What a bunch of Twits - project me day 654

21 October 2011
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I know Twitter. I strategise, plan and support people with their branding and the voice they want to get out into the world. I've got impressive numbers and all that jazz, but nothing will ever be more valuable to me about Twitter than a bunch of crazy girls.

I have plans. It has a lot to do with social media and a whole lot more to do with lots of bucks, but it will never be of more value than a bunch of loud and very giggly girlfriends.

Yes, awesome Twitter things happened yesterday and Lifeology were officially appointed as the social media strategists for Nkosi's Haven and all I wanted to do was share it with the most supportive crowd of girls I've ever been blessed to know.

Last night was Twit inspired beyond belief and even though it was the 4th anniversary (I figured that out by default and am not that date obsessed ... I hope ;p) I was in the happiest place I could be.

There's this girl, you see and she fell in love with this boy. Wow, my blog has been laced with love stories of late ... anyway ... so this girl and this guy fell in love. My favourite part is when I tell you that they met over Twitter and last night was a surprise farewell for this very special friend.

Since the beginning of the week, the challenge has been for 8 avid Twitterers to not let the cat out the bag. 8 girls who Tweet about everything now have to shut the hell up! Um ... well, we did it! We managed to hold our Tweet fingers still for a little over a week and surprise our dearest friend @pixelslave10.

Twitter is my income, my passion, my career and my leap of faith, but most of it, it's the place where some of my most precious friendships began. That's why I started #FollowSA!!! Because of the limitless possibility of a Tweet and the proof that one Twit (or 8) can change your life.

I laughed myself silly! I felt my heart cry! I shared my happiness! I spoke my fears ... with the most amazing bunch on Twits!

@Pixelslave10, @Dezy_D, @LizaSutherland, @KhanyisaKN, @Liesldb, @Leebs101, @LindseyKin85 and @SamRobinson25, no matter where Twitter takes me, it will always have brought me to you!

I had lunch with a friend of mine today because he needed some advice about life and the directions he should take. He has known me way before 'project me' and said he needed help making his life his own personal project. I reminded myself of the most important point today ... to find something to be grateful for at the end of every single day.

Today, on top of the work beginning to flow in, key accounts heading my way and it being a week until I create a home with Mr Unexpected ... I'm most grateful for my friend ... a real bunch of Twits!


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