Weekly Energy Update - Numerology, Astrology, Tarot & Message from Money: 7 to 13 June 2021

6 June 2021
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In order to understand why this week’s 3 numerological energy is so important, make sure you have caught up on the June 2021 Energy Update. With the theme of conscious partnership with others, yourself, and your universe, the 3 energy is going to draw attention to what expression means to you within all your dynamics of partners. 3 is about the community and creativity, and you may feel aspects of wanting to be more social or will feel more aligned to the creative expression, because this month is an 11/2, all the signs will be more likely for you to pay attention to your one on one expression with yourself and others. The 3 can have endless optimism and knows how to bring life and light into any situation, but it is an opportunity to ensure that you are not wearing rose-coloured glasses in doing so. 

Monday kicks off the week with a 9. This energy wants us to pay attention to the ends of cycles and to use our intuitive self to do so. It will want you to see what is no longer serving you within partnerships and it is important to watch where you are not serving yourself. This number comes with the mirror for you to see where you could be moody or demanding of things going your way. 

On Tuesday we have a 1 that comes from a 10, so we need to pay attention to both numbers. This day wants you to witness your ability to remain an individual within your partnerships and also gives you the opportunity to see what a great team you make with yourself. You may have bursts of ideas or surges in confidence and your work is to brave acting on them. The 0 lets you know that the things your brave doing differently on this day could have a permanent impact on your small steps of change. 

The 11/2 day on Wednesday aligns with the energy of the month and if you give yourself the gift of imagining scales within all dynamics of your relating, you will be able to see where you are out of balance. Don’t look outward too much, because the blunt reality is that we are allowing any places of imbalance that we see. 

Our double 3’s of the week is on Thursday. Words, words, words, will be the theme of the day. Let’s reflect on the universal year number 5 and remind ourselves that the freedom to be authentically ourselves is what we are striving for throughout this year. On this day, the authenticity of who you are will be in the words you say and don’t say. Don’t ignore self-talk!

Friday is your strongest numerological day of the week, giving you the opportunity to witness the foundations within relationships. See how words like accountability, steadfast, supportive, anchor, and reliability show up for you. The way people express what you value as the foundation in a relationship will be highlighted.

On Saturday, the 5 energy  could be an opportunity for you to benchmark how brave and conscious you have been through the year. The combination of the Universal 5 year and this 5 day will want you to see where you have braved the expansiveness of who you are. We are not meant to grow ourselves into isolation, but we are meant to learn to stand as an individual within the dynamics of those around us. 

We end the week with Sunday being the 6 energy of balance, harmony and nurturing. Within those 3 words, this day will ask you if there is balance in the nurturing you are bringing to yourself and others or if you are too focused on keeping things harmonious. 

Now that the planetary retrogrades are accumulating, make sure to catch up on Pluto Retrograde,  (April) Mercury and Saturn Retrograde (May) as these planets give you the opportunity to reflect, reassess and realign with your conscious self, according to the influencer the planet has and we don’t want to miss out on opportunities for growth like that. 

We start Monday in the Dark/Balsamic moon phase in Taurus, which lasts until New Moon on Thursday. This is always a time of going inward and very similar to the retrogrades, we are called to focus on ourselves as our main relationship. It is important to remember that Taurus slows us down and wants us to stop the mental push. Imagine the lazy bull lying in the sun and chewing on grass and gift yourself with slowing down the racing of the mind and the huge amounts of energy to do and become. 

New Moon in Gemini on Thursday is also a solar eclipse and once again there is more intense than usual. When the sun is eclipsed, we are drawn into the bravery to see the shadow we create for ourselves. It all aligns with the 11/2 energy of the month, which symbolises the Gemini twins and focuses us on the duality of who we communicate with and how. During this 3 energy week, watch out for the dynamics of social circles and also give yourself the gift of seeing the shadow of what makes you feel scattered or distracted. 


This week’s tarot card literally jumped out at me and is a feeling that I have been talking about with many dear people. The 10 of wands has a man carrying 10 wands, which looks heavy to bear. Burden should not be carried alone, is the message that comes through for all of us. We are not meant to do this life alone, but we are also not meant to have people around us if they do not add value to our lives. This is more about you than it is about what others bring to you because it is your life’s work to first be vulnerable enough to admit to yourself that you can’t carry your load on your own. None of us are supposed to. It is also up to you to intuitively align with yourself to feel your way through relationships to know who will whole-heartedly be there to help you lift your loads. You can’t do this without deep trust in yourself and the very trap the ego mindsets is the lack of self-trust.  

To find the trust in yourself, in my transformation coaching I give you the tool of using FAITH as an acronym for managing your mindset and keeping your thoughts out of the fear-based state, and holding it into the rational, conscious mind. We can do this in on coaching session where you will be gifting yourself with a conscious tool to stop the fear, procrastination of entrapment of your true powerful self. 

This week’s message from money: 
In this energy month of duality, don’t ask yourself why money is not flowing to you if you do not feel your authentic self in those you are meant to be dancing with, in the fluidity of personal and professional relationships. Money wants you to have happier relationships than your mind will allow. 

My online course, Money and Me guides you through your intimate relationship with money and helps you see why it is not showing up for you, aligned to your current feeling of empowerment and esteem.  When you purchase the Online Money and Me Course during June, I will be in touch with you to book a COMPLIMENTARY 1 HOUR transformation coaching session.  
“The journey with money is an emotional one. For me it is. I love how I have worked and continue to work on my mindset with the resources given in this course. Be ready to learn so much about yourself. Highly recommend this course.” - Chanene 

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Save the date for Saturn Day  
My next monthly deep dive into the universal forces that consciously or unconsciously impact us is the planetary lessons Saturn has on our lives. I will guide you through the influence it has according to where it was at your time of birth, as well as the current effect it is having on us as it retrogrades until 11th October 2021. To catch me live on 23 June, save these dates and follow me where you best like to tune in:  
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Stay brave!

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