What after day 365? - project me day 201

21 July 2010

The synchronicity ?of my thoughts and everyone else's questions has sparked an interesting question. What happens to project me after day 135?

First Greggie asked, but his was more sarcasm at what excuse I would use to get out of dates early and leaving him to clean his kitchen after I have made a total mess cooking.

Then my special cyber friend, Robbie, who has supported me and my 'project' from the moment it started asked what after day 365?

I don't think I would be able to stop now that I've found such a joy and passion in every part of this experience. There is certainly no way that I could ever turn back the clock and forget how to live who I have become since I chose to consciously live with such purpose.

Today I had breakfast with a friend of mine who has been friends with me since we were about 6. Besides he constant need to work out why a girl like me is not married with an army of children and despite me telling her that my life purpose is not as child and husband driven, she just adore me. She constantly worries about the online dating and I constantly remind her that she can't sit in her happy married bubble and tell me to meet guys another way. She's now?definitely?thinking about how to find me a decent Jewish boy ... I could just see those matchmaking eyes.
Alright ... that's completely off the topic. ?The point I was trying to make is that she told me today the she can't believe how much I've changed in a few months.

I doubt with her busy mommy life that she ever reads project me, but how I have slowly grown into the truth of who I am has become noticeable to someone I have shared my life with for over 30 years.
She could see a new found confidence, knowing in who I am and ?said I even looked different. Woo hoo!

So how could I ever stop?
More importantly, how could I ever stop sharing my story?
I've made it known that a part of me was being business minded and sneaky when I chose to blog daily, but the other part of me really knew that I had an open and honest nature enough to share a story that would hopefully inspire others.

What I have, I didn't expect.
I have a platform to be honest and not pull the wool over my eyes. I have a reason to be conscious so that my story has purpose. I have a new found love for a totally different way of writing and communicating with the world.
There is a world of friends that I have created and a place I find solitude. Writing has become my own sounding board at times and I find it harder to lie to you than to myself.

So the answer to the question is simple for me. 'Project me' will be an ongoing blog. I won't have to be the commitment that I made to blog daily and I will give myself the freedom to write when the desire drives me but the blog will continue for as long as one person out there is reading it.
Well ... I don't even know if that's true anymore. I am so doing this all for me that I'm thinking I would be happy to slip into my own world of total self indulgence and happily write into the abyss.

9 comments on “What after day 365? - project me day 201”

  1. Wow! thats a great news Jo, if you would have chosen the other way around we readers would have to miss your wonderful thoughts big time. Great going, continue to inspire us all along 🙂
    My recent post Breath Out - Day 44

    1. That is so sweet Anto! It is with much excitement that I realise that 'project me' and all of my beautiful followers will be around much longer than ever anticipated. I hope you are loving your blogging too! Take care my friend.

  2. And all you wanted to do was write and have people read what you wrote... oh wait, you've been doing that for 201 Days 😀

    Well, at least you didn't leave us hanging on that thought for too long!

    Here's to tomorrow... and the next.

    My recent post Uninvited

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