Weekly Energy Update - Numerology, Astrology, Tarot & Message from Money: 14 to 20 June 2021

13 June 2021
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This week is a 7 numerological energy, in the 11/2 energy of the month of June. With the theme being about the consciousness of one on one relationships, the 7 will draw attention to what happens within your head and your heart when it comes to the relationships that have been highlighted to date in the month. The 7 is a number of deep thinking and seeking but the work is to find the balance between the two. The conflict between feeling your way through your intuitive responses to relationships and braving acting on them before the irrational mind brings about the overthinking is the lesson that a week like this will want to guide you through. It is up to each of us, with our individual life path number to see where our relationship work needs to be done. This number also deals with secrets, as well as hidden agendas, so watch that you are within integrity in your relationships, while ensuring that those around you are in their truth too. 

Monday starts with the double 7 and the call will be for you to kick off the week with clarity in places where you are feeling the impulses to express yourself more authentically. The conflict between your head and your heart could be heightened on this day. Many people don’t know that the conflict is happening, but if you witness your emotions and spend some time feeling into them, much will be revealed. 7’s give us the opportunity to hermit in order to find clarity, so maybe take some time to yourself. 

The 8 energy of Tuesday is the strongest number when benchmarking your achievements against your vision for yourself. With the 7’s call for you to hear the whispers of truth, take the opportunity to see whether the vision you have for yourself and what you have created around you are aligned. Within your relationship with yourself, watch for the effort and energy you put into turning your intentions into reality. 

Wednesday is the 9 energy, that will give you the opportunity to witness how you impact others. This will be on a compassionate level but will give you the opportunity to be introspective and witness your compassion. Overthinking or having hidden motives in your reasoning for being there for others may surface. It could also be the other way around, so watch for the authenticity in how others show up for you. 

On Thursday, the 1 energy of the week is where confidence, power, and action are the theme. This aligns with the 7, which calls for us to brave our spontaneous nature, in order to test acting on our intuition. With the 1 energy at play, there is enough supportive energy to be brave and bold, with a focus on the impact it will have on your partnerships. 

The 2 energy on Friday will be the emotional and sensitive day where the default may be to not speak the truth or hide away from what needs to be said or done. Depending on your life path number, the vulnerability of your partnerships will be the place where the temptation to hide away from confrontation will emerge.  

On Saturday, the 3 energy could be the breath of fresh air for the week. Very different from the seriousness of the 7, this day is the opportunity to do fun, creative and expressive things with those people you consider your partners. 

Sunday is the 4 day, that will have the introspection of the 7 and the call for the stability of the 4. Together, you could have a very practical day which is ideal for deep conversations and asking yourself what your foundation of strong partnerships is. Don’t deceive yourself or others, which takes the bravery to speak your truth. 

Libra First Quarter Moon on the 18th is the heightened time to see what partnership feels like for you because Libra is about you and your others. If you’re trying to figure out what to look for to see if you are being authentic in your partnerships, then see where you are needing to be diplomatic, keep the peace, and feel indecisive. Listen out for where others may be skirting around their authenticity because of your imbalance within your relationship with yourself. 

A reminder that we have retrograde planets through the month of June. Make sure to catch up on Pluto Retrograde from April,  Mercury and Saturn Retrograde from May, and Jupiter and Neptune from June, as these planets give you the opportunity to reflect, reassess and realign with your conscious self, according to the influencer the planet has and we don’t want to miss out on opportunities for growth like that. 

Jupiter Retrograde is on Sunday, with all the details in the June update. 
Being the planet of expansion and growth, Sunday begins the inward journey to find our worth and do the internal work to know we are capable of creating great things for ourselves and others in our lifetime. 

Our worth is hidden beneath the ego’s shadow in the fear of what self-empowerment looks like. While the planets are retrograde and we have the universe’s support to meet your shadow and understand what unconsciously holds us back, I have extended the 10% discount on the coaching bundle through June. Use the word, ‘shadow’ as the voucher code when booking: 

It's a busy day on Sunday, with the Sun entering Cancer and it being solstice in some parts of the world. The energy from Solstice will carry through to Monday next week and I will talk about it more again next week. It’s the first day of summer/winter and the longest/shortest day of the year depending on where you are. Cancer softens the energy for the remainder of the month. This brings an interesting twist to the 11/2 energy of June and will draw attention to relationships in the places of feeling safe and secure both physically and emotionally. 

devil tarot

The tarot card for the week is one that does not look like it has a positive message but certainly does. The devil in tarot speaks directly to the shadow of the 7 energy, which can have us entrapped by our thoughts and overthinking. We are all intuitive and this is not something that only certain people develop in their lives. It is part of who we are, to awaken and actively respond to the subconscious signals that either move through our bodies or flash into our minds. The devil is a reminder that can entrap ourselves in the fate of an unhappy existence if we choose the wrong voice. The bravery it takes to act on our intuition is a lifetime of work.

I’m thrilled to announce that I am now teaching tarot in 7 sessions with me, including 2 readings for you to practice with me. This is on the website yet, so please email me for details: jodene@lifeology.biz on inbox me on any of the social networks. 

This week’s intuitive message from money. 
In any statement you say about money, swap the words, ‘money’ for ‘I’ and you will shed light onto the true energy you are putting into your universe. You may be less surprised at why money isn’t showing up in the way you desire, when you hear yourself. 

Special Announcement for the Money & Me Online Course
My online course, Money and Me guides you through your intimate relationship with money and helps you see why it is not showing up for you, aligned to your current feeling of empowerment and esteem.  When you purchase the Online Money and Me Course during June, I will be in touch with you to book a COMPLIMENTARY 1 HOUR transformation coaching session.  

Save the date for Saturn Day  
My next monthly deep dive into the universal forces that consciously or unconsciously impact us is the planetary lessons Saturn has on our lives. I will guide you through the influence it has according to where it was at your time of birth, as well as the current effect it is having on us as it retrogrades until 11th October 2021. To catch me live on 23 June, save these dates and follow me where you best like to tune in:  
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Stay brave!

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