Well wasn't that a royal kiss? - project me day 484

29 April 2011

I have to admit that I did miss the actual moment of kissing because I was in a meeting. I did try to catch glimpses over the shoulders of a few peeps in the coffee shop, but sadly the meeting won the toss up of where I most wanted to be today.

I did catch a glimpse of Kate and Will on the balcony and between the hopeless romantic libran in me and the modern day chick who teaches about sex ... I was hoping for something a little more racy. They should be a young, spunky couple. Couldn't there have been a little snog or an inappropriate dip of dearest Kate?

I love princesses. I honestly believe that I was a princess (or a queen) in a charming past life and I therefore I love princess things. When I was a little girl and I watched Princess Diana getting married, I think I thought it was the prettiest day of my life.

Princess just is ... I don't believe they can be groomed or?molded. Princesses are born. When I was a little girl, my favourite story was that of The Princess and the pea. It's a story about a queen who searches for a princess for her son and she puts a pea underneath dozens and dozens of?mattresses?and then she invites fair maidens to sleep on the bed. Very long and beautiful story short is that one maiden (they are always servants of some kind in fairytales) slept on the bed and wasn't part of the queens plan at all, but she woke up after a terrible night's sleep because there was something very uncomfortable in the bed. Yes ... she was the princess because she felt the pea through all those?mattresses. I haven't read that story for far too many years and I remember every detail. Sadly, I don't see that princess in Kate, but that doesn't take away from the fairytale wedding, the beautiful tea party surrounded by crazy wedding watchers and a fine display of English eats. I hope the fairytale girl in me hasn't been tarnished by all the frogs I've kissed.
Thank you to Christoper for a loverly affair 😉

This time around it will be memories made by me and when people mention the day Kate and William got married and the very?disappointing?kiss, I will remember these things:

Today was the first day that I officially launched my involvement with Ucit social buying. What a way to get involved ... giving away an Apple ipad 2!
Social networking is my passion and all started because ?of this precious blog that I share with the world every day of my conscious, fun and fulfilled life. 'Project Me' started as a journey of sharing how I lived every day absolutely goallessly, yet totally purposefully. Had I set goals, I would say that I was heading in the wrong direction because 484 days ago social networking wasn't in my plan at all. Doing what I love best was though ... and here it is!

I will also never forget this day as one where friendship proved to fall into my beliefs of their endless?possibility. I can't thank Twinkletoes enough for seeing that, sometimes, when you are told you are loved, it is true. It's a lasting friendship that can bear the scars of a massive explosion, potential sabotage and then a blatant conversation that speaks truth. We learned the power of communication today. We also learned that sorry really is the most valuable word when it's true.
Somehow my kiss and make up will always outshine the balcony scene.

PS ... Everyone in the photo is part of my Twitter family, so here's a shout out to @ohgodknows, @mattcounihan, @helcopromotions, @samcowen and @trainerplat ... it was a blast despite our hasty exit to go and do grown-up things like run a business on a day such as this 😉

2 comments on “Well wasn't that a royal kiss? - project me day 484”

  1. You get to giveaway an ipad 2?
    oh sweet.
    Give it to me for making the BEST videos...K?
    just forget random.org....K?
    Love ya Jodene...
    And I agree the royal kiss was a little lame....

    1. Aaah, I totally wish I could give it to you! If anyone deserves it for total coolness wen it comes to vlog, it's you hunny!!!

      Royal kiss ... I hope there's more passion off screen 😉

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