or you will feel deeply empowered and know you are ready to leap into the 1 new energy starting on Saturday. There is no grey area because of the Scorpio Full Moon and our first retrograde (besides Mercury) of the year. If there is a week to kid yourself and pull the wool over your own eyes, or have others do it for you, this repeated 1 week energy and merge from the end of an 11 month numerological cycle, with the first Super Full Moon and Pluto Retrograde is going to do it to you. I know it is an intense message, but I am being called to keep it blunt and talk directly to your soul.

The shift in energy from last weeks 1 to this Monday is an 8 energy, which is different from how Monday started last week. This day is calling for the final witnessing of where you have gathered your empowered self and will have you seeing places of disempowerment. As it is aligned with the Scorpio Moon energy, it could be deeply buried and be a twinge of truth that you hold for less than a second. The 8 day has the gift of sound judgment, which the ego won’t like at all. 

Tuesday is the final 9 energy of the 9 cycle, and it is no coincidence that Pluto goes retrograde as the energy of the week begs for you to witness how brave and independent you are, to honour what needs to finally come to an end. Everything ego-related may give you dozens of reasons to stay, but one soul reason is the one to hold onto and know you must do something different. On the other hand, if you have braved conscious choices and witnessed yourself let go of old patterns, then this day will send you messages to affirm your bravery. 

The 1 energy of Wednesday in the 1 week will follow on from the final endings of the 9 energy. Watch for digging your heels in to stick to the choices you have made and not allowing yourself to see that any choice can be changed at any time. This is because of the move from Saturn and Jupiter into an air sign from being in an earth sign for 200 years. If you haven't heard me speak about it before, last year's December energy update will help. Remember that you have an entire 9 cycle, starting from 1 May to take the steps to change. Nothing has to happen immediately, but the individuality of this day and week will ask you to tell yourself the truth about co-dependent relationships, even with yourself. 

We have an 11 (2) Thursday which is the most conscious day of the week and gives us the absolute last chance to sift through our treasure box of life and listen to the messages our soul is whispering to us. This is the place to remind you that endings do not have to feel like losing, but can truly feel like stepping into your own power where you gain for yourself. The trick in the consciousness and clear decision-making of the 11 day is to know that it must be the decision for you, in your highest soul worthiness. If you feel overwhelmed, take a very close look, as this feeling will be the whisperer. 

Friday is the final day of the long-awaited end of the 9 cycle and this 3 day in the 1 week should feel lighter than all the rest if you have braved speaking your truth. If not, then you may want to watch the silent conversations you have mulling through your head. What aren’t you saying? The reason why we have repeated 1 energy from last week is this second time around, to say what you did not bravely express the week before. 

We are in it! The shift arrives on Saturday and of course, the energy returns to an 11 day as we finally step into the long-awaited 1 numerological month. With the 5 universal year that is calling for a new sense of freedom and wanting us to break old patterns and witness our transformation, this day you should make a conscious decision to reflect. Take some time to sit with yourself and use the 11 energy, that allows for a deep awareness of self. 

We repeat the 3 energy on Sunday, but it may feel very different from that of Friday. Now that we are in the 1 monthly energy, feel what self-expression means to you in the new energy. As of yesterday, 2021 has the potential to feel nothing like all of 2020 and the first quarter of the year, but it is deeply dependent on how you focus your energy and ask yourself what happiness and freedom from old patterns feels and looks like to you. 

Depending on where you are in the world, Full Moon in Scorpio is on the 26th or 27th. Use my Moon Calendar to find the exact time. This is one of the most intense moons of the year, with it being a super moon and closest to the earth. Therefore, the illumination of what we need to see is intensified and Scorpio calls for us to delve into our feelings as deeply as possible. Any place where we are convincing ourselves to be happy will not pass by Scorpio and the shallow emotions and relationships will feel this sting of truth. This is not meant to be an easy moon, but Scorpio does say that if you consciously watch where you walk on your path, you have no need to worry about blindly stepping on the thing that will sting and poison you. 

“That sounds so harsh, but I open up and automatics write during this time and I can feel my ego wanting to change my words, which is already showing me places where Scorpio is going to make sure I don’t step out of integrity with myself. Changing the messages to soften the blow will not make me a truly supportive guide for anyone.” 

We have our first big retrograde on the 27th when Pluto gives the impression as though it is traveling backward. Along with the Scorpio Super Full Moon and ending of the 9 cycle in the bold 1 energy of the week makes this Pluto Retrograde far more intense than imaginable. This combination will give the gift of having some things go from murky to crystal clear during this retrograde. If you have done the work, you are going to feel bliss. If you have not braved the work yet, you are going to feel many things and will have until October to work through the retrograde to get to a place of making the best decisions for you. Pluto is the planet of rebirth and transformation and strongly becomes an ally to the 5 universal energy. When we get to October, we will be in a 6 monthly energy and as the retrograde ends, we will be called to take a look at the months that passed and if we gifted ourselves with the freedom and choices to be true to our own hearts. This will be very aligned to home, family, and doing what you love in comparison to doing what makes you money. 

Four of Pentacles
Four of Pentacles

The tarot for the week is the 4 of Pentacles. This messenger is sending an important message that has been spoken about through each day and planetary cycle I have shared for the week. Although there is abundance surrounding this man in the image, he chooses to hold on so tightly to the one coin in his arms. This will not serve the final week of the 9 energy if you are not brave enough to let go of what you need to in the knowing that you will not lose in the letting go. This is the simple message of allowing yourself to pull your hand out of the bucket of water so that there is more space to fill it up. I feel each one of you do have a sense of what you need to let go of and I empathise with the bravery it is going to take. The 1 energy of the week and crossover between the end of the 9 monthly cycle and into a whole new opportunity to transform in this start of the 1 month is saying that even if you think you have made a choice you cannot step away from, you can. Look at the image of the card and see the opportunities for happiness, fulfilment, abundance, and joy, then look at how hard you are holding onto something because you are afraid that if you let go of that, you will never be able to replace it. Not only can you replace it, but you will draw to you so much more because in letting go, you show yourself the worthiness you never saw within yourself before. This is what the illumination of the Scorpion Full Moon and the start of the Pluto Retrograde will gift you with. 

I have included a new message into my energy updates, as the calling for me to step more consciously into my role as Money Healing Guide. Intuitively, I am going to tap into the universal message from money and here we go … 
Money is asking for us to know that it has more value in not being around when we think we need it than being around when we do not know how to value it. No energy on the planet loves your more or less, but money does know that in its love for you, it would be out of energetic integrity to show up when you thought you needed it and did not see the value within yourself without it. Don’t think it is punishing by the universe to have a money crisis. Rather, know that all of the universe feels pain in needing money to hold back from flowing to you until it knows that you see worthiness in yourself without it. There is much work to be done in our collective conscious relationship with money. It starts with you and any work you brave, in feeling your worth beyond the state of your bank account. Look for the little signs and amounts of money that you think may not be enough, but are the messenger that there is more to come if you do that which you did to have it flow just a little. That spark of self-worth that may have been so fleeting, that you don’t know how you did it … try to find it again!

I have created an online Money and Me course as well as an eBook to guide you through your relationship with money. If you know there is deeper work for you to do with your relationship with money, then we do this in Transformation Coaching sessions together. 

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