What a feeling - project me day 686

18 November 2011
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I can officially feel it ... silly season is here!
I know because of how I'm feeling tonight. I had such a great day but I'm too tired to share it. No, that's a lie ... I'm not enthusiastic enough to share it. The point of this blog is honestly right, and today I honestly just want to end this day.

No, I'm not miserable or depressed. In Yiddush (old form of Jewish slang) we say 'gatvol'. There's no real other way to describe it but if I had to try, it would be that enough is enough. It's the 'I'm done' feeling ... and it doesn't really have to be for any reason.

I still think that it's because the end of the year is so close, it's been one hell of a 2011 and this damn heat won't break in this town.

So I'm taking my 'gatvol' ass to bed so that I can wake up with a better feeling, because I'm or radio 2000 again bright and early in the morning.

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