Weekly Energy Update - Numerology, Astrology, Tarot & Message from Money: 21 to 27 June 2021

20 June 2021
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In the second last week of the 11/2 energy for June, we have another 11/2 week. This consciousness in partnership is not letting up and we come back to the energy that we had at the start of the month. We revisit what we learned to ensure that we leave June with the awareness and consciousness we need to bravely do something different. By the time we step into July, we should have done enough witness of our relationship with our one on one people and with ourselves to do some work within our expression of self into our community. 

Be conscious through this week of the signs that the universe is sending you, in order to work on your relationship with your intuition. Although external relationships are important, if you do not have a healthy relationship with yourself and in partnership with your universe, you won’t have the foundation to be certain of healthy relationships outside of yourself. 

Monday begins the week with the 5 energy that is the same as the universal year, 2021. Each time a 5 comes around through this year, it is another nudge for us to define what freedom means to us. How is life looking so far in the breakthrough of your authenticity and holding onto your identity and your dreams within the relationships you have around you? This will be the theme of the day. 

The 6 energy on Tuesday will bring into question the balance that you have in giving with yourself and the relationships around you. Depending on your numerology life path, there is always a place of imbalance in the energy you give to others and the consciousness of this week will help you see that on this day. Remember that it’s not about people taking too much from you, but more about you allowing them to do so, making boundaries a big part of the day. 

Wednesday’s 7 energy wants you to align with the 11 of the week and step as bravely as possible into your intuitive responses to life. It could be a very personal day where it is about your relationship with you, and how you witness where the head overrides the intuitive impulses of the gut feeling or the heart tugging. 

On Thursday, the 8 energy is about power. This will go either way depending on whether you hold your own power within relationships around you or whether that is where a lot of your work lies. The 11/2 of the week and month will want you to see where you give your power away because you are concerned that people won’t see you as kind or caring enough. The balance between selfish and selfless could be at play. 

Friday is the 9 energy of the week and couples strongly with the 11/2 for a call to witness how patient you are with yourself. The 9 can be kind and caring to everyone else around them and hard on themselves, so the day’s energy will want you to look at your numerology and see where that balance is usually offset. 

An interjection quickly to let you know that if you don’t know how to find your life path number, then add it up like this: Add your birth month till it gets to one number e.g: 12 = 3, and then add your birth day the same way: 24 = 6 and then your year: 1994 will = 5. No add the three numbers together: 3+6+5 = (14) 5. You always want to get to one final number, except if it is an 11/22/33 as they are master numbers. 

The 1 energy of Saturday calls for assertiveness and bravery to express yourself in the uniqueness of who you are. This could come about in the witnessing of yourself through the week and then the universe presenting an opportunity for you to step into your conscious power. 

We end the week with an 11/2 which is the double energy aligned to the week. If the week wasn’t intense enough then this may not be the most relaxed Sunday. Both the 11 and the 2 can fall into the trap of being overly sensitive, so watch for buttons being pushed by those closest to you. 

A reminder that we have retrograde planets through the month of June. Make sure to catch up on Pluto Retrograde from April,  Mercury and Saturn Retrograde from May, and Jupiter and Neptune from June, as these planets give you the opportunity to reflect, reassess and realign with your conscious self, according to the influencer the planet has and we don’t want to miss out on opportunities for growth like that. 

Depending on where you are in the world, solstice was either Sunday or is Monday. This is the longest/shortest day of the year and is all about the sun’s path in the sky. It is an ideal day to look at the sunshine (joy) we feel we have in our lives. When in winter at this time, make sure you are giving yourself the comfort and nurturing you need, that feels joyful to you. If you are in the summer places, make sure you shine your light into the world to find what brings you joy. 

Mercury goes direct on Tuesday, although it is still in its shadow. It means that Mercury does ease off a bit in the need to go inward and witness our personal dialogue with ourselves before we express ourselves into the world again. While Mercury is still in its shadow, it does give us a chance to think before we speak and witness the impact of our truth on the world. Let’s not forget how hard it is to be truthfully and authentically ourselves. 

Thursday is Full Moon and always gives us the opportunity to shine the spotlight on that which we set out to achieve from the New Moon. It is also a day where emotions could be heightened, so be gentle with yourself and those around you. It is also a Supermoon, so watch for the intensity.

If you have not given it a try to work with moon phases as a way of to-do lists and manifesting the life you want, then I have a handy Free eBook to guide you. If you struggle to settle into your first round of working with the moon, the book a transformation coaching session with me and I will help you with your first conscious journey with the moon. 

Friday is the next retrograde day to be aware of. With Neptune Retrograde, we are called to spend the next few months being more realistic and face the facts or truths about what we are doing to live within the integrity of our vision for ourselves and the world around us. It wants us to emerge from a place of deep introspection and self-reflection on 2 December 2021. 

queen of swords tarot

This week’s tarot message comes from the Queen of Swords. This Queen is always a strong reminder to each of us that we have an assertive, clear and confident side to ourselves, that she encourages us to brave stepping into and owning. Our voice is our power and with that, speaking our truth is the great gift for the 5 universal energy of the year, as truth is freedom. This week’s 11/2 will work well with the Queen of Swords to present the opportunities to brave the confidence that she wants you to know is within you. It boils down to your power of choice to be brave. With empathy, I know that is way easier said than done. 

If you feel it is time for any additional guidance on understanding where you are along your journey, or if there is a place where you don’t know how to get unstuck, then consider booking a combination Tarot and Numerology reading with me, where we explore your personal numerology and the tarot cards guide us into the subconscious messages you might not be hearing, but feel ready to. 

This week’s intuitive message from money: 
Value is an unusual word, as when you say something is incomplete or incorrect then it shows lack. When you say something is invaluable, it means that there is no lack at all.  Valueless is value-less, which is usually how people feel about themselves when they have a perceived unhealthy relationship with money. When you see yourself as invaluable, you and money will finally be energetically aligned.  

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Stay brave! 

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