What Braving a Lifetime Dream Looks Like

1 August 2022
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It’s 4 am in the UK, my temporary home. Although my heart is happy, clearly my mind has reasons not to peacefully sleep. If you aren’t up to date with my life, I have been in the UK since the middle of July, toying with the idea of what a nomadic life would look like for me.

This is it …

This very moment is the one that took me from who I have always known I needed to be, to finally making it a reality - a wanderer! Moments after calling my landlord in South Africa from a quaint coffee shop in Lyndhurst, UK and giving notice on my flat, one year before I turn 50! Bringing to life the nomad lifestyle I wanted 3 decades before it became a much more accessible way of living in the world. Why so long? Well, because I was trapped in the most common human behaviour - the fear of doing something so different that it makes one either not fit in, awakens an uncertain future when we are programmed that we should set life up to know what tomorrow looks like and because routine or responsibilities are safety nets we think are making us happy … when they are only keeping us safe from our own fears.

People often ask me to define what I do as a Personal Transformation Coach and I use all the marketing jargon we worked at creating in our business. Authentically, all I want to say is that I help you see who you truly are and support you to figure out what must change for you to live it. Despite the fears of the programmed mind, the resistance from people (usually loving and caring) around you, what we are told is the responsible choice to make, the disruption it causes your routinely safe life AND the uncertainty you feel because you have finally turned a corner where you don’t know the narrative of the outcome! Better yet, I am the coach who knows there is a happier, more fulfilled version of all of us.

I pride myself in practising what I preach and working through our unique coaching tools alongside my clients, I have worked through many proud transformation journeys from business, finances, weight loss, family dynamics, and relationships … I have braved about changing so much. Never like this though! Never that I disrupted the core of what I was raised to be, through family history, social narratives and my doubts about who I am. This is me - I never wanted children (my Barbies were working girls), have not had an office address in nearly 15 years (way before Covid made it normalized), grabbed every opportunity to head somewhere in the world when I could, and have always rented and not stayed in one place long enough for roots to form. My relationship style speaks the same language and so does my ease at having clients scattered around the globe. I was living my nomadic, wandering life, but always with the safety of the permanent home that guaranteed I had the safety nets my ego was programmed to need.

So, this moment is raw, real and emotional. It’s freeing and petrifying at the same time. It’s the result of the years of first seeing who the world made me be, by not knowing who I authentically am and then consciously working my way back to the inmate calling of my heart and soul. This is me, homeless, foolish, uncertain … transforming into who I was born to be!

Confession – if you go to LinkedIn, you will see the exact words. That’s because I could only brave writing something once and now I have some processing to do. There is some time I need to not let the outside world disrupt my bravery. This is me sharing my story, that started as #ProjectMe in 2004 and has morphed into #ProjectNomad nearly two decades later … this is me being messy and vulnerable for you to see, so that I maybe spark any level of bravery in you, to at least as yourself what you could do slightly different today to get unstuck from anything that isn’t bringing you fulfilment and joy.

If you aren’t already, then follow my #ProjectNomad journey on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok.

To all of you who have liked or loved a post, commented, messaged and supported me, I thank you with all my heart and soul. I know that although I don’t have a permanent address, I will always have a place to call home.

Happy Everything …

Jodene Shaer - Personal Transformation Coach

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