Welcome to our office - project me day 789

29 February 2012
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The beautiful gardens of La Vie en Rose

There's something about sitting with other business owners and having that conversation that goes, 'where are your office?'

To shamelessly have the?commonality of having that desk allocated somewhere in the house but the majority of business being done, well, literally anywhere we choose was so refreshing for my soul today.

In this day and ages surely this is how simple it should be? There has always been something about Greggie and I that doesn't want any kind of stuff environment and when ?I do my visualisations I always pause to make sure that the office I create in my head is open, fun, free and so in line with what we have created as our prefect working environment.

An old house .. that's what I see most of all. I know I need gardens and I know I need big rooms where ?the boardroom doesn't represent a boardroom at all. At the moment I work with cats on my lap and country music filtering through my home. That's when I'm working from home.

Heading off to Greggie's house and there's a dog lying by our feet, the furthest from country music filtering through the air and me chilling (in my office chair) at the kitchen table.

On the best days, our office is situated in the gorgeous gardens of a very dear Jozi spot! Yes, I've said it before and checked in often. Not as often as Greggie though, seeing that he's holding Foursquare mayorship there.
La Vie en Rose has literally become our office away from the office. I can't even think how many meetings we've had there and business lunches also can't be counted on fingers and toes. On the odd day, I think that it's time for us to get some sort of office, but then a day like today happens.

It's terrible to feel alone in the world, even when striving to be unique and do something different. But finding common people who do their own kind of different but make it feel safe and familiar to you, those are the great people to hang around with. The people who love our 'office' because theirs is exactly the same.

I'm truly?satisfied?with being in this modern day world of living, where a laptop, mobile phone and some sort of internet connection can make anywhere an office. Now to master the art of manifesting a week in one city and a few days in another, all while the work day ticks on for me.

I sure like my manifestations so far!

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