What do you want from me? - project me day 646

12 October 2011
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I had an incredible meeting tonight. We've decided to call it 'the circle'. It started with one Twit (fellow Twitter person) and myself. Thereafter I invited someone and so did my co-twit. From there, those people invited and so we ended up with the company we had tonight.

On Sunday I will be launching a new partner to 'project body' and 'project me' and introducing you to a person who is fast becoming a mentor and friend.
Tonight he shed some light one where I need to shift my focus as a social media expert and a blogger and it got me thinking ...

Would you like to see blog posts that give you tips, support and a better understanding of 'how' I live 'project me' every day?

Would a blog post on the process of telling yourself the truth or on how to take the steps to never have to tell a lie (not even a white one, serve you well?

On the other hand, does the daily journey of my life and the story I tell give you enough confidence and understanding to live your own 'project me' story?

PS ... my stats show many readers of this blog, but my comments tell a different story. A great place to start you 'project me' is to ask for what you want ... and if it's help in any area of your life, I would love to know and to blog about it for you!!

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