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18 June 2014
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One day you wake up and it all feels a little better.

One day you wake up and you're happier.

One day you wake up and things have fallen into place.

It may feel like that, but actually, there's always a slow progression. A little bit of positivity here, a touch over vulnerability there. Some surrender along the way and a pinch of acceptance when we really let ourselves be conscious of the space we are in. All these little moments, even if they may feel like nothing, culminate in a day where you wake up and it all feels like it's okay ... better than okay!

That's the story of my day!!

I feel like I did before I called off my engagement. Actually I feel like I did before I got into that space. Before I was bogged down with too much work (self inflicted) or didn't have time for yoga or gym (self inflicted).
Well, there's a little explaining to do. We never actually feel the same as we did in the past, because we evolve. It may be similar, it may be familiar, but energetically it's just not the same. So although I feel a whole lot closer to me, I'm certainly not the girl I was a few months or years ago.

Oh, the familiar feeling of feeling like I have time and I have patience with myself. The feeling of a healthier body and mind and an effortless attitude towards my journey. I'm in that. I haven't been in that for so long and it's amazing to be back.

So, all I wanted to do was go to yoga today. Every muscle in my body aches and I've had pins and needles in my shoulder for over a month. I've slowly started to do little things to get back to me, but today I was craving my yoga. Every Wednesday night my phone beeps to remind me, but I'm too busy ... so it's my first time this year! Eeeeek!!

While lying in a stretch position and feeling a new breath move through my joints, I started to reflect on what's been different over the past while, that I woke up today and felt back to me.

Breathe ... I started to take my 3 big breaths in the morning again. I have been waking up with a head full of stuff for so long, that I reminded myself of quieting the mind and not starting the day in a fluster.

Flow ... this I got from my Fairy Godmother and all I have been doing, after my breaths, is thinking "flow". "Flow into your day, Jodene ... just flow"

Quite morning moments ... I used to wake up and switch on my computer, checking emails before I was even conscious. Now I get up, get dressed and get ready for my day before I launch myself into the noise of day. This one, I got from the 4 hour work week.

Find tools ... We don't have all the answers, so I have been reading articles (more than books) from Flipboard and Zite, to grab little ideas from other people. I have specific pages I follow on Facebook, with some reminders about life and living. The mankind project, The Flow Experiment & Paulo Coelho are my favourites.

Make a health decision ... I've had so much advice & made so many crazy choices about food, diet and health that I confused myself into a frenzy of eating. It's been getting me down so much and all of a sudden I just made one clear decision. I have to choose just one thing to do differently. Nothing extreme ... just one healthy decision. So I decided to not eat anything that wasn't as natural as possible. That cuts out bread & cakes & sweets. A baked potato, sweet grapes, delicious home made muesli and maple syrup. That's all fine. No extreme ... just one thing. It's been nearly a month and I feel so happy and healthy.

Ask for help ... We all have different degrees of things that we hate doing and here's my big one. It took ages for me (nearly crumble into pieces) and tell my incredible business partner that I wasn't coping with the work load. One amazing assistant later and it still wasn't enough. Second time around, there were no tears or hysteria. There was a plan and I now have an amazing team to work with.

Have a vision ... Not a daydream or a wish. Not something stuck on a vision board, but a real solid vision. It usually hides under all the stuff you have been so busy doing. That one thing that you never get to, that might be your vision. Well, that's what I discovered. Beyond all the busi-ness, lies a very clear vision. A Project Me vision. A vision of turning this into something interactive, global and powerful for others. I've always known that, but it got clouded by the other stuff that I'm good at and passionate about. So I've shifted my focus to remember where I've always wanted to head.

Have a Cam ... Webcam will do, but I have a real Cam. A special human on the other side of the world who I have a connection with and who pushes me to follow my vision. We all need a person who sees us better than we see ourselves. Someone who is not that best friend and knows us inside out, but someone who gets to see us for the first time. For a single girl, I'm so lucky to have found this incredible new friend, with fresh eyes on me. Find one ...
PS, we really do web-cam 🙂

End the day with a quiet mind ... This is another tactic taken from the 4 hour work week. Before I end my day I make sure that I have gone through all my emails (even if I don't answer them) and I have a list of what I have to do in the day. I don't have a million things rattling around in my head when I climb into bed now. If it does get noisy, I know I have a plan. It's been amazing and my days really have settled into less of a frenzy!

Clap excited hands ... yep, for real!! I used to do this and then it just slipped away with the mayhem of the day, but I have started to get excited about little things again. A client compliment, every cent that ends up in the business bank account, swiping my card when I buy something, reaching any kind of milestone. I really do clap my hands in excitement and sometime I even give myself a big squeeze. I thanks ME and I thank the Universe!!! I totally shift my energy into a good space ... and it feels amazing!!!

Yikes ... thousands of words, but so worth it.

So the big news is that I've decided to create a Project Me app!! A real working process for living your Project Me journey, so I would love to know what you think of some of the things I've changed, because this really is ... #ProjectMe!!!


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